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11.30.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • G'day tweeple! So 2day it's Ada Wong n Alice explodicating things, shooting the heck out of every1 n pretty much murderinating (new word!) YAY!!
  • @LoveRoxxs we're gonna b shooting the phantom scene on and off 4 the rest of production I think! Lol! It's a big sequence!
  • @BryanKMcgowan I do a lot of my own stunts n hve an amazing stunt double who's worked on all the RE films w me n we split stuff up cause theres jst not enuf time 2 get it all done!
  • Well no time 4 tweeting 2day, there wasn't even a place 2 sit on set cause everything had explosives in it! Lol! I have so much dirt and debris on me, I can feel it in my teeth and under my eyelids! Gross. Anyway, I'm going home to cuddle up and go to sleep w my lil one and I hope u all have a grt day/night wherever u r! Xo m

11.29.11 - Dazed & Confused (UK) December 2011:

Recent tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • @RaphaUnderwood I hope u feel better! my fave flower is peonies! (Nov 18)
  • This is SO GRATUITOUS! But I cldnt resist! Ladies(n certain gentlemen of that persuasion)here is the money shot Video
  • so... i guess i'll start following ppl back! but please be respectful of requests and dm's. and obviously i won't be able to reply to every1
  • ok, gotta go to set, can't spend all night following back! but will do my best. don't expect replies 2night tho, cause i'll b following ppl!
  • Ok,I'm following ppl who ask 4 a follow.I'm not leaving ppl out. If ppl don't feel "special" bcause I'm not being "choosy" then unfollow me.

  • The sky is jst turning a deep shade of blue as we drive out 2 our location this morning. It's that time of morning where u cans till see all the lights shining n the sun hasn't come up jst yet, but it's slowly waking up. #beautiful (Nov 21)
  • It was so funny, we went 2 the Xmas parade yesterday n Ever got pegged in the face w a candy cane by the mayor of Toronto! She wasn't very happy!
  • What the what?! Where am I?! I swear the movie will b much more exciting... Hmmmm.... Video
  • @Braderli the fans decide whether we do another RE or not. Always has been, always will b! But paul has ideas 4 another 1 2 continue the story! Plus, we need @therealalil back n chris redfield! Knock on wood u all luv RE5!
  • Over n out from "camp evil" every1! I'm done 4 the night n goin home! Have a grt day/night wherever u are! Xo m

  • G'mornin every1! Here's a vid w our Russian subway station! It's so cool! We built it all in the Tor Video (Nov 22)
  • Here's another shot of our "Russian" subway! There is NO RECEPTION down here, so I jst came up 4 air Video
  • So like I said, no reception down there, but I'll try n come up n give sum updates time 2 time! Xo m

  • Gmornin every1! So we're back in our "Russian" metro 2day! I'll try n make a vid if anything exciting happens, but again, no reception, so I won't be able 2 communicate that much. In any event, we're jst continuing the scene from yesterday, so not much new to tell. Xo m (Nov 23)
  • Hey every1! Been stuck deep on the subway all day n it takes 2 long 2 come back up, but we're back at the studio 2morrow, so I'll hve sum more cool vids or sumthing 2 show. Have to get a "body cast" after work, so maybe I can tweet sum pics or a vid later! Shld b pretty gross n cool! Oh and I wished Oded Fehr a happy bday from the twitterverse! Xo m
  • Hey every1!So here's the body cast vid.It's pretty cool how it's all dun n I think u'll njoy c&# Video

  • Happy thanksgiving every1(whoever celebrates it)! We r doing our dinner on the weekend as we're still working 2day at "camp evil"! We r goin 2 shoot an incredible car chase sequence 2day, so thats gonna b fun! Lots of zombies n creatures chasing us, so cool beans! I wish u all an amazing day n will tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 24)
  • Well it's been crazy 2day here at "camp evil"! Lots of stunts and explodications (that's what we call them! Lol!) but no vids that don't give too much away. Plus we're in a car all day, so it's been busy n cramped! I hope u all are hving n amazing thanksgiving! Xo m

  • Hey every1! Wow, u can really tell that we're on the last month of filming, cause now the crew is scrambling 2 get everything done, schedules have been changed, ppl r on edge bcause now we'll b shooting Saturdays till the end of production (Xmas eve) to get it all done, while all of us who are doing stunts will b working on our 1 day off to rehearse 4 the nxt big fight sequences! MAN! Ppl r sweating! AND this is the 1st morning that was really hard for me to get out of bed! Lol!So I'm getting a coffee barista to come 2day and make cappuccino's n espressos 4 every1 2 lift up moral n what better way than by shoving caffeine down every1's throat! Anyway, 2day we're still in the middle of the rolls Royce chase sequence, so lots of explosions, glass shattering n running from zombies. It's a pretty closed set, so I don't know if I'll b able 2 send any vids, but I'll let u know when sumthing interesting happens! Sorry 4 the long tweet, but don't wanna spam all your timelines! Tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 25)
  • OMG! I clonked out SO hard at lunch! TGYF! I'm gonna go home n hve celebrate w my @campari cocktail! Or two... Awww! I don't hve 2 drive! So who's counting!
  • Well that's the end of the week 4 us here at "camp evil"! Stunt rehearsal 2morrow, but now it's @campari cocktail time! WOOT WOOT! Gnight!

  • Hey every1! 4got my phone this morning! So we're finishing up the rolls Royce chase sequence 2day, it's gonna b pretty interesting cause they have the car on sumthing called a "gimble" which is a hydraulic pole raised abt 6 ft. Off the ground that turns us around and up n down, so we'll b at a 90deg. Angle for most of the day! Lol! It's like going 2 a theme park! Anyway, gotta run and put sum earplugs in cause there WILL B GUNFIRE!!! (Nov 28)
  • OMG! That was insane! The pyro boys were like "we're gonna put a little fire in the front of the car", then the whole hood burst in2 flame! I was like "ummm... A little fire huh?!" lolol! So cool!
  • @Misty_Crom oooooh noooo! We got 3 real phantoms n destructicated (new word) them!!
  • @_LostInTheHive_ no. The car is not alright. Not at all! We're destroying it! WOOT!

  • @danyklop yes, the boys from capcom (creators of the RE GAMES) r here 2day! I asked them when Alice wld b in the game n they said "hahaha good idea"! Whatever that means! Lol! but will ask them when RE6 the game comes out! (Nov 29)
  • @BrianAlthimer on the opposite! You know if u see Alice u're gonna die! (unless your name is above the title...) whoops! Did I say that?!
  • @karitechop gotta b careful abt the vids n pics now, too much info. But there will b a lot of rad footage 4 the DVD that I'm filming!
  • So I just asked the boys from capcom when RE6 the game comes out and they said... "hahahahahaha! It's confidential". So there u go folks!
  • @Jimmy93B it's different around the world, but most places the teaser will b out between Xmas n new years!
  • Hey guys! I tweaked a song a bit and I hope I don't get sued! Lol! Video
  • Jeez! It's been a long day! I feel like I jst went 2 a black sabbath concert my neck feels like its been filled w stones after that phantom chase! And now THERE WILL B GUNFIRE!!! I need an Advil! MEDIC! Anyway, I gotta stuff sum earplugs in, shoot the sh*t out of sum rad stuff n ppl, both living and undead and then it's time to go home! Oh! And I'm glad u njoyed my lil musical number! Have a grt night folks! U ROCK and make everyday that much more fun 2 share! Xo m

11.17.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • So unfortunately I won't b tweeting much 2nite cause it's freezing And also we have rain machines, which makes typing kind of hard! Lol! So good morning here from "camp evil" n I'll tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 16)
  • 1stly, I've read sum of your tweets 2nite n wanna say u r wonderful ppl. It's 530am, I'm goin home 2 cuddle my lil 1 so I can't reply but your luv n support is INCREDIBLE! Abt 2nite, it was cold, rain machines had us drenched, but thank God 4 small miracles, there was no wind!!! That made life a lot easier, I tell u what! Poor Mika is still working, she's such a trooper! This is the last week of night shoots, so we're all very excited! We've been working 6 day weeks 4 the last month + I've traveled 2 London, Tokyo n Italy 2 boot! What a crazy month it's been! this weekend will b the 1st 2 day break I've had in over a month! I'm SO looking forward 2 it! Also, we've officially past the halfway mark on RE5! I CAN'T WAIT 4 u all 2 c this film that we've all (thru the amazing twitterverse) lived thru 2gether! I am signing off 4 the night/morning...? Well night AND morning 4 me in any event. I wish u all the best! Every1 who had a crappy day, I hope u feel better and every1 that's jst said hi n how much they luv the franchise, THANK YOU SO MUCH! WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! Night night! Xo m (Nov 17)
  • Good mornin, well 4 me! Good evening 2 north America! A lot of u have asked me what music I listen to when I prepare 4 a scene. Well, funnily enuf, when I prepare 4 a crazy fight sequence I listen 2 jeff buckley's "hallelujah". Weird. But it makes it the action more real n emotional 4 me. Anyway, 2night we're shooting w Jill valentine aka @guillorybe, so hopefully I can find sum 2 tweet a vid or pic! All the best! Xo m
  • @grouchocr I luv everything from fela kuti 2 fever ray, the knife, junior boys, passion pit, the eagles, fleetwood Mac, daft punk, orchestra baobab... And the list goes on and on....

11.15.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • A lil comparison of Alice's costume n Regina from Dino crisis! Lol! Video
  • "Rules on black cat suits" by milla j.
    Black catsuits have gone back to Japanese ninja times.
    Black catsuits are... Well black.
    U wanna a black catsuit, but u want it 2 stand out. IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS! Or else every action girl wld look the same.
    Notice the corset.
    Notice the silver "exoskeleton" buckles on said corset in front AND behind (I don't think anything has been leaked of the back of my suit)
    Also, the silver buckles in front n behind the boots.
    So in the end, catsuits will b catsuits unless u take the time and imagination 2 update them w details that set them apart from the countless others we've all seen and will see again!
    Phew! BTW, Regina is HOT! Who's gonna make THAT movie?! Xo m
  • So it's not the 1st look anymore(darn paps! Lol!) but here is Alice n Ada in costume, on set. Xo m Video

From Milla (@MillaJovovich):

  • how cool is this?! ludacris using "5th element" in his song! check it!

11.14.11 - Note from Milla regarding her Twitter account (@MillaJovovich):

  • Ok, so the more u get 2 know ppl, u c the good n the bad n I know I've been getting a bit "spicy" the lst few days! Sorry abt that, but u gotta know that the more I tweet, the more u're gonna c different sides to my personality... And they ain't all good! But listen up! I'm thinking abt starting 2 follow ppl back, I might make a different user name to follow my personal friends so it's easy 2 find their timelines... I'm gonna think abt it cause i wont b able find my bf @liesitellmydaughter if i hve 800k+ ppl's timelines filling up space! Lol! Besides, just know, i tweet u giys but i HARDLY check other ppl's timelines! So dont think if i follow u i'll b keeping track of what u all r doing. Anyway, i'll think abt the bat way 2 go abt this. Xo m

Tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • So we've closed off 4 city blocks of toronto(sorry Citizens) as NYC! N heres a vid w our Ada back from china Video (Nov 13)
  • U gotta check these deserted streets! So creepy! This is normally one of the busiest sections of Toronto! Video
  • We almost got drenched! Video

  • Hey guys! So finally @guillorybe aka Jill valentine n I r working on the same day! Yay! Here's a lil BTS vid Video (Nov 14)
  • Going 2 find Wesker! Video
  • So I found him! Drum roll please! Ladies get ready 2 change your panties...Albert Wesker is in "camp evil Video
  • So we're shooting a teaser trailer that shld b in theaters by Xmas! Im gonna shoot it now! Let's govovich!
  • So here are sum BIG A$$ GUNS RIGHT HERE! These boys better not hit me w them! Lol! Check it! Video
  • So Bingbing gve me sum "bling bling" 4 my iPhone! Shes so cool, my new name 4 her is "Bingalicious&#

11.10.11 - Tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! I've been a bit beat abt the last few days m my hands hve bone bruises on them, so I'm a bit low energy 2day n it's hard 2 type.
  • But I want 2 say THANK U ALL SO MUCH 4 the support u've shown 2 "3musketeers"! Telling your friends 2 c it! U don't know how much it means to me n all the amazing cast n crew (the crew btw is all working on RE5 as well, so it gets their spirits up when I tell them how much u all luv the movie!) that ppl are spreading word of mouth abt thefilm! U guys are AMAZING PEOPLE! Thanks again! Xo m
  • Good mornin every1! It's the funniest scene description on our "call sheet" this morning: "Alice comes out of the closet" da da dum tccc!
  • Hey guys! So a lot of u say I'm never in my BTS vids, so here's 1 JUST 4 my tweeps! Video
  • So here's part 2 w sum REALLY nervous crew members, they're usually much funnier! Lol! Video

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