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08.29.09 - Wedding pictures from People (US) September 7, 2009:

Psychologies (Spain) April 2009:

08.26.09 - Milla and Paul were married on Saturday (August 22, 2009)! Article and pictures from

Harper's Bazaar (Russia) September 2009:

3 more web exclusive pictures from Maxim (US) September 2009:

Irish Times (Ireland) August 15, 2009:

Gulf News (Ireland) August 15, 2009:

08.21.09 - Isabel Marant ads:

08.19.09 - The release date for Resident Evil: Afterlife has been moved up 3 weeks to August 27, 2010.

Milla for Donna Karan Cashmere Mist:

08.16.09 - Pictures from the trailer for The Fourth Kind (scheduled to be released November 6, 2009):

Glamour (Russia) August 2009:

UK press for A Perfect Getaway:

  • Interview with Milla from BBC: "Part of the reason that I was able to return to work, being a mum of four months at that point, was because it wasn't an action film. I wasn't expected to train. It was nice to just play myself for most of the movie, to just play a nice girl on her honeymoon. Being able to take my baby with me to a beautiful exotic location and take her swimming in the ocean every day. "

  • Fantastic BBC interview with Edith Bowman (audio; 18 minutes) (Milla discusses "There Ain't No God for Dogs")

  • Sunday Herald (Scotland) August 16, 2009:
    • "Being a mother is so much more than you could ever imagine. Having a baby is the most incredible thing I've ever done as a person and the biggest single teacher in the world for me is my child. I have found a different side of myself. I'm much more relaxed and patient than I ever thought I'd be. Also, I'm much less insecure. My daughter has brought me so much confidence in what I do. I have this responsibility and she's number one in that sense. It's made me care much less about other things. When you care a lot, you worry all the time about whether you're good enough, and that fuels insecurities."
    • Discussing The Fourth Kind: "The Fourth Kind is set in Alaska in this very small town that has had a lot of attention from the FBI, because there's been a lot of disappearances and no one has been able to find out why. I play a young psychologist whose husband has killed himself. And with all these strange disappearances she thinks it might be aliens. It was interesting for me to see how a completely sane person, like this psychologist, could believe so sincerely that aliens are taking people. I thought that was fascinating." She smiles. "I myself don't believe in aliens."
    • Discussing Keep Coming Back: "We had started filming on that, but the movie's kind of fallen apart again because I have to get into Resident Evil: Afterlife. But I'm hoping that by next year things get better with the economy and smaller movies will have an easier time getting financed again. It's been an uphill battle for us. I was the first actor to get involved with the project. William contacted me about the movie in November last year, so we've been trying to get it off the ground for a while."

  • Irish Times (Ireland) August 15, 2009: "People do think of me as being strong, with Resident Evil and so on," she says in an accent that, despite nearly three decades in the US, still carries flavours of Eastern Europe. "I think everybody's got different facets in their make-up. It depends on the situation. If you try to harm my daughter I will kill you. That's for sure."

  • Digital Spy, August 12, 2009 (video)

  • Max Exclusive (Cinemax) interview with Milla, Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, and Kiele Sanchez:

08.13.09 - Pictures and trailer for The Fourth Kind from SCI FI Wire (scheduled to be released November 6, 2009):

Maxim (US) September 2009 cover:

08.12.09 - has several A Perfect Getaway posters to give away! To enter, just find these 3 images from the A Perfect Getaway poster that are hidden somewhere at are provided for each image to point you in the right direction!


Clue: A Marie Claire appearance from the 20th century

Clue: "I do not like snoopy reporter with lack of fashion sense, not one little bit."

Clue: Advertising campaign for fruit?

08.11.09 - Pictures and great interview from Maxim (US) September 2009:

  • About training for Resident Evil: Extinction (2010): "I do a lot of training for these films so I can do my own stunts. I think fans of Resident Evil love to know that it's really me doing everything. I definitely want to give that to them."

  • About getting her role in Stone (2010): "Yes, I just finished filming that. It was such an incredible project, and I was so happy to get it. I worked really hard for the part. I had to do some really intense auditioning with Edward and Bob. Then when I got the part, I literally started crying. People ask, 'What are some of the high points of your life?' Number one would have to be the birth of my daughter, but number two would be this movie."

  • About a Zoolander (2001) sequel: "I actually saw Zoolander the other day. It was funny, man. I heard something about a sequel, and if they do it, I really hope they bring back Katinka."

  • About a The Fifth Element (1997) sequel: "No, I don't think so. And if there were one, there'd have to be another incarnation of my character. Leeloo has to stay forever the way she was. She's very special."

08.08.09 - Interview from Guardian August 7, 2009: "There's no mystery to who I am any more," she says. "You know, you go through your whole life looking for an identity and then you become a mother and you're like: 'Oh...I'm a mom.' So no matter what, that's what I am. If everything else fades, I'm, still a mom. The acting, the modelling, the career -- I'd give it all up tomorrow for her. Everything else is secondary, which makes it all the more enjoyable, because it's not like the be-all-and-end-all, its more like: oh, cool. A movie in Puerto Rico? That sounds fun. Get me out of the house for a little bit. Maybe I can go to New York for a few days and get some sleep... It's the only time I don't get woken up with 'mama!' all the time. I mean you can try ignoring it, but it's just impossible."

Interview from Scotland on Sunday August 9, 2009: "It's given me more freedom to work and travel. I have a house to support, Paul can't do everything. I'm very lucky to still be modelling. I can earn great money so, while I can do it, I have to. In this climate it would be a sin to not be working when you have a chance to be." ... "Leeloo was beyond any greatest dream to play," she says. "We'll probably never see again something as unique as she was. The amount of time I had to spend training and studying to play that part really changed me as a person and an actress."

Milla and Timothy Olyphant take over Current TV and discuss A Perfect Getaway:

08.07.09 - A Perfect Getaway comes out in the US today!

Photocall for A Perfect Getaway at the Charlotte Street Hotel, London, England, August 7, 2009:

Video of Milla on GMTV (UK) earlier today: Discussing her upcoming marriage to Paul W.S. Anderson: "I'm marrying a Geordie! I love Newcastle, we have so much fun there and his family's. And I just - I love it! I love going up to Lindisfarne and Lumley Castle... and having fish and chips."

Interview with Milla from Parade: "This is one of those movies where you just don't really know who anyone is or what their motives are, so it totally screws with your mind. You want them to be your friends and suddenly, one or two of them are killers and you're just like, 'Whoa!' With all the crazy stuff that's happening in the world, it's a cautionary tale. Don't be afraid to be suspicious." ... "I paddle a kayak in ocean waves close to some very sharp rocks. It was dangerous because there was a very high tide and if my boat tipped over I'd have gone face-first onto the rocks. That was pretty grueling. Then I had a fight scene with a girl who was trying to kill me. We had knives and we were hitting and punching each other on the edge of a cliff."

Interview with Milla from FEARnet: "Kiele Sanchez and I have a good girl fight together. It was really different because in the Resident Evil franchise, it is so choreographed and so cinematic. But in A Perfect Getaway it was so raw, and just kind of like, 'go for it.' We were told to go from A to B, but in-between, just do whatever. So it was really raw, which I think is really interesting. I hadn't worked that way before in the action genre. But A Perfect Getaway isn't so much action-driven as it is character-driven. Kind of an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The action stuff is very cool, though."

08.06.09 - A Perfect Getaway premiere, Los Angeles, CA, August 5, 2009:

Interview with Milla from

  • On A Perfect Getaway and director David Twohy: "David is very, very eccentric, he's very focused. He's a funny guy, but you've got to get to know him. He definitely knows what he wants, he definitely has a vision for this movie and he wrote the script, obviously he's a great writer. He's great because he definitely knew what he wanted from the characters so he had great actors working with him. So I think it was all really fun for us because everyone had a handle on their characters and David was doing a great job making sure that we remembered where we came from and where we were going to keep the script consistent because so many of the characters change and are different and you don't really know what's what and who's who for a while. So, it was important for us to always know where we came from and where we were going so we don't give things away too quickly. With these films you have to be super careful with your performance too. How much can you actually say but give it sort of a double entendre so that when people think back to like, 'Did we see it coming?' They do see signs, but think they were totally innocent that they could've been something else too."

  • About The Fourth Kind: "It's based on a true story and it's a psychological thriller. It's really scary at times because you really feel the emotional breakdown of this woman and there's a lot of really strange disappearances that have going on in this small town in Alaska. She gets involved and in a sense loses her mind from everything. It was an interesting character to play just to be able to get in the mind frame of a totally normal person that could believe completely abnormal things because of trauma and stress."

  • About Stone: "It's a psychological drama. I think they're trying to sell it as a thriller 'cause it's easier to sell, but it's not much of like a mystery or whodunit or a chase sequence or anything like that. It's pretty much a story about people that in a sense are living their lives and how truthfully can you live your life? In a sense, that if you live a life, you could live a life for many years, but at some point your world is going to explode around you so it's pretty intense."

  • About working with Paul Verhoeven on The Winter Queen (aka Azazel): "No, not at this point. We were trying to get a script called The Winter Queen off the ground for the last few years which didn't really happen, so I think Paul's going to move on and do something else."

Interview with Milla from Qatar Tribune: "What I want is for my baby to sleep at night -- she doesn't -- and for her to eat good food, which is hard to get down her throat. What I don't want is for her to be sick. Those are the three most important things in my life right now. Everything else can can sort itself! If my baby isn't sick, if she's eating and sleeping well, my life is great. I don't care if I ever do another movie again or another modelling job. We can sell the house and move to a smaller place. I'd give up everything in a second if my child weren't happy."

08.05.09 - Milla and Paul W.S. Anderson will be getting married on August 22, 2009! Milla: "We're having an intimate wedding with a classical Spanish band at our house in the Hollywood Hills. Paul's family are flying in from England." [ article ]

Blog post from A Perfect Getaway director David Twhoy about how he came up with the story for the film.

Several clips and behind the scenes videos available at the Rogue community.

Various articles/interviews in promotion of A Perfect Getaway:

  • LA Times: "Milla Jovovich takes a turn toward 'normal' in A Perfect Getaway": "My priorities have shifted completely, which has helped my career because there's this new peace that I have," says the mother, with fiance filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson, of 21-month-old daughter Ever. "If I never did anything again, I would be a mom and I'd be totally happy being a mom. Everything has fallen into place so beautifully because I'm not trying so hard. If my daughter's OK, I can concentrate on something else. So it's not like all day I'm thinking about me."

  • "Milla Jovovich not your typical girl next door": "That's what was interesting to me about A Perfect Getaway -- that I actually got to play her in a way like the girl next door. No one's going to give me that part (I thought) so if someone does give that two me, even for two acts of the film, I'm like -- OK, cool."

  • "There's an element when you are out dealing with nature around you that definitely as an actor I think is a lot easier than say, (if) this whole set was a jungle on a soundstage. The whole energy changes, you're not projecting as much (on a soundstage) and people are like, 'remember there's wind and remember the rain.'"

  • "If you've got a good body you should flaunt it. My mum always told me that you're not going to have it for ever, so you might as well show it off as much as you can now. We are very Russian about that. I like dressing sexily, but I dress for me because guys don't care as long as you're showing some skin. You can walk around in short shorts and a tube top and men will think you look great. It's only women who notice your shoes."

  • Toronto Sun: "Thrilla for Milla": "It's probably the most screen-time I've had in my life being nice and normal," Jovovich says of the thriller. Jovovich remembers telling director David Twohy, " 'I'm 165 pounds. I'm not the girl you've seen in movies at all,' " she says. Still, he persisted. "He asked, 'How long would it take you to lose 20 pounds?' and I was like, 'I'm not interested in losing 20 pounds, I just want to be a mom. But I do want to do this with you so I'll send you some pictures of myself and you can decide.' He said, 'No, I think it's all right, because you'll look more like a normal girl; you're not all fit and stuff.' So I think it worked."

    Recalls Twohy, "She came to me probably 40 pounds overweight, which was some concern ... But it wasn't such a bad thing. We kind of embraced that, even though she was working to get it off throughout the shoot. We weren't going to do a bathing suit scene when she was four months post-pregnant."

  • Lex & Terry radio interview (August 2, 2009)

  • Opie & Anthony radio interview (July 31, 2009)

  • NZCity: "Milla loves knives": "I have so many weapons at home. It's not like I sit at home twirling knives, but I've always been into handling weapons. As a kid I liked ninja warriors, not dolls. I have some kukris. They are one-handed knives and a bit like machetes, very vicious instruments with a curved blade. They are used for hacking and I love them because they are so versatile. You can really get into the meat of an animal, slice cucumbers and kill zombies - all in one day."

  • Mail Online: "Milla Jovovich: Model, actress, musician, martial arts expert... zombie killer": "In A Perfect Getaway I have to steer a kayak close to razorsharp rocks, miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. It's dangerous - there's a very high tide and if my boat tips over I'll go face-first on to the rocks. The sun's beating down and I'm tipping water over my head. It's so gruelling trying to get this kayak to go where I want it to go. Then I have a vicious cat fight with a girl who is trying to kill me. We have knives and we're hitting and punching each other on the edge of a cliff, rolling around in the dust. Sexy girls in shorts - it's a nice, crazy fight scene."

  • "You know, I don't mind being typecast honestly. If I have my niche, I have my niche. I'm very lucky. I'm 33, I'm a mom, I've got a great franchise. If people see me as an action hero, great. There could be worse things to be seen as. I still get a chance to work on smaller films where I get to play more versatile characters. Granted, not many people see them, but as an actress I get to do lots of different stuff."

  • WPIX video interview with Milla and Timothy Olyphant

International release dates for A Perfect Getaway:

USA ... August 7, 2009
Canada ... August 14, 2009
UK ... August 14, 2009
South Korea ... August 20, 2009
Belgium ... August 26, 2009
Russia ... September 3, 2009
Brazil ... October 23, 2009
Sweden ... November 20, 2009

Milla discussed Resident Evil: Afterlife with

"There's a great script and it's going to be pretty wild. It's going to be in 3D," she said diplomatically. "They figured out a lot of stuff. We start shooting in September, they've got it all figured out at this point."

She was a little more candid when asked about what convinced her and Anderson to return to the franchise for a fourth time. "The movie makes money," she admitted. "If it makes more money than the last one, you'd think that people want to see another one, so we'll do another one. There's been a lot of interest online, there's been a lot of letters from fans. It's not like I said, 'Hey, honey! Let's do another one right away!' I mean, it's an expensive film and it's all business and if the third one didn't do well, there wouldn't be another one."

Anderson has really been getting prepared to make his return to directing the franchise since the first movie, especially with the 3D factor being added to the equation. "He's been really studying it and seeing all the different things they have and watching every 3D movie ever made pretty much," Milla told us. "Especially for a movie like this, because it's wild and a lot of action and a lot of potential for 3D to use the medium at its best. Paul has been going to every 3D company and he's now signed a deal to go with Jim Cameron's 3D company -- they did Avatar -- It should be pretty interesting. I've never actually seen a 3D movie."

Read the full article here

Milla for Donna Karan Cashmere Mist:

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