Milla's Music Mondays

Milla has been tweeting some of her favorite songs every Monday! Her choices to date can be seen here or here on YouTube!

Current Demos

Milla is always creating new songs and posting demo versions here at Visit the demos section for MP3s and lyrics to all of Milla's demos. You are welcome to download and remix them, but you may not sell them. Enjoy!

___ Breathing In Your Sleep (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Bring It On (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Calm Water (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Distant (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Diving Up (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Every Leaf (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Fall Too Soon (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Flashlight (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Holy Fall (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Islands (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Lazy Orbit (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Let You Go (Listen at ReverbNation, notes/lyrics)
___ Looking For Room (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ More Than 4 (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Remedy (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Take Me To Mars (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ Wide Awake (MP3, notes/lyrics)
___ You Keep Me Here (MP3, notes/lyrics)

___ Left & Right (MP3, notes/lyrics)

___ Electric Sky: @MillaJovovich: Hey guys! My new track is available on amazon already! Check it! [ iTunes ... Amazon ... YouTube ]

___ Demo lyrics and notes

Previous Music

The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy

... Inspired by a love of "elves and magic trees", Milla wrote the lyrics at 15, recorded it when she was 16, and released it when she was 18 in 1994. Acoustic, folky, and hard to categorize, the eleven songs on The Divine Comedy are laced with Slavic sadness and X-istential self-doubt.
... Amazon / iTunes
... Sound clips, lyrics, pictures, more

The Mission


... Milla sings on Puscifer's "The Mission" [ iTunes / Amazon ]
... Milla sings on Puscifer's "Momma Sed" [ iTunes / Amazon ]
... Milla sings on Puscifer's cover of The Cure's "Underneath The Stars" on the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans soundtrack (2009) [ Amazon / iTunes ]
... Milla sings on "REV 22:20 by Puscifer on the Underworld soundtrack (2003) [ Amazon / iTunes ]

Beds are Burning

"Beds are Burning"

... Milla is one of the featured artists in a 2009 campaign titled "tck tck tck: Time for Climate Justice" addressing climate change headed by Bob Geldof. The campaign features a collaborative single recording a reworded version of Midnight Oil's 1987 protest song "Beds are Burning". The single, available as a free download from iTunes is designed to both to raise awareness and act as a "giant digital petition" by those who download it.
... Video
... more pictures



... Milla sang "Falling" at Vogue China's Icons 2008 Awards in Beijing, China, December 6, 2008
... Video: Milla is interviewed and sings starting around 4:05
... more pictures

I Know It's You

Bobino cabaret club

... Milla sang at the Bobino cabaret club in Paris night wearing Jovovich-Hawk (March 14, 2007; article)
... more pictures

I Know It's You

"Has Anybody Seen My Girl?"

... has a video of Milla and Carmen playing the ukulele (Carmen) and singing "Has Anybody Seen My Girl?" (Milla)
... In the Studio With Jovovich-Hawk: "Sure, they're good with a needle and thread. But a ukulele and a jazz tune? Design partners Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk reveal one of their hidden charms."
... Download MP3 (1MB)

I Know It's You

"I Know It's You"

... Milla sings on "I Know It's You" from The Crystal Method's album, Legion of Boom (2004)
... Amazon / iTunes / Amazon UK

Left and Right

"Left and Right"

... Milla performed the song "Left and Right" at Fashion Rocks in London, England on October 15, 2003
... Download MP3
... Pictures

Rocket Collecting

"Rocket Collecting"

... Milla's song "Rocket Collecting" appears on the Underworld soundtrack (2003)
... Written by Milla & Billy Scherer, produced by Danny Lohner
... Fan video by Claire Codner
... Amazon / iTunes / Amazon UK

There Ain't No God For Dogs

"There Ain't No God For Dogs"

... Milla sang "There Ain't No God For Dogs" on Last Call with Carson Daly
... Video clip
... Download MP3

Shein Vi Di L'Vone, Mezinka

"Shein Vi Di L'Vone", "Mezinka"

... Milla sings 2 Yiddish Klezmer songs, "Shein Vi Di L'Vone" & "Mezinka", on the Dummy soundtrack (2003)
... Amazon

Former Lover

"Former Lover"

... Milla sings on "Former Lover" from Deepak Chopra's album, A Gift of Love II: Oceans of Ecstasy (2002)
... Amazon / iTunes/ Amazon UK

Plastic Has Memory

Plastic Has Memory

... Milla sang & played electric guitar in her band Plastic Has Memory - they played about a dozen shows in L.A. & New York City in 1999
... Milla & Plastic Has Memory contributed the song "On the Hill" to Hollywood Goes Wild (2001), a CD sold to benefit the The Wildlife Waystation
... Sound clips, pictures, more

We Are Family

"We Are Family"

... Milla is one of many artists who recorded "We Are Family" (2001) to raise money for the American Red Cross. You can buy the single from
... Cover, picture from studio (Milla on far right)
... CD: Amazon / Amazon UK
... DVD: Amazon / Amazon UK

Satellite of Love

"Satellite of Love"

... Milla has 2 cover versions of Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" on the soundtrack to The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)
... Amazon / Amazon UK

If You Can't Say No

"If You Can't Say No" video

... Milla starred in Lenny Kravitz's If You Can't Say No video (1998)
... Screen captures
... Video

Be My Friend

"Be My Friend"

... Milla performed "Be My Friend" on MTV's Alternative Nation (1994)
... Video
... Download MP3 (1MB)

05.12.14 - Milla singing at "An Evening With Women" at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, May 10, 2014 (from Just Jared). Two original songs, "Your Girl" and "Breakdown", plus a cover of Patti Smith's "Dancing Barefoot":

05.14.13 - From @MillaJovovich: Posted a new song: "Let You Go" (lyrics)

sorry guys! i posted the same song like three times, but i'm just gettin used to bandpage! lol! anyhoo, this is a song written by myself, stuart zender and chris brenner last year. i wrote the lyrics, we all did the music and stu did most of the production on his own at my house! thanks stu! i love it, but its a bit experimental and we have been spending the last two years finding ourselves. this is who we were last year! lol! enjoy! (from the previous post)

From @MillaJovovich: Hey guys! My new track is available on amazon already! Check it! Electric Sky [ iTunes ... Amazon ... YouTube ]

Behind the scenes photos by Carmen Hawk of Milla filming the video for "Electric Sky":

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • @CoreyNussbaum we shot the vid 4 "electric sky" last week n will b releasing it on aug.1st! (07.05.12)
  • We cant wait 4 our #1!!RT @STUARTZENDER: Can't wait to get back to LA and make some frequencies shift(mix EP) with @MillaJovovich n @chrissbrenner love love love

  • Hey! So here's a lil film of our vid shoot 4 "electric sky"! I'm so excited, I can't wait 4 (06.28.12)
  • Sorry! Here's a recap w sound! Lol!
  • So we're finished w the 1st few shots! Here we r having lunch. Whatever tho, I thought I'd tweet it! Lol
  • @GerryIShot I will DEFINITELY be performing the new EP live this fall! R u kidding?! Just try and drag me off stage! Lolol!
  • wow! we didn't finish shooting the vid 4 "Electric Sky" till 10pm last night n i feel like a day on an RE set! my back is killing me! lol!
  • btw, the umbrella iPhone case was given 2 me by Li Bing BIng (ada wong in the new RE) who has them specially made in china! its pretty hot!

  • i'm so excited 2 shoot the vid 4 my new song "electric sky at the end of june! my friend guy aroch will be shooting it 4 me! WOOT WOOT! (06.08.12)
  • @L4venderblonde i'm hoping that the vid 4 "electric sky" is out in mid july!
  • @LizzyB87 u know, i don't really visualize a vid when i write, but i do write down images i see in my head a lot!
  • @LizzyB87 yes! my album is coming out at the end of august! i made it with my boys @stuartzender and @chrissbrenner!
  • @swisslara i'm gonna be working on music pretty much full time from now till who knows... i very excited to make time to do that!
  • @NatyTrickyAngel lolol! i haven't thought of a name for the album yet! i always think of name of songs and stuff at the last minute!

  • @NyanNyanConner yes an EP! @stuartzender @chrissbrenner n i r trying 2 finish mixing 2 hve it out by the end of august! (05.25.12)
  • thanks for all the great reactions to our new single!if you luv it hit up my boys @stuartzender n @chrissbrenner who wrote/produced it w me!

  • hey! here's a link 2 @chrissbrenner, @stuartzender and i playing our new single "electric sky" at the #LIFEBALL! (05.20.12)
  • @_MyNameIsAdam_ i didn't lip-sync blood! i was singing live to track!

  • The countdown is on! Thrilled 2 be part of the amazing @lifeball in Vienna representing @amfAR to raise $ for people living with HIV & AIDS. (05.15.12)
  • WOW! we might actually be able to get my new single "electric sky" that we'll b debuting at the #LIFEBALL onto iTunes by the 19th of May!
  • it's all happened so incredibly fast,but i'm so proud 2 play my 1st new song live to help raise funds n awareness 4 AIDS research!
  • @FreddiieFonck i'm shooting a vid directed by my boy @simoncahn that i'm trying to get out by july for this song!
  • @NatyTrickyAngel no, don't have a name for it yet... still putting the tracks together in sum comprehensive manner 2 get my brain around it!

  • Crazy news! In actually going 2 perform my new music at the "life ball" in Vienna!!!My single is called "electric sky" n it's gonna be SICK! (05.09.12)
  • So anyway, 40k ppl are gonna b at the "life ball" on the 19th which ROCKS! And @chrissbrenner @stuartzender n I will b rockin the crowd as we close the fashion show w our new track! And I'm trying to get it on iTunes, courtesy of my man Randy Jackson who's been so supportive of our new music! Thanks randy, u r an angel!
  • I'm making a video 4 "electric sky" which should be out online by July, but hey the "life ball" heard the track and flipped 4 it, so we decided "u'll never b ready if u try 2 b, so jst go 4 it"! Lol!
  • @mddeese yes! My single "electric sky" shld b available on iTunes by the 18th of may (if i can get it 2gether in time! Lol!)
  • @amkvinta yes! I did a song called "the mission" (iTunes / Amazon MP3) w maynard j, keenan 4 his newest band @puscifer! N u can download my demos from my website!
  • @AALIYAH_AKASHA I'm trying 2 release a 6/7 song ep in sept! "electric sky" is the single we decided on!
  • @thevinnys yes! We'll definitely perform in NYC! Hopefully this summer or early fall!

March 2012

  • i'm gonna try and shoot a lil vid and post a new song around may! i'll put it twitter 1st! (02.28.12)
  • but i think i've been burning the candle at both ends, between mommy world, oscar week n recording music at night... yea, gotta chill! (03.01.12)
  • the good news is, that i think we've finally chosen a song to shoot a small vid for, which i'm gonna try and put online by may! EXCITING!
  • @kgruszecki @801PUNX thanks Kathy!! i love working on music so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i love making it!!
  • @JOVOVICH_FAN1 Wake Me Up is the title, now I really need to rest while watching my daughter strikes her ninja moves!!

February/March 2011

  • hey every1! what an awesome week its been playing music w @dannylohner n @chrissbrenner! we hve sum grt ideas that we've put down already! (03.06.11)
  • now i'm just writing some lyrics to get ready for the nxt slew of recording sessions starting tomorrow! yayayayayayayayayay!!!tweet u later!
  • happy sunday every1! lets kick back hard core 2day n get ready to take over the world come monday morning! Xo m
  • hey every1! its been amazing playing music again, the vibe is so grt! i wanted 2 share this awesome video on utube done for "ashes divide" (03.02.11)
  • @dannylohner did the remix of it and the images are from a tiny comedy i did called "you stupid man". its such a great song.
  • check it at:
  • ashes divide rock. what a grt remix by @dannylohner! anyway, going 2 meet mr. lohner in a few so i gotta run! tweet u later!

  • hey every1! been working on some new music w @dannylohner @chrissbrenner and @STUARTZENDER threw down some sick bass on the track! (02.27.11)
  • i really think i'm gonna take some time off from film for a sec and focus on recording a record for the next 4months or so! so exciting!
  • these darn oscar parties are throwing a kink in my work week though! lol! its enuf 2 jst b a mom by day and record music at night!
  • i bit new order meets daft punk meets joni mitchell meets yo gabba gabba! no, i don't know yet. we jst jam and vibe on stuff!
  • anyway, hve 2 carve out a verse 4 my new song while baby is playing in the other room and giving me a breather! tweet u all later!
  • but b4 i go, i jst wanna say, u guys make me so effing happy! your replies r so sweet and motivating!NOW i'm gonna go kick this verse's a**!

Thanks to everyone who attended Milla's Twitterbration and especially to everyone who donated to Sophie's Voice Foundation!! Milla Twitterbrated her 200,000th Twitter follower by playing a live concert online with friends Chris Brenner, Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), and Danny Lohner on January 15, 2010. Milla talked about her experience with Twitter and the Twitterbration in a short interview with The Washington Post.

In the first clip, Milla and friends perform Pusicfer's "The Mission" [ iTunes / Amazon MP3 ] and Milla's "Gentleman Who Fell" from her 1994 album The Divine Comedy [ iTunes / Amazon ]. In the second clip, Milla's demo "Lazy Orbit" is performed. The original version of "Lazy Orbit" can be downloaded from the Demos page. Thanks to Francois-Xavier Noah for editing the clips!