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12.31.11 - Marella ads from Marella.com:

12.23.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • So it's the LAST DAY shooting RE5! Every1 is packing n we have a lot of stuff 2 finish filming still! It's gonna b a long day! (Dec 23)
  • Ppl hve been asking when the teaser will come out. I was told around new year. Now, I found out a funny lil fact 2day! It's up to every1's local theater which trailers n teasers they WANT to show! So if you wanna c the teaser sooner, tell your local theater that you want it! It WILL play in front of Sony movies already, but theaters decide if they're gonna put it in front of non Sony films! So request the teaser from your local theater and maybe you can convince them to play it on more screens! Haha! Power to the people! Xo m

12.22.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • So now the countdown begins! We finish on Friday the 23rd! Go home on the 24th! Excited 4 the holidays but sad 2 finish RE5! (Dec 20)
  • Tomorrow is really the last day of filming! I remember when we 1st started filming n I wld do a wire gag n get all excited! Now it's like "ok, did that, what's next?! Hurry hurry! Get out of the harness, we have to shoot a few "pick ups" (scenes that didn't get finished on the day they were scheduled for) n they'll turn the camera around, change the lights and then back in the harness!" no time for anything it seems! It looks SIIIICK people! I helped tweak the teaser trailer during lunch yesterday and even though the footage is from like the 1st 3 weeks of shooting, it's SO EFFIN AMAZING!! It's like "whaaaaat?!!!" and that's only what we shot the first 3 weeks! it mind blowing how cool this movie is gonna be! Well, packing up (aaargh!) I got a bunch of letters from some off you that I'll be signing when I get home at night. Lil one went home w her grandma yesterday to he the Xmas tree ready for mama n papa, so we have a bit more time for concentrating on finishing these LAST FEW DAYS! Anyway, theres another "signature" long a** tweet for ya! Xo m (Dec 22)
  • Alright! Gotta go 2 set! It was nice 2 tweet w u all! Buh bye!
  • Oh and the RE5 teaser trailer shld be out around new years!
  • @roger_shan I won't b tweeting very much when I'm done. I'm a very private person in "real" life. I'll check in every once in a while tho!

12.19.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! FWI, relatively long tweet coming. Thank u all again so much 4 the wonderful bday wishes. Last week of filming... Got me in a Joni Mitchell mood. Got "blue" n "river" on repeat. Xo m
  • Wow! We shot some pretty grizzly stuff 2day! Hits time for me to go home as hang with my daughter! Lots of love every1! Xo m

12.17.11 - Today is Milla's birthday!! Good retrospective on Milla's fashion from Stylelist. Birthday wishes can be left via Twitter (@MillaJovovich). From Milla:

  • WOW!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH 4 THE BDAY WISHES!!! I appreciate your kind words and thoughts so much, it means the world to me that so many ppl from all the far corners of the earth, remembered me 2day and gave me so many beautiful blessing! I have THE BEST TWEEPS EVER!!
  • Many of you have asked what the best present would be from u guys to me. I'll tell you. I want want every single one of you to look in the mirror 2day and say "I'm THE BEST." and mean it. And when you go to school or go to work or stay home with the kids or do whatever you do, to BE AT YOUR BEST! EXCEL, no matter if you hate your job, EXCEL, no matter if you hate your school! DO YOUR BEST AT WHATEVER YOU DO. If u've been procrastinating, don't. if you've been depressed, go to the gym and WORK OUT YOUR FEELINGS THROUGH PUSHING YOUR BODY. You all mean the world to me and I hope you know that... Thank you thank you thank you! For your attention to my long a** tweets, for your intelligence, your compassion, your sense of humor and your love! You guys ARE THE BEST! Please remember that! Xo m
  • So here we r at the wrap party! @mrodofficial is dj'ing and u can hardly c a thing(or hear a thing) but njoy Video

12.16.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • NEWS FLASH: Alice vs. Jill Fight: Alice makes a comeback! Jill: 1 Alice: 1 (Dec 15)
  • Alice vs. Jill: it's not going well 4 Alice. Alice: 1 Jill: 4
  • NEWFLASH ALICE VS. JILL FIGHT: Alice: 2 Jill: Way too high to count! Alice is getting beat down! What's it gonna take 4 her to get back up?!
  • So Jill says " your momma is so ugly she makes a zombie look good" and Alice is like "what biaaatch?!" n comes back a sum ill moves so... Alice: 4 Jill: 8
  • I'd only Alice had an iPod and "the final countdown" was playing, then maybe she could win...
  • Yea,yea that line IS better. Anymore your mama/zombie jokes any1?RT @dublonothing: @MillaJovovich how about "you don't have to worry about Zombies - I hear they like brains."
  • THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A "YO MAMMA" gag!RT @dublonothing: @MillaJovovich anything's gotta be better than a yo' mamma gag.
  • NICE!RT @MeganRose_: @MillaJovovich @guillorybe Jill's mom is so ugly she makes nemesis look dead sexy. (no punn entended)
  • Lolol!RT @Tanya_Lee2: @MillaJovovich Yo mama's so blond she could walk through a crowd of zombies untouched.
  • Ok, jst got home from work, it's after midnight n I hve 2 stop tweeting n DROP! Pick up at 7am WOOT WOOT! Nighty night! Xo m
  • Ok, jst 1 more! Gnight 4 real!RT @bobbybittle: @millajovovich yo mama so fat she ran into crowd of zombies and ate THEM
  • Ok, this has 2 stop! Im dying here! Lolol!RT @Daniel_RinconR: @MillaJovovich yo mama's so fat, when zombies are eatin her, they take a break
  • So in the midst of the battle, here's a little Xmas vid from Alice n Jill @guillorybe ! Njoy! Video

12.14.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! I am officially tweeting this from a brand new iPhone case from Bingbing who is on her last day of the film 2day! Heres a pic! What do u think of THAT?!!! Haha! It's the most awesome iPhone case ever right?! (Dec 13)

  • @Di3gIkX I will b recording music nxt yr! Wanna take a break from films, b in mommy world n record me sum new music!
  • @s9211513 for my bday I will be working on RE (awesome) and swimming in a lake of fire (not so awesome, but will look awesome! Lol!)
  • So here's a little look at a spectacular set that's almost all gone! Sigh! It's all coming 2 an end! Video
  • What a day! Started at 7am n now it's almost midnight! Bingbing wrapped 2day, Kevin Durand and Shawn Roberts wrapped last week! And now it's time 2 start the fight we've all been preparing so hard for! Alice vs. Jill starts 2morrow n we will continue shooting it till pretty much the end! Shooting is done the 23rd of dec n then back to LA on Xmas eve! Anyway, night night every1! Xo m

  • So this morning I had a later call n got my lil 1 ready 4 school. Now I can't remember if I told u all this story, but if you're a parent it's awesome! 1 day my daughter was being "spicy" b not appreciating her toys, asking me 4 a present. Now I told her that "we get presents on our bdays or Xmas n maybe we get surprises, but it's rude 2 ask 4 presents". Well, she kept at it and then it hit me! I grabbed a super sized garbage bag and said "so you don't appreciate your wonderful toys?! Great! They're going in "the nothing bag"! I then proceeded 2 place all her stuff in there, even putting garbage bags over her little kitchen set. Well she was shocked! Then she said she DID appreciate her stuff and could she have it back? I said sorry! You didn't respect your things and they'll stay on the "nothing bag" all day cause u treated them like they were nothing. Well, trust me, anytime she starts acting like she doesn't care abt her stuff and wants more, all I say is "shld I put everything in the "nothing bag" again?" and she changes her tune real quick! Anyway, 2day we start the Alice vs. Jill fight sequence! It's gonna be dirty and vicious n it's GONNA RULE!! Xo m (Dec 14)
  • NEWS FLASH: Alice vs. Jill fight is underway! Round 1 Score: Jill: 1 Alice: 0
  • NEWS FROM CAMP EVIL: Jill Valentine is kickin Project Alice's A**. K.O.!!!
  • NEWSFLASH FROM CAMP EVIL: Project Alice is getting back up... And she's MAD. But will she b able 2 counter the BA'ness of Valentine?!
  • Well that's a wrap 4 the day folks! Tweet u 2morrow n we'll c the score is! Alice vs. Jill! IT'S ON...! Tomorrow.

12.10.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Hey every1! Hope u're having a great weekend! Since we're workin Saturdays till Xmas now 2 get the film done, we hve a lot on our plate for 2 day at camp evil! The main unit is off, so all the guys n gals we work with during the week get a rest n we're working w 2nd unit, which is another crew that works tues. thru sat. Mostly doing stunt work and/or finishing up bits an pieces that main unit couldn't get to. So that's pretty much what we're doing 2day! Bits and pieces we didn't get to in the last few weeks! A lot of hair and costume changes 4 me, cause its a bit from the end of the script, then a bit from the beginning, little pieces out f sequence. There u go! No gunfire, but I will be stuck in wires for a large part of the day, so I'll try and get some1 2 throw my phone up to me and film a vid 4 u all! Xo m (Dec 10)
  • Hey guys! So here's me goin in2 the wire rig! Video
  • So here's an anti climatic wire pass where I don't go up very high n hey! @TheYoungCarmody made it 2 work Video
  • So here's me goin a bit higher, but nothing 2 exciting. But man! When u c what this shot will bcome!!! Video
  • Well, back in the wires for me n my phone is gonna die! Tweet u later folks! Xo m

12.09.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Gmornin, evening, afternoon and all the rest of the hours in the day every1! 2 more weeks 2 go till the end of shooting RE5! It's exciting n heartbreaking all at the same time! It's been a crazy, difficult complicated shoot, but so fun n wonderful 2 b back in the RE family again! It's going 2 b bittersweet saying goodbye to Alice and the RE world... But enough of the sad part! Just because there's 2 weeks left doesn't mean it's over, actually, the BEST IT YET TO COME! ALUCE VS. JILL fight is starting nxt week! Both @guillorybe (jill valentine) n i have been training every chance we get when we're not shooting. As well as rehearsing on the weekends to be ready 4 one of the most EPIC fight sequences in RE history! So now starts another day at camp evil and NOTHING CAN GO WRONG! Right? LOL! (Dec 9)

12.07.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Here's a Xmas vid from "camp evil"! Njoy! Video (Dec 6)
  • Shld i put a gun 2 their heads?! Lol! I told them they r wanted on here! It's their choice! Bingbing has a Chinese twitter.RT @_AdaWong_: @MillaJovovich Please consider my request. we all would love to have Li Bingbing, johann urb & shawn roberts on twitter

  • @resident_eevil well, I started martial arts on 5th element n got addicted. But I don't practice enough. Nxt yr. I'm gonna take time off and take classes every week! (Dec 7)
  • @ErveLuna lolol! That's funny! I don't know if we're gonna do anything 4 my bday at "camp evil" tho, we gotta finish the movie!
  • So it's @colinsalmon24 's bday 2day!! Here's a vid! Video
  • Gmornin every1 where it's morning! Gevening to all those where it's evening! There's a HUGE wire stunt 2day here at camp evil as guess what?! Im not allowed 2 do it! Aargh! It's a 50 ft. Fly on a wire rig w a flip AND gunfire (sob) to kill a gynormous creature, but the set is too tight and my incredible stunt double -Jo Anne Leach- has to land in2 crash pads 2 make it and the insurance company and my husband said Absolutely NOT. I'm bummed but there u go. Safety first.the sequence is gonna KILL tho n no matter what Jo is my girl and she's THE BEST, so trust me when u c it in the film it will b overwhelmingly awe inspiring! That's my news of the morning. Gotta get hair n make up on.
  • @RPopBox no, I don't tweet much when I'm not working. I'm a very normal, private person in "real" life! Lol! I check in every few weeks tho.
  • So heres @theyoungcarmody n I after he got SLIMIFIED!! I think I've killed him more than any1 in RE! Video
  • @PsychoboyUK my dream bday gift FROM MY TWEEPS wld b 4 all of u 2 b your best everyday! Excel n kick a** doing it!
  • Yay! I get 2 go home early n read bedtime stories 2 my lil one!the Binganator is murderinating the hell out of every1 4 the last shot!night!

12.05.11 - Milla has reached 850,000 Twitter followers -- the winner of the The Fourth Kind DVD is Larry! The next prize, at 900,000 Twitter followers, will be a signed copy of Elle (US) May 2002. Entry form and details here.

From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • G'day every1! So we have gotten off to a grt start this morning! Already got 2 awesome shots done n goin in for "coverage" (close ups). I gotta tell u all the funniest story! So Bingbing has the most amazing skin and she graciously gave me a gift of Chinese masks that moisturize for optimum hydration... I guess u can call me the hydratanater now! Lol! Anyway, when I read the contents of the masks, I almost peed myself laughing! One of them is made of... Get this, u ready?! "silk worm larvae"! Lolol! I almost had a heart attack, but man, that larvae felt awesome! The other one is made of sumthing called "birds nest". Now birds nest is more valuable than gold n I'll tell you why. When birds make nests, they leave remnants of their spit on the branches. So... Lolol! This spit is meticulously collected by sum poor dudes in china and it's really difficult! Soy other mask is made of birds spit! How abt them apples?! Would you use these masks? They look like the inside of an alien intestine, but my skin was like GLOWING!! #isitreallyworthit?
  • So we've been shooting Ada Wong's 1st appearance in the film 2day and she does one of her signature flips w the hook gun which looks AWESOME! That girl is grt in wires! But it's so time intensive, the set is so beautiful and perfect, every scuff mark shows, every finger print, every reflection. So we have 2 clean everything every other minute which sucks up time. It's a delicate set, but it will look spectacular when we're done. Me? I've been here for Bingbing, but everything has been pretty much over my shoulder onto her, plus I'm supposed to be drenched still and it's hard to type w wet fingers! Lol! My lil one came to see us for lunch, I got her all pumped up for tai Kwon do class! Me: "what's your name!!!" her: "Ever Gabo J. Anderson!!!" me: "what are you?!!!" her: "I'm THE BEST!!" me: "why r you the best?!" her: "because I respect myself, respect my parents and respect my master!" then we do six punches and w each punch say " tai Kwon do, yes I can!" lololol! It's too cute! She's amazing.

12.04.11 - Marie Claire (Russia) December 2011 from millajovovichfan.com:

The Hunger (UK) November 2011 (2), Metrocity ad, Rika (Holland) Fall/Winter 2011 (5):

Fan art from Olesy:

12.03.11 - From Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:

  • Good mornin from "camp evil" every1! It's a short shooting day 4 me 2day which is awesome cause I'll go do my stunt rehearsal in a few hours AND THEN... I get to go to tai Kwon do class w my daughter!!!!! I'm so excited! I get to "mom it up"and throw her "the look" when she doesn't concentrate on what she's doing! Lol! I've got "the look" down pact, I've been cultivating it since she was a baby, so I don't really ever have to raise my voice at her and it's grt 4 when u're in a public space. It's sort of the equivalent of Eddie Murphy's mom's high heeled shoe flying thru the air like a boomerang in "raw"! Lolol! If u haven't seen that movie, u must stop everything n rent it. Like IMMEDIATELY! So anyway, i won't b around much 2day guys, so have a good one! Xo m (Dec 1)
  • BTW, explodicate can b used in different ways, explodication, explodicating (these r all paul words, hve 2 b honest!) AND I call paul "the explodicater" and he calls me "the murderinater"! Lol! Ah, hubbies, wives and their terms of endearment!
  • Phew! Well that was a hard days work! Lol! Now I'll b "desuitinating" (guys can use this one as well when they come home from work) and goin 2 stunt rehearsal! Gotta get my moves down and get my wire on!
  • @LeLeAnn_ I love wire work! It makes everything so hyper real and magical all at the same time! Love it!
  • G'day every1! So 2day I will b doing a lot of "creepinating", but creeping around doesn't look very interesting if I'm not "drenchinated"! Lol! So I guess u can call me the "drenchinated creepinater", oh! And I will b doing some "listenating" as well AND 2day we r shooting "the wonganater" in her opening sequence, so u'll get sum signature Ada Wong wire work! All in all it's A bit quiet on set. Lots of dialogue between Ada, Wesker n Alice. W a rad wire sequence that we probably (and when I say probably I mean definitely) wont finish till we come back on Monday! It's getting tougher 2 send vids as we're in the studio and the sets are SIIIIICKKK!!!! But i'm filming BTS footage 4 the DVD, so u'll get 2 c sum fun stuff when that comes out. Ok! Well that was an incredibly long tweet, so I'll end it. Now. Tweet u later! Xo m (Dec 2)
  • Hey every1! I know, I know! Where's the vids?! Where's sum pics AT LEAST! I have failed you tweeps! Now I must die. Well, since I hve 2 survive till the end of RE5, I'll jst save that 4 another later date! Lol! Anyway, we jst finished our day w "main unit", but hey! That doesn't mean 2nd unit isn't still waiting for me! WE ARE STILL HAVING 2 FINISH THE "phantom" CAR CHASE SEQUENCE! Can u believe it?! So, now I have to get my hair redone and go destructicate our poor rolls Royce more than we have already! TGIF!!! That's all I have to say! Stunt rehearsal tomorrow as well, but I'll bring the lil one w me so she can do her karate while mama is fighting! Lol! Now what am I gonna do when she sees me in wires?! Jeez! I'm raising a future stunty! That's one tough 4 yr. old I tell u what! (Dec 3)
  • God help me! I will stop NOW! Lol! RT @tonyzag: @MillaJovovich lol. what's with all the words you keep inventing? are you the next sarah palin?
  • Of course! U have 2 say them in the "arnie" voice! RT @MichelleChain: @MillaJovovich Don't know about anyone else, but I read all these innovative Camp Evil words in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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