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03.28.12 - "The Little Black Jacket" from Chanel:

From People:

When Milla Jovovich stepped out last week with an asymmetrical new crop, we assumed the look was for a role. But according to InStyle.com, the undercut has a totally different explanation.

"I have a strange addiction to The Sims [video game]. All my Sims wind up with this haircut, and it's always a house full of really hot chicks. So one thing led to another, and I thought, 'Obviously I want this haircut because I keep picking it out'".

From Ryan Roche (photos by Carmen Hawk):

03.24.12 - From @MillaJovovich at Restoration Hardware's Spring 2012 Launch in LA (March 22):

  • so much fun last night w my girl @elizabethbanks celebrating the launch of "restoration hardware's" amazing new store!

  • and w the gorgeous @malinakerman what a blast!

  • oh cool! i found another pic of the beautiful @elizabethbanks n @malinakerman what awesome girls to hang with!

Resident Evil: Retribution interview about the weaponry in the film MTV:

Milla: "We see some characters that we haven't seen in a long time and we have some great new characters from the game that fans are going to be really into. But overall I just think that the movie aesthetically is so beautiful and the fight sequences are so intense. The teaser out right now I think we only have the first 3 weeks of principal photography [in there] because that's what the boys could get together with special effects and just put it out as quickly as possible because people wanted to see something."

"I have a bicycle chain with a lock at the end of it that I smashed myself in the face with a couple of times while shooting the scene, which will be on the gag reel. But there's always new weapons. We have these Kriss Vector machine guns that are really awesome, they actually dolled them up for 'Total Recall' but we used the OG ones. They're sick, they're so beautiful."

[ MTV ]

03.21.12 - More Resident Evil: Retribution news and interviews from WonderCon 2012:

From Collider:

Milla: What makes these movies wonderful is the fact that the Resident Evil universe is amazing. From when I started playing these games with my little brother, when he was 13 and I was 22 or 23, there was that feeling of, "I love this world and it's really freaky. As soon as the sun goes down, suddenly you get a little nervous." It was always such a well-beloved, but not the most well-known, game. I know Michelle [Rodriguez] and I got attracted to it because it was the cool underground game. Suddenly, it was this little Europe action-horror flick. Everybody came into it, not asking for paychecks or dressing rooms, but for the love of the game.

Paul: I refer to the franchise and the first movie as "the little movie that could." When we made it, we shot it almost entirely in Berlin. While we were shooting, we didn't even have American distribution for the film. It was the movie that nobody wanted. I'm very proud of the fact that we've turned that into a billion dollar franchise. I think maybe it was the movie that people didn't know that they wanted, but we were making it with such energy and passion that when they saw it, they were like, "That's pretty cool." I think it was a really cool game, and I think the movies always had this really cool attitude about them.

Milla: The thing that's wonderful is that, even when I was playing Resident Evil with my brother, it was still underground. With the movies now taking on a life of their own, it's actually invited so many people that are non-gamers into the Resident Evil universe, which is great for us because I feel like we really helped the game become much more of a global game. People that never knew about it, now know about it. It's fun to introduce people to something that you had a passion for, when you were younger. Now, another 17-year-old can play with her sibling. It's fun to re-introduce this to people.

[ Full interview at Collider ]

From ShockTillYouDrop:

STYD: Where are you at right now and how are things going in post-production?
Paul: Editing the director's cut right now and stuck in the editing room, editing furiously.

STYD: Did you shoot anything specifically for the teaser that won't appear in the film?
Paul: Everything's from the movie, other than the people standing around with their Sony products. [laughs] I love them, though, because they all deserve to be eaten alive.

STYD: Now, in the teaser, we had a little taste of what looks like Alice with kids in a suburban environment. And when we were on set, there was rumblings of perhaps flashbacks of some sort. Now that you're editing, how much of these flashbacks take up the film?
Paul: It's a pretty big chunk. It's not the whole film and but there's a big chunk where you spend time with her in that environment and you really get into it. It's a piece I'm really proud of because, again, we've never really done this in the "real world." The first movie was in this stylized environment and, since then, has always been apocalyptic. So, to go to this real suburban neighborhood was a real thrill.

[ Full interview at ShockTillYouDrop ]

03.17.12 - Milla and Paul are at WonderCon 2012 today showing scenes from Resident Evil: Retribution!

From @MillaJovovich:

  • Hey every1! So paul and I r jst arriving at wondercon in anaheim n it's so exciting! We're showing a whole fight sequence 2day from RE:R!
  • It's amazing 2 c what ppl's reaction is gonna be! I'm nervous, but so proud of the film, I think ppl are gonna love it! Here we go!
  • @NesetUraL thank you!But i always get butterflies before we show clips from RE!I'm so in love with the movie,I want ppl 2 feel it like I do!
  • @RayYoWTF I don't know if this is special 4 wondercon or if they will post it online, but I'll keep u posted!

More from WonderCon 2012:

  • Paul: "There's an amazing car chase in Resident Evil 5. We've taken and transplanted it into Red Square, an abandoned Red Square. We shot in Red Square. We had a complete close-off of Red Square for two nights in a row. We had a huge crew, a hundred of which were policemen, who were just there to kind of lock the whole thing down. This movie probably has more undead in it than the other four put together. And of varying kinds. We have the classic Romero ones, we have the fast ones; we have the majini. We have the Las Plagas. There's a lot of undead, and a lot of undead death, in this film."
  • Milla: "I've never had as much contact with the undead as I have in this movie. They're always peripherally there, going "Arrrr" behind gates. But here they were incredibly active."
  • Paul: "Either chasing her and trying to eat her or getting their heads chopped off."
  • Paul: "I've always wanted to do Donkey Kong. And who better to fling the barrels," Anderson says of video games he'd like to adapt, nodding to his wife. "Listen, I look great in a monkey suit," Milla says.

  • Milla: "I haven't had a zombie nightmare in a month! But I do have them constantly during filming. It definitely takes a part of our subconscious. I think it's wonderful Zombies always give me nightmares. There are quite a few fight scenes. They're intense. Some of the most complex action sequences I've done in an action film. We got a lot of inspiration from Thai cinema. People in that word make brutal contact with each other. It's really violent and raw. In 3-D, you really have to hit people to sell it. I've been trained my whole life not to hit someone during a scene, and now they're like, 'Hit them, Milla! Just hit them!'" [ More from Zap2It ]
  • While Anderson and Jovovich said there was no guarantee of a sixth film until they see how this one does, Anderson did say, "This is very much the beginning of the end," and that Retribution was intended as the penultimate chapter. "This movie sets up what we hope is a specular finale." Anderson laughed that in the discussed Resident Evil 6, "Lots of people die." To which Jovovich replied, "Except me, right?" [ More from IGN ]

03.13.12 - The Three Musketeers is now available on DVD! [ Amazon: DVD / Blu-ray / Blu-ray 3D ]

The Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray editions include an exclusive bonus feature, Access: Three Musketeers, that offers trivia and information accessible during playback. Other bonus features include:

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Cast & Crew stories
  • 17th Century Action
  • Audio Commentary with Director Paul W.S. Anderson

03.07.12 - From @MillaJovovich:

  • so any RE fans shod take a look at this short film my buddy @benhowdeshell directed! its a prequel take on J.Valentine's story!
  • (well it's inspired by J. Valentine!) it's called "project sarah" n stars @juliavoth as Jill who KILLS IT in this movie!
  • @juliavoth is hot n deadly. stuck in an unthinkable nightmare in "project sarah". check it: YouTube
  • here's sum pics from the screening of "project S.E.R.A"! @benhowdeshell @juliavoth and i at "the soho house"!

  • director @benhowdeshell and i at "the soho house" 4 his RE based short film "project S.E.R.A" !

03.05.12 - From @MillaJovovich:

  • Paul n I having an AWESOME bday dinner ON OUR OWN!!! WOOT!!

03.02.12 - From @MillaJovovich:

  • hey every1! i'm sick today, stuffed up nose, sore throat, fever, the full monty!lol!
  • but if u wanna laugh, paul jst found a link 2 the FULL SCI/TECH awards i presented a few weeks ago (glasses and all! lol!) n its hilarious 2 c me trying to get thru all the technical jargon! its super long, so i'm sure the first 2 minutes will give you an idea of how the evening went! lol! here's the link: http://www.oscars.org/awards/scitech/2011awards.html
  • but i think i've been burning the candle at both ends, between mommy world, oscar week n recording music at night... yea, gotta chill!
  • the good news is, that i think we've finally chosen a song to shoot a small vid for, which i'm gonna try and put online by may! EXCITING!
  • @kgruszecki @801PUNX thanks Kathy!! i love working on music so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i love making it!!
  • @JOVOVICH_FAN1 Wake Me Up is the title, now I really need to rest while watching my daughter strikes her ninja moves!!
  • ok, ppl! do i have an ASSISTANT answering u all?! lololol! i think u all know better! xo m

03.01.12 - From @MillaJovovich:

  • U think we got it?!RT @hairbyadir: @MillaJovovich just turned it out for our shoot today #justsaying
  • @hairbyadir can u get sum balance 2 my asymmetrical hair please?! #justsaying

  • Here's a vid from my new shoot for Marie Claire mag w my man @hairbyadir! [ Video ]
  • Would u trust this man 2 do your hair? [ Video ]

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