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hey everyone! so just went to the doctor today and he said that it could be any day now! my due date is nov 4th, but i think my daughter has other ideas! lol! up until 2 weeks ago she had been a breach baby since about aug. which is pretty rare as babies move around so much normally, doing somersaults until they get too big to change positions so drastically. well, she decided that she really liked her spatial location and literally stayed that way for over 2 months! lol! i can see that she is already a very determined little thing! and she knows what she wants! so to avoid a caesarian, i had to go to the hospital and have a "cephalic version" done, which is a fancy way of saying that the doctors manually turned her thru the external manipulation of my belly.

to say the least, it was one of the less pleasant things a person needs to go thru.

but thank goodness, the version was a great success and she has gotten accustomed to her new position beautifully. and she's moving around like a champion, which is always a great sign that the baby is doing well. actually, so well that since the procedure, my pregnancy has progressed so quickly that my doctor advised me to stop my daily exercise routine and just take it easy for the rest of the time, or she could come tomorrow if i'm not careful! which wouldn't be so bad, as the last thing i need is her gaining weight in my belly! lol! she's already a strapping 7.4 pounds! completely full term, totally healthy and ready to be born at any time. the only problem is that paul is finishing his new film as we speak in montreal and won't wrap until like the day before her actual due date! so, i am trying my hardest to stretch the time out until at least this weekend, so he can finish with his principals and wrap them, allocate stuff to the other people and get his skinny butt down here (my poor man has been working so hard to finish hisfilm on time so he can be here for her birth that hehas lost about as much weight as i've gained! but he'sstill the most gorgeous man in the world!) to meet who will be the most important person in his life. apart from me. but that goes without saying. lol!

on another note, i want to thank you all again for the incredible influx of sweet thoughts and wishes that you have all sent me! it's so incredible to have such amazing, smart, funny people writing their thoughts on both and! i am very, very lucky to have you all sending me such good feelings!

i have noticed that my weight has been a hilarious subject with many people recently and my cravings as well! lol! you will all be glad to know that i have evened out at an astronomically well proportioned 191 and feel very confident that if i continue having minimal amounts of tiramisu (about 3 servings every second day) and cutting my sprite intake (to about 4 cans every 3 hours) i should be totally fit and ready to have this baby! lol! JUST KIDDING PEOPLE! (i'm sure someone will print this quote without the "just kidding" part of course! but how would people sell their magazines without the selective honesty of the press! well, honesty is SO overrated anyway! i mean, give me a juicy gossip column any day! puhleaze! lol!)

i'm totally serious about the balancing out at 191 thing though. my doctor is very proud of me and to tell you the truth, i'm proud too! it's just that food tastes so darn good when you don't deaden your taste buds with tobacco! i feel like i discovered some ancient secret of life and happiness or something! but it's all good, as soon as i am back to my normal super hero standard, i'm gonna go to kfc and get a box of 10 biscuits, stop at my local market where they make the most unbelievable fried chicken (cause kfc chicken is just bad karma), grab half a chicken and eat it all!!!! this is seriously what i fantasize about these days! lol! but it works! as long as i know that at some point i can do that, i stay on my boneless, skinless, grilled chicken and veggies torture regimen.

well, enough about food! i've been home longer in the last few weeks than i've been since i was probably 14 and grounded by my dad! it's so amazing having the opportunity to actually putter around the house and do things that you never normally get the time to do! i've been moving furniture and arranging flowers thru out the house, my big "project" lately has been organizing my library! that is so cool, cause i have so many books and they were all scattered on shelves helter skelter and needless to say, finding something was an effort of epic proportions. now, showing incredible perseverance that is kind of creepy and undeniably ocd, i have categorized said books in specific sections. art, architecture, photography, fashion, fiction, history, philosophy, biography, reference, graphic art and childrens. it's turned into a veritable barnes and nobles. talk about "nesting"!

i also have a collection of old, rare books which i have finally been able to display properly which are so beautiful! i have an edition of "alice in wonderland" and "thru the looking glass" from 1872, i also have a second edition of Charles Dickens "sketches by Boz" which is something he wrote at the very beginning of his career in serial format (well, i guess all his books were written in serial format) when he was still writing under the pseudonym "Boz" with illustrations by the great Goerge Cruikshank! it's such a wonderful series of essays on everyday life and people of that period (the mid 1800's). it's such a find! i also collect illustrated fairy tales and managed to find some really gorgeous editions, with illustrations by some of my favorite graphic artists. Arthur Rackam, Edmund Dulac, Kay Neilson, Charles Robinson, Jessie Wilcox Smith and the incomparable Harry Clarke! i am so excited that at some point i will be able to share these treasures with my daughter! she will grow up with such magical images to influence her imagination!

anyway, now it's just about getting the nursery in order, but thats sort of been the least worrying thing on my mind to get finished because she will be with paul and i in our room for a while still to come, so there is plenty of time to get her room ready. besides the fact that come feb. or march i will be back on airplanes with her in tow and staying in hotels while i'm working on my next film ("Winter Queen" as well as something else that is in the works right now that i will tell you guys about as soon as it solidifies).

well, thanks again for all your support, kindness and humor! it is so appreciated! i guess the next time you hear from me, i will be a mama! i will try and drop you all a line after she is born to give you the details and tell you her name. i want you all to be the first to hear it.

all the best! -m

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