From Milla September 2004


hey everybody! i just found some more cool stuff in my archives... trying to find old music at my house is like trying to find a grain of sand in a windstorm hehe! after all the years moving around like a nomad so much has been misplaced, sometimes even lost... i think. or i just haven't found them yet in all the plethora of boxes i seem to be sitting on. sitting on accumulated goods like a fat, greedy troll! but, no one but i can know if that stupid paper from god knows where is important, i still keep the crap... aaargh! i have to get home and throw everything out!!! anyway, i'll be posting lyrics for the new songs in the next week, i'm so busy promoting RE2 and working on Jovovich-Hawk that it's hard to find a moment! hope you guys enjoy the songs, like before they are DEMOS! very rough and people can remix them as they want, i haven't found the original files for these so you'll have them as is for the moment... till i get my life more organized and find all the missing files!

  • Bring It On (MP3, 3.9MB)
  • Calm Water (MP3, 10.3MB)
  • Take Me To Mars (MP3, 8MB)

    as an update on the monkeys: i contacted Born Free, but though being very nice and educated, they couldn't give me any immediate solution to the monkey problem at the shanghai zoo, so i'm going to try and fund the project of building them a better habitat by myself and hopefully with the help of some of the people i've worked with in the past... it's a long, sad road to trying to help in 3rd world countries because their own government steals the money that should go to these zoos. well, look we'll keep chipping away at them! this WILL HAPPEN!


    hey everybody! i just wanted to say thank you so much for going out and supporting the film this weekend! i hope everyone had a great time, i know it was one of the most insane films i've ever done on a physical level and i wanted to make sure it felt as real as possible for everybody. thank you again guys, so much. and have a great time seeing the movie! all the best

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