From Milla January 2004


these pictures are so special, because they represent a time in my life where i was able to capture the magic & wonder that we all try so hard to never lose... but as we grow older and feel roads close around us, the magic just... slips away. but, when i look at them, i always know that it's there, totally accessible, if we INTEND it with utmost conviction. that's also why i continue to make movies, to keep my ability to BELIEVE intact... i hope everyone likes them. Anno, Chris & I were all together for the last time on this trip. we hardly slept, all we could do was laugh, take polaroids and feel so... blessed with eachother. a week after, Anno and the boys died. i wanted to share these with everyone, so you could get a bit more of a picture to put with the music... we were all so very close and of course it seems that it was TOO perfect, magic is good/bad like that... the sweeter the memory, the harder it bites when it's gone and that's another endless paradox of life. anyway...

(Some of Anno Birkin's work can be seen at A collection of Anno's poetry, Who Said the Race Is Over?, is available from Amazon UK)


From the set of UltraViolet: Milla with stunt coordinator Mike Smith and writer/director Kurt Wimmer:

From the set of Resident Evil: Apocalypse: bloodied, super kick, with Martin, director Alexander Witt, with Sophie (Angie), with Alexander Witt, with Chris Brenner:

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