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hey everyone! gosh this has been a pretty hectic month! been to nyc twice for j-h work, now i have so much press to do for re3, i'll be working all weekend doing domestic tv tomorrow and international on sunday, then off to vegas for the premiere. i'll be racing to the airport the next day for germany to play a cameo in wim wenders new film (The Palermo Shooting), then some work in paris before coming home for the last month of my pregnancy! let me tell you, i can't wait till the end of this month! to just be able to stay home for a month and prepare for my little baby's arrival without anything else to do apart from drawing for the fall collection will be so nice!

i am so huge you guys! i've gained almost 70 pounds in the last 4 months! It's unbelievable how quickly it all happened, all i did was eat three bagels every morning with butter, peanut butter and jelly all over them, a few boxes of crispy cream donuts for lunch and boom! i'm tipping the scale at 195! man, that came out of nowhere! lol! well maybe not completely out of nowhere! so now i'm completely going in the opposite extreme and eating nothing but chicken, fish and veggies with the closest thing to bread taking the form of oatmeal in the morning with just the teensiest bit of maple sugar to make it bearable... sigh! all i want is another box of donuts! well, only 8 more weeks to go and then hopefully i'll start to get back to normal.

i put together a few more demos from the last few years that no one has heard yet that i thought would be fun to share with you guys. the song "lazy orbit" was recorded in a rehearsal studio with some old friends of mine while the rest i recorded on my computer by plugging my guitar in and sampling drum sounds. i think they are cool ideas and would love to take them to the next level at some point, but it seems that i just haven't had time to be serious about my music in recent years. i think i will always make music though, but i don't know if i would want to do it professionally in the future, enough of my life is based on business, so it's wonderful to have something that is totally personal and does not have any monetary value to me!

i want to thank everyone for their wonderful pregnancy wishes for me! i had some time to sit down and read some of your threads and i have to say, i was so touched emotionally at times that i felt like crying, while at other times i was on the floor trying not to pee from laughter! you guys bring up some hilarious stuff sometimes! anyway, thank you all again for thinking of me and stopping in your day to let me know your thoughts. they are so so appreciated.

all the best to you! and enjoy the new music!


As always, you are encouraged to download, listen to, and remix Milla's demos but you may not sell them. Enjoy!

Islands (MP3)

leap on down into the trees
brush against the glowing leaves
islands floating in the sky
with sails like moons leading me
all of this happened so fast
to feel your breath knocked out of me
islands floating in the street
the street will lead us to the sea

-get over you-

i try to carry my sweet love with me
but oh! his mind is making food for worms
and only he remembers the sweet parts of me
they're the ones i can't recall

Lazy Orbit (MP3)

i hope we lay down by the water
lay me down in dreams by your side
cross my hands over your heart
i want you to know that i'm the greatest

-there's my heart
on your wandering road
leave me not
running wild and alone
raise my eyes
to your eyes
watch you die out from what's inside
watch you fly out from what's inside-

so here we go drowning

dress me in my favorite memory
touch me and forget it for me
in forgetting getting something else
that you can only lose again

there's more to me
than this quiet storm
laid down low
raging wild and alone
your lazy eye
in which my lazy orbit lies
loosen my mind

here we go

here we go drowning

Every Leaf (MP3)

why you bleeding?
i'm on my knees again
days are breezing by
but we're not seeing them
thoughts of what will be
crushed by what is
lines of children
standing fearless
memories of a
future wrapped in shroud
cold hard sun ripping
through the warm dark clouds

-i can't find you
i can't leave off
looking under
every leaf-

fragrant blooms dressed
up in sunshine
i place them fresh here
beside your bed
i know you trembled
i know it sweetheart
don't worry now baby
don't worry now
that it's all said and done

-i can't find you
and i can't leave off
looking under
every leaf-

tonight i'll be somebody's girl
let me be your little girl

Distant (MP3)

down slips the morning and soaks the trees
faces come wandering out of their homes
in the middle of the street

(leave it all) colors sharp as razor blades
(i leave it all) and just as deadly
i cut my hand

(i take off)
bird calls twice before it circles away (i take off)
i knew i'd be standing here again
back upon this long unwanted road

down slips the morning
sounds spreads out
thins the fog

colors sharp as razor blades
and just as deadly
cut my hands
on the reflections

the water runs
bird calls twice
and circles away
there's a third circle

i knew i'd be standing here again
back upon this long unwanted road
i ring the bell awakening
the sound spreads out
thins the fog on the hillside
while that distant sun still shines

Wide Awake (MP3)

wading into the dotted light
wet my brain before it dries
move so fast you block out the sky
read my lips before they die

-and i'm wide awake-

storm keeps breaking
into the living room
tears the roof off
smashing windows
fling myself out of the ceiling
don't let gravity anywhere near me

-and i'm wide awake-

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