From Milla December 2006


hey everyone! first of all, i want to thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes! you don't know how much it means to me to have your thoughts expressed to me like that, to know that you all took the time to write me... you're incredible! i can't believe how lucky i am to have so much good will in my life! it truly makes me feel so blessed and i can't thank you enough! i wish all of you the most amazing holidays and a joyous, healthy and unbelievable new year!

if i could take a moment more of your time, i would really appreciate it, because i wanted to tell you about something that i think is really important for all of us to try to protect and cherish as much as we possibly can.

the african national parks.

i really want to help preserve the african national parks; especially in the war torn republic of congo, also kenya and zambia. these parks are teaming hotspots of some of the world's widest bio-diversity, that are incredibly underfunded.

the infrastructures of these parks get ripped apart by war, lack of education, general disrepair and worst of all, because there is now no law against it: poaching, because guards and employees are working for years without pay.

i have made donations to them myself already. and was wondering if you could too. just go to:

this site provides information and links to organizations who support these particular parks:

1. virunga national park
2. garamba national park
3. kahuzi-biega national park
4. salonga national park
5. maiko national park

you can also do a google search to find out more about each of these parks. i would love for people to know more about these incredible places, because they are all of ours, and we have to help do our best to make sure these last vestiges of endangered animal life are preserved for future generations.

thank you all so much! all the best and happy holidays!


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