From Milla November 2004


here's one more song idea that i finished a few months ago called "Diving Up". i wrote the music with Billy Scherer.

Diving Up

we're released
like fireworks
streaking out in great bright lines
diving up
into the sky
reach out and crush us night
receive us
receive us with honor

-breathe out here
we're released like fireworks-

weeks go by unseen
they're feeding ghosts in the twilight
and you with your terrible sweet ways
and winding roads
drop me headfirst into the trees
and see if i can't fall any higher
i hold a blade
of one blade of grass
to your heart


i'll take off from the surface of the water
diving up
you're at the edge of my vision
a crazy missile
glittering and silent
and it feels good rising up
and it feels like it's never gonna stop
i get fired
i just breathe out
i've been fired



thank you guys sooooo much for the MASSIVE response you've showed about the poor monkeys in the Shanghai zoo. i would like to inform you all that i'm having all the ideas that have been sent in checked out, to see what's the best way to handle it. i will contact jane goodall's "roots and shoots" next because, to be perfectly honest a lot of charity programs have MANY issues that would go WAY ahead of the dire straits "my" monkeys are in... but on a brighter note, i HAVE managed to raise $150,000 so far from L'Oreal and other generous clients that i have the privilege to work for and hopefully that start will kick off more donations from other big corporations. you all are so wonderful to take time out to write me with your ideas and concerns and it just gladdens my heart to know that i have such sensitive and resourceful people logging on here and taking part in this, trying to help. you guys are really the best! i can't believe how blessed i am to have you be so intelligent, thoughtful and most importantly, compassionate... thank you. from the bottom of my heart. i hope the goodness you display here on this site comes back to all of you ten fold! we are gonna make a difference, i can feel it and even more so because of YOUR interest. thank you so much again everybody! all the best!

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