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The most Recently Asked Questions about Milla . . . updated 08.18.14

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Will there be a sixth Resident Evil movie? When will it be released?
Yes! Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will begin filming in 2015.
How often does Milla post messages in the From Milla section?
She usually posts messages to her Twitter account (@MillaJovovich)
Is Milla Serbian or Montenegrian?
Milla is Montenegrian.
Where can I buy posters/photos of Milla?
See Amazon or AllPosters.
What is Milla's fashion line?
Milla and Carmen Hawk started Jovovich-Hawk in 2003. Jovovich-Hawk ended in 2008.
Has Milla recorded an album?
Yes, The Divine Comedy (1994)
Will Milla release another album?
Hopefully...these days she's very busy with her acting. She released a single "Electric Sky", in 2012 [ iTunes ... Amazon ... YouTube ]

Milla has also posted several demos to -- you are welcome to download and remix them, but you may not sell them. Enjoy!

What is Milla's full name, and how do you pronounce it?
Milla (short for Militza) Jovovich: "mee-luh" (rhymes with Sheila) "yo-vo-vitch"
How can I write to Milla? How can I get an autograph?
Please send correspondence & autograph requests to the address below. Include a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope, prefer 10x13) for autograph requests.

Milla Jovovich
c/o Spanky Taylor
3727 W. Magnolia
Burbank, CA 91505

Previous RAQs

What brand/model of sunglasses did Milla wear in Ultraviolet? Where can I buy them?
Hugo Boss - 11805 73 LG H79J Light Gray
Where can I get an MP3 of "There Ain't No God For Dogs"?
Milla performed "There Ain't No God For Dogs" on Last Call with Carson Daly. You can download the MP3 here and see the video here:

Where can I get an MP3 of "Be My Friend"?
Milla performed "Be My Friend" on MTV's Alternative Nation in 1994. You can download the MP3 here and see the video here:

Did Plastic Has Memory ever release an album? Where can I buy a copy?
Plastic Has Memory's only official release was the song "On the Hill" on the album Hollywood Goes Wild put out by Wildlife Waystation.
On iTunes there is a single by Milla called "I Walk Alone" -- is this Milla Jovovich?
No -- that's a Norwegian artist named Milla.
What picture was being used on the old landing page?
It was from a Mango ad -- here's the full size version.
What is Milla saying in "I Know It's You" by The Crystal Method (from the 2004 album Legion of Boom)?
Milla is saying "I know it's you" with the vocals reversed.
Where can I find a full version of the fado that Milla sings in The Claim?
I don't have a full copy, but an excerpt can be found here. Please contact me if you have a full copy. Thanks!
I remember seeing AOL sounds that Milla had recorded. Where can I find those?
Right here: I've been waiting for you..., You've got mail, man!, I miss you already!
Does Milla sing the song in the Ultraviolet trailer?
No, it is "24" by Jem from her album Finally Woken