Vykrutasy (aka Lucky Trouble) (2011)

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  • Plot summary: The story of a teacher (Konstantin Khabensky) from a small Russian town who falls in love with a Moscow beauty (Milla Jovovich) . . . but he has a rival in her fiancé (Ivan Urgant).

  • Release date: February 17, 2011 (Russia)

  • Vykrutasy loosely translates to "tricksters" ... Formerly known as Kolotilov

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  • Milla was in Moscow, Russia on February 14 for the premiere of Vykrutasy. From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

    • WUZ UP TWEEPLE!! I had an unbelievable vacation n now I'm running 2 the airport 2 fly 2 moscow! From 80 deg. In LA 2 -20 over there! Lol!
    • I'm goin 2 moscow 4 the premiere of my new film (in russian!) "vikrutasi"! I'll b in moscow 4 2 days n then fly back home.
    • yes, I'll be in Moscow on the 14th of February for the Premier. I'm really excited, this is my first Russian speaking role. (Jan 20)

  • Milla with mom Galina at the Vykrutasy (Russian release: February 17 :: Official site) premiere, Moscow, Russia, February 14, 2011

  • Vykrutasy press conference, Moscow, Russia, February 13, 2011:

  • Comments from Milla on the teaser: "In the teaser 4 my russian comedy "vikrutasi", the boys r each telling their side of the story of who I am and why they each deserve my love. Its hilarious,Ivan Urgant @urgantcom (my fave person!) is my asshole boyfriend and Konstantin Khabensky is the romantic simpleton I hit w my car and fall in luv with. They're both genius' actors and the movie is gonna b awesome!!!"

  • Video of Milla singing from the set of Vykrutasy from Lifeshowbiz.ru:

  • Article about Vykrutasy and interview with director Leo Gabriadze from Prime Time Russia:

    With two of Russia's most sought-after artists in the lead -- the burlesque "one-man band" Ivan Urgant and the versatile "Hamlet" Konstantin Khabensky, as well as the Fifth Element star Milla Jovovich in the limelight -- there must have been an electric chemistry between all the three on set.

    Gabriadze: "Well, Ivan and Milla actually knew each other from before. It was fun working with all of them. The atmosphere on set was laid back and happy, everybody was joking all the time. Milla is amazing. She has so much passion, respect and devotion! And remember, she has never performed in Russian before. It was very hard for her. She has really shaped her character, put herself into it. Initially I didn't like her character as written in the script, but she somehow managed to breathe real life into it, making it exciting and strong. The whole team was in love with her. She is open and charming."

  • From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Vykrutasy:

    • Moscow is SO GORGEOUS! Its indescribable! Palaces and wide open streets,the kind of roads made 4 armies 2 march down! June 21

    • Got 2 go prepare 4 the headache of trying 2 keep up w Ivan Urgant n Konstantin Khabensky's russian sense of humor!Can't let them upstage me! June 23

    • Here's the team! Ivan Urgant, Konstantin Khabensky and I in our new comedy Vykrutasy! Woohoo!! June 23

    • So my new russian comedy has a different title now! Vykrutasy which means loosely: tricksters. There r the most incredible child soccers players in it! U won't blieve the kind of stunts they pull, its UNBELIEVABLE!! June 25

    • Hey every1! Hope u're well! Its been tough trying 2 memorize my russian lines, so I haven't had any time 2 update u all. June 28
    • My new russian comedy Vykrutasy is turning out grt though, so I'll post u when I hve a moment 2 breathe! Lol! Hve a wonderful day! June 28

    • Hey every1!Last day shooting my new russian comedy "vikrutasi" w konstantin khabensky and ivan urgant! Phew! I learned my russian lines!lol! June 29
    • I get to sing a russian wedding song in it, lol!and man, ivan and kostya r two of the funniest guys ever and the movie is gonna b hilarious! June 29
    • I hope u're all well and sorry I haven't been able 2 answer any questions lately! But we'll all catch up when I hve a bit of time! June 29

    • Ever and I dancing 4 the russian wedding sequence in my new film Vykrutasy coming out in Nov!! July 2

    • (ivan urgant) and i NOT laughing for change! lol! on the set of our new, russian comedy Vykrutasy July 2


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Directed by Levan Gabriadze
Written by Revaz Gabriadze, Roman Nepomnyashchiy

Produced by Timur Behkmambetov

Cast (partial)
Milla Jovovich .... Nadya
Ivan Urgant .... Danya
Konstantin Khabensky .... Slava Kolotilov

Plot summary: The story of a teacher (Konstantin Khabensky) from a small Russian town who falls in love with a Moscow beauty (Milla Jovovich) . . . but he has a rival in her fiancé (Ivan Urgant).

Release date: February 17, 2011 (Russia)

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