West Hollywood, CA June 17, 1999 review

by Pieter Lessing (www.bossmonkey.com)

Just to let you know I went to Milla's show tonite @ Luna Park in L.A. Pretty good - a bit grungier than 'divine comedy', but I liked it. Short set - approx. 45 min. only.

Milla told me that the band has only been together for a month. Chris was also on stage.

Anyway, I took a few pictures too - let me know of you're interested in seeing them. Nothing spectacular - it was pretty dark w/ no spotlights.

- Pieter

Review from Richard Lewis' Concert Calendar

There was apparently a mixed quantity of groaning, grumbling, and chuckling at the listing of Milla's show last week in this my little calendar. She's a supermodel and an actress - so why should she be taken seriously as a musician? Having seen last week's show, I can report back that she can more than hold her own musically without leaning on her other careers for support. And she's gone and changed her sound yet again - this time to something somewhere between a grunge-y Portishead-y trip hop and er, grunge-y grunge. Much heavier and darker than the vaguely Ukrainian folk-sounding elements of her first album 'The Divine Comedy' and different from 'The Peopletree Sessions' in the sense that this performance was enjoyable. I'd have to say that this is by far her best music to date - not bad for having only been working on it for the past six weeks...so in summary, if you're not like me, and your life is sadly devoid of any supermodel content, may I suggest stopping by the Luna Park to catch a musical performance from one Ms. Milla Jovovich (she's single again), whom you may recognize from her performance as Leeloo in 'the Fifth Element' or more recently as the supermodel in some current L'Oreal commercials. Don't laugh. She will impress you, despite your silly doubts. You can find sound samples and such at the following site, which also contains possibly every photograph ever taken of Milla. (http://www.eskimo.com/~milla)

Review by Frankie

Well I saw the show last night and was very un-happy with the whole deal. She played her hardcore thrash music that nobody has ever heard of, she got basic appaluses after her 6 songs and then she babbled something and walked off the stage and that was it. She did say that she will be playing there again next Thursday. Well I paid $10.00 for what? I can see more of her on the Internet or throw in a copy of a video. But hey, it was Milla and I did enjoy seeing that. So that is my story of the Luna Park in West Hollywood by me Frankie of the Milla TradingPOST