Let It Rock! 1994

Model / Actress / Singer Milla Jovovich brightened up the set during a pre-show interview at Luna Park. Later that same evening she performed songs from her debut CD, "The Divine Comedy" to a packed house of skeptical Industry naysayers and curious fans. Milla melted the cold and jaded hearts of many critics in the audience with her warm spirit.

Milla performed the single "The Gentleman Who Fell"as well as most of the selections from her debut CD. Let It Rock! received two alternate versions of that music video. Unfortunately, Milla's career in music was derailed by Radio's shortsightedness.

Milla Jovovich is not only attractive to the eye, but also pleasing to the ear. Her songs take form in fairytale poetry, as if she were some medieval storybook princess, held captive against her will in a Dragon's Lair. Authentic Russian acoustic instruments create a soundscape of delicate beauty, ethereal, yet soulful and heartfelt. An original.