Toyota (2017)

Milla stars in The Night That Flows, the world's first drive through immersive theatre experience celebrating the launch of the new Toyota C-HR. From the press release:

The seven-scene interactive production was staged within the immense space of The Printworks in London. The experience saw 100 guests immersed in the story of one amazing fictional night as it unfolded across five European cities, including Berlin, Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London.

The story, narrated throughout by Milla Jovovich, centred around guests finding their perfect flow and took inspiration from the 'flowing' design of the new Toyota C-HR, created to look like it is always moving, even when at a standstill. Participants were thrust into the limelight as part of the event, taking centre-stage in the live multi-sensory performance and interacting with a variety of different characters as they made their way through the myriad of scenes.