October 2017

Self Service Magazine October 2017

1994 by Drew Jarrett, 2017 (article from W)

From Milla's Instagram:

  • So tired and totally jetlagged from our long flight, but really excited about shooting a cameo in my first Chinese movie called "the Rookies" in Budapest, Hungary! I've never been here before and I have to say, if you ever get the opportunity to come, take it! It's one of the most spectacular cities I've ever seen and a must-see for lovers of European history and architecture! Enjoy the pics! m (Oct 2)

  • Well guys, I finally made it! And btw, one of my finest moments if you ask me. So proud to be on the cover of "the tortoise" magazine talking about conserving these fascinating ancient creatures that help me slow down and just... allow myself to appreciate the moment. (If that makes any sense). Thank you to #theturtleconservancy for your incredible dedication and all the volunteers who make this project possible! Also, Thank you to @rippely for this pic. #conservation #tortoise #passionsinlife #importanceofslowingdown

  • Be strong. Be sexy. Never let anyone tell you to curb your style or cover your body, because it's YOURS. It's called "personal space" because it's YOURS and everyone should back the f*ck up and stay out of it. Xo m ... photo by the inimitable @ellenvonunwerth #mybodymyright #personalspace #strongsexyandproud