May 2015

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) / Instagram:

  • Here's another pic by the amazing photographer, my friend @mariagraziabruna at Dash's baptism last Friday! I'm so excited about these pics!!! Check out her page if you have a moment, her pics are just gorgeous! #ladiary (May 22)

  • Good morning everyone! I want to thank the super talented @mariagraziabruna (also a fellow Russian) for documenting Dashiel Edan's baptism last Friday! When we speak Russian we call her "Dasha", so her Saint's name is "Daria". Amazing fact, Dashiel was born on April 1st which is also Saint Daria's Day! Amazing, right? She was born on the day of her namesake patron saint! (The christening was held at a traditional Russian Orthodox Church here in Los Angeles and its respectful for women to cover their heads before entering.) She just sent me this pic and it's so gorgeous!!! #Dashieledan #ladiary
  • Dashiel's baptism yesterday was incredible! Such a gorgeous ceremony, so peaceful and spiritual. Thank you to the very special godfather @chrissbrenner for this stunning pic of my two beauties! #evergabo #dashieledan #ladiary (May 23)

Romy & the Bunnies interview, May 2015 (photos by Peter Lindbergh)