November 2015

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) / Instagram:

Filming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in South Africa

  • #fbf it's amazing to see how many great prosthetic looks I've had in the RE franchise! Here I am at 26 years old with half my face burnt off in Resident Evil: Apocalypse! #hotFIREWINKING FACE (Nov 23)

  • millajovovich#nomakeup JK!SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND TIGHTLY-CLOSED EYES thank you to @christinaslashes, @andredinoboy, #federicacastelli and @kerry_skelton_ who worked for over 4 hours at 5 am this morning to create "Old Alice" for our scenes today! I will post more pics of the process later! Plus a sexy selfie(not for the weak of heart!WINKING FACE) btw, for all those who think this look is for the end of the movie, it's not! #residentevilthefinalchapter #capetowndiary (Nov 18)

  • Check out my new fragrance! "Blood and Guts" by Milla Jovovich. Brought to you by the Umbrella Corporation. #residentevilthefinalchapter #capetowndiary (Nov 6)