May 2014

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) / Instagram:

  • Yesterday was the most fun rehearsing at Linda Perry's (@jesusonmars) studio. Here is a great view of studio A where we played! #ladiary (May 1)
  • Here is an awesome Mellotron, @chrissbrenner getting on the spectacular Steinway piano and all the drum kits like candy stacked on the wall. #ladiary
  • Here is Linda Perry (@jesusonmars) and @chrissbrenner in the hallway with all the incredible rock photos! Yes that's john lennon above Linda's head! #ladiary
  • Just got this awesome pic @chrissbrenner took of me at the rehearsal space yesterday. We perform on May 10th here in Los Angeles to help raise money for @lagaycenter at an event called "an evening with women". #ladiary

  • Our dog Cromwell eating a surfer. #malibu #ladiary (May 2)
  • At the beach!#ladiary
  • Walking home with newfxnoah and sara_faye46 in this gorgeous #lanight #ladiary
  • Our favorite unkadavid with a crab. On his head. #ladiary
  • Welcome to Instagram sara_faye46!! You're the best cousin ever! #ladiary
  • Lol! Paul photo bombing my shot if chrissbrenner and pamirzuha ! #malibu #ladiary
  • And here is Paul photo bombing yet another shot of me and pamirzuha #beachdays #ladiary
  • Thanks to @chrissbrenner for this awesome pic of me and #Abdiasdemaren at the beach getting food for the rest of the clan! #beachdays #ladiary

  • My boys Abdias De Marin and @chrissbrenner as we hang out in our room before my performance tonight for @lagaycenter #ladiary (May 10)
  • Watching the spectacular @evanrachelwood performing #highanddry at #aneveningwithwomen tonight! She's absolutely spellbinding and what a voice! #ladiary
  • Having a killa time chillin with the always sweet and crazy cool @mrodofficial! I'm very jealous of her belly button as you can see. #ladiary
  • Me and my girl @tashatilbergreal hangin at #aneveningwithwomen. Tasha is one of my longtime pals who I've known since she was in her teens! what a great night. #ladiary

  • Happy Friday everyone!! It's finally cooling off, the heat still radiates from the stone under my feet. The twilight beckons, peeping shyly from behind a wall of jasmine. #ladiary (May 16)

  • Me and my amazing BFF @juliaobst at #tavernatonys for her bday lunch! I love you Jules! (May 17)

  • At the beach. #californiastyle #ladiary (May 18)
  • Malibu #californiastyle #ladiary
  • With my love. #californiastyle #ladiary #lamama

  • Our first official lemonade stand. Expensive but made with agave. #californiastyle #ladiary (May 19)
  • One sale so far. For a dime. Lol!But she was very happy to put it in her little cup and then turn around and charge her parents full price. #businessisbusiness #ladiary

  • On my way to Cannes to support @amfAR & their mission to end HIV/AIDS at their 21st #amfARCannes event on 5/22!! #cannesdiary (May 20)

  • Sunset in Cannes. On our way to Antibes and suddenly the clouds gathered in the sky and I captured this bit of amaze balls. #cannesdiary (May 21)
  • Thanks to my bf @chrissbrenner for this awesome BTS shot last night at the #puertoazulexperience launch! The most Eco friendly concept for a luxury resort I've ever heard of. #cannesdiary
  • And another big thank you to @chrissbrenner for this amazing shot! I'm wearing #saintlaurent and a big thank you to #peterutz for hooking me up with a slamming dress! #hawtmama #cannesdiary

  • The sky over Antibes is dark and threatening. It dampens the sound and makes everything feel very close, like we're all under the same blanket. #cannesdiary (May 22)

  • What a great shot @chrissbrenner got of me and the incredible @carineroitfeld at the #amfarcannes after party! Both rockin #saintlaurent. #slammin #hawt #cannesdiary (May 23)
  • So cute!! Thanks cutie pie @derekblasberg for sending me this adorable pic of us with the sweet and absolutely gorgeous @peter_brant. I had to take this shot off my computer cause it just popped up!
  • And last but definitely not least! Me and my bf @chrissbrenner attending the amazing #amfar2014 love you baby! Thanks for a great trip! Xoxo
  • Sorry had to repost! Thanks to my sweet buns @derekblasberg for this awesome shot of the gorgeous @peter_brant and I at #amfar2014 last night!
  • "Bringin it" for @derekblasberg last night (or this morning?!) at @richie_akiva's house for the best party in Cannes! #bringinit #hawtmama #cannesdiary
  • A shadow moment. @chrissbrenner and I workin the light! #ohsnap #shadowplay #amfar2014 #cannesdiary
  • So amazing seeing my dear friend #christucker @richie_akiva's amazing after AFTER PARTY!!! So fun! #cannesdiary
  • Two of my favorite people @chrissbrenner (sober) and @derekblasberg (?!!!) who is having a rare baseball cap moment at the end of our night! #cannesdiary

  • Happy Saturday everyone! The sunset over Tokyo is spectacular! #tokyodiary (May 24)
  • Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! My baby and i on our first morning in Tokyo. I wish we has a better view though...#tokyodiary

  • Thank you @saskialawaks for this stunning photo from #amfar2014 for #frenchvogue! And thank you again to #chanel for the amazing gown! #cannesdiary (May 25)
  • Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! My baby and i on our first morning in Tokyo. I wish we has a better view though...#tokyodiary

  • Just another day... In #chanel!getting ready for my hubby's premiere of #Pompeii in Tokyo! #tokyodiary (May 26)
  • Knife to meet you.#tokyodiary

  • Thanks to my girl @ultrahil for this #siiiiick shot before the premiere of #Pompeii here in Tokyo! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! #seeingindreams #tokyodiary (May 27)
  • Amazing dinner at the exquisite #tenko restaurant in the old section of Tokyo w my hubby, my girl @ultrahil and the superstar @jasonsuperstar what a fun night guys!
  • The master. Owner and head chef of #tenko restaurant in Tokyo creating a symphony with tempura. #tokyodiary
  • Me and my love on our last day in Tokyo! Thank you Tom Yoda of "gaga corporation" for making our trip so incredible and for such a beautiful premiere of #pompeii! #tokyodiary

"An Evening With Women" at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA, May 10, 2014

Puerto Azul Experience at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France, May 21, 2014

amfAR's 21st Cinema Against AIDS Gala, Cap d'Antibes, France, May 22, 2014

Pompeii premiere, May 26, 2014, Tokyo, Japan