February 2014

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  • And then this happened...#ninjababy (Feb 1)
  • jamesdarcy1234 checking his reflection in his shoes.#asyoudo #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary
  • #lovinit me(looking disgracefully dirty and beat up) and the suave @piercebrosnanofficial down in the belly of the beast. #nightshoots #thelondonunderground #survivormovie #londondiary
  • Oh aren't they shy? Not! Lol! Our unstoppable director #jamesmcteigue and the amazing and sweet @mcdillet having a laugh at 4am in the deepest recesses of #thelondonunderground #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary

  • My little artist, hard at work! #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary (Feb 2)

  • #regram from the dreamy @mcdillet Dylan McDermott during the filming of our new movie "survivor"! Thanks Dylan! #survivormovie #behindthescenes #nightshoots #londondiary (Feb 4)
  • Awesome #regram thanks to @Jamesdarcy1234 getting goofy AGAIN with the gang! #survivormovie #behindthescenes #nightshoots #londondiary

  • Hooray! It's our last day of night shoots! :) #lastdayofnights #whydonttheyturntheirlightsoff #canarywharf #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary (Feb 10)
  • My husband took this photo of #jamesmcteigue and I discussing a scene and it's obvious we use our hands. A lot. #endofnightshoots #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary
  • Double rainbow at the Victoria and Albert museum! #onedayoff #survivormovie #londondiary
  • #regram that my friend @ivannikolaev1 took of my little one and I having so much fun wandering around the Victoria and Albert museum today! #onedayoff #survivormovie #londondiary
  • Had dinner tonight at the most amazing restaurant called "Scott's" with my dear friend @ivannikolaev1 and we had a blast! :) #survivormovie #londondiary

  • I'm so excited about my new pic for @wmag shot by the uber talented and gorgeous boys @mertalas and @macpiggott thanks so much guys! I had so much fun with you! (Feb 11)
  • So cute!! I just got this pic from the end of my shoot for @wmag with the swoony, sexy @macpiggott and @mertalas! You guys rock! Thank you so much!

  • Hey Everyone!! i have something so special i want to share with you all! i am so proud and excited for my amazing husband and all the hard work he's been doing for the past year and half on his new movie "Pompeii"! it's the definitive story of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD and the horrific burial of one of the most vibrant cities in the roman empire! i myself am a history buff, so this film is very dear to my heart and it took Paul 6 years to put it together, so we are so interested in what people think! it stars: Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) Carrie-Anne Moss (the Matrix) Kiefer Sutherland (24), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Lost) and the gorgeous Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) and they BRING IT to this historic, disaster movie/love story. Take a look at this amazing review from one of the best papers in america "the Huffington Post"!

  • Big Ben at dawn this morning. #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary (Feb 12)
  • Warm and safe, wrapped in dark clouds, high speeds and raindrops on my window. #behindthescenes #survivormovie #londondiary

  • Valentines flowers from my amazing husband!!! The best flower shop in London! #paulthomasflowers #survivormovie #londondiary (Feb 14)
  • And the ones I got for him, coincidentally and without knowing it from the same amazing flower store! #paulthomasflowers #survivormovie #londondiary
  • And here's a pic that @chrissbrenner just sent me of the incredible bouquet I got him from the amazing @ericbuterbaugh in Los Angeles! And a special thank you to my boy Tom who works there and always puts the best arrangements together for me!

  • Good morning! Another day, another amazing, creepy tree! #treeporn #survivormovie #londondiary (Feb 17)

  • Last night I dreamt that a hawk was attacking a 200 pound tortoise. It was in the air struggling to keep flying... I was woken up with texts from friend saying "civil war in the Ukraine!! Milla is awful what's happening there!!" When I got on my computer and read about the atrocities happening, I started to sob an make the sign of the cross because I knew that my people we're being forced to do desperate things to protect themselves and their future. I pray with all my heart that the injured civilians get the medical help they need and that the government realises they cannot use martial law. I pray the bloodshed is finished! We must keep peace in the Ukraine! -m (Feb 21)
  • Sorry, having to make posts during downtime at work... Which isn't much! Here is another side to the Ukrainian struggle. No matter what the reasons for the fighting, innocent people are being brutalised and that is undeniable and unacceptable.

  • I wonder what more I can do to help my people struggling in the Ukraine right now and going there to protest is obviously not an option, especially when it's hard to know what is right and what is wrong. I cannot jump to conclusions, there are always such grey areas in power struggles and the only "side" I will take is the one that will try and get help to the people who have nothing to do with all this, the mothers, their children and the elderly. I have no taste for politics, but I will do everything in my power to help the helpless, not the ones with guns. How will I do this? I have no clue yet! I have been doing night shoots on a film for the last month, got sick because of it and been taking care of and educating my 6 year old daughter in the process. But I have always put my money where my mouth is when it comes to helping people and you better believe I will find out what I can personally do for the victims of the violence in the Ukraine.
  • It's crazy how few websites there are to actually help the hospitals and teams down on the ground in the Ukraine right now. I am working and my cell reception and wifi are not working great, so slow. If I can ask for your help in this... Let's make this thread a place where everyone leaves relevant info on how to help people NOW. No theoretical discussions, just a place where we all post links to actual sites that will help those injured. I have found information, but it's vague and I hope when I get home I can work faster, but any help that you can give would be so appreciated! To start I'm now following the young Ukrainian women who was shot in the throat earlier by snipers. Though it's hard for me to understand what she writes as I'm not fluent in Ukrainian, at least we can send messages of support to help her heal! Her twitter is: @olesyazhukovska

  • thank you so much everyone for posting so many informative links on how to help the people on the ground in Kiev!

    it's taking me a while to investigate them all, but i am slowly researching and making my way through them to find the ones that i will personally donate to, as well as, great sites that talk about what's really going on in the Ukraine right now. i will post these as soon as i can!

    i am having some trouble because many of them are in Ukrainian and if you don't read the language, its difficult to know what exactly is being asked of us, so i will try to post links that are in english (since i can understand those)...

    i want to be sure that whatever i suggest is absolutely legitimate, so excuse me for taking a little more time than i wanted to! of course its a bit daunting because i will be personally responsible for anywhere i send people, so i have to be thorough and will ask for help in translating text and being sure that i'm not sending people to sites that aren't 100% legit.

    i want to say thank you so much again for all this information! it makes me feel so good that people have gone out of their way to compile these links into one thread!

    for anyone who doesn't want to wait for my personal suggestions and trust that they can figure things out on their own, please see the last thread for links with info and sites where you can donate today! xo m (Feb 22)

  • So after a lot of thought, i have decided to post 3 websites. two information sites and one donation site. The donation site is the ukrainian red cross webpage because reading through the news reports, red cross volunteers seem to be mentioned more than any other. Plus, i feel confident donating to them myself, especially with the lack of real time to make these kinds of decisions. i feel that at least we all know that donating there will bring help where it is needed right now. i will continue to research other places as well, but action needs to be taken ASAP to help the many injured in Kiev and the communities outside the capital.

    WHOEVER DOES NOT FEEL CONFIDENT DONATING TO THE "RED CROSS": Like i said before, if people trust their own opinions, there is so much amazing information in the last two threads i posted where concerned people like you and me gave us links to many wonderful websites that should be looked through! i know it was highly educational for me to go through these threads to know more about what is happening during this fight for freedom in the Ukraine right now.

    for donations: http://www.ifrc.org/en/get-involved/donate/

    for more information: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishMaidan / http://euromaidansos.org/en/chronicle-euromaidan

    Thank you again all the people that took time out of their busy schedules to help me put these threads together! you're good people, fighting the good fight!

    SLAVA UKRAINA!!! GEROYAM SLAVA!!! xo m (Feb 24)

  • WHOEVER DOES NOT FEEL CONFIDENT DONATING TO THE RED CROSS: please look through the last two threads, where you will find many different sites that people have posted where you can donate today! thank you!

  • Last night in London and we did something romantic! My hubby got me a #jacktherippertour #rippervision #richardcobbguide #whitechapel (Feb 25)
  • Typical street from the 1880's in #whitechapel except... Too bright! thanks Richard Cobb for a wonderfully "unpleasant" evening!#jacktherippertour #rippervision #richardcobbguide
  • So they project real photos and pictures unto walls, cars, windows etc... To show you what life in the 1880's was really like! #jacktherippertour #rippervision #richardcobbguide #whitechapel #amazing #londondiary
  • Standing in front of what used to be a real "doss house" where the poor could potentially stay(if they could afford it!) in coffin like boxes (see other photo of projection on the wall!). This place will be torn down at some point! #jacktherippertour #rippervision #richardcobbguide #whitechapel #londondiary

  • Thanks to all my friends at #marella for bringing me to Milan last weekend to celebrate the Marella store opening! It looked amazing and what a turn out we had! (Feb 27)
  • And thank you #grazia magazine for putting me on the cover this month, wearing #marella!

  • Ok. I can't get any grimier than this. I guess there's a reason my new movie is called "survivor". #postexplosion #survivormovie #behindthescenes #sofiadiary (Feb 28)
  • Seriously?! Lord have mercy!Taking off the filth of a long day! Thanks @floramoody for this amazing and hideous pic! #justgorgeous #survivormovie #behindthescenes #sofiadiary

Marella store opening in Milan, Italy, February 22, 2014 [ full gallery ]

Grazia (Italy) February 19, 2014