December 2014

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) / Instagram:

  • Here she is! My reason for living, reading her "letter from Santa" this morning! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! I'm sending you all so much love from the Jovovich-Anderson clan! Xoxo m #happyholidays #ladiary (Dec 25)
  • Who cares what's in the box? #bestwrappingpaperever #happyholidays #ladiary
  • Ever is thoroughly enjoying Santa's present! Look at how much air she's getting! #wehaveliftoff #happyholidays #ladiary (Dec 27)

  • So we spent over 3 hours stringing about 15 strands of lights on our tree. at 300 bulbs per strand that's what? Like over 4000 lights? Well we just turned on the tree and... I think you can see one strand lit up at the bottom. #whenitsbesttosaynothingandtrynottolaugh #isntthishowitis #happyholidays #memorablemoments #ladiary (Dec 22)
  • And finally, it's done! After another 3 hours of checking strands we finally got everything to work! Yay! #happyholidays #xmasmemories #ladiary (Dec 23)
  • Two more things to be grateful for this Christmas! 1. An unexpected gift from my friends at @chanelofficial 2. That they still see me as a mademoiselle! Happy Holidays everyone!!! #happyholidays #ladiary (Dec 24)

  • Amazing. My husband let me sleep in. I can't believe we're not on the school run! This doesn't happen very often when you're a parent! #raremoments #peaceful #ladiary(Dec 18)

  • Hey everyone! I wanted to share this amazing birthday video with you all! I am the luckiest lady in the world to wake up like this! #ladiary [ video ] (Dec 17)
  • Me and my gorgeous man after the school run on my birthday!! #ladiary

  • Happy Monday everyone! Me and my amazing girl before school this morning! #ladiary (Dec 15)

  • Los Angeles in the rain. #magic #nofilter #ladiary (Dec 3)

  • Good morning from Los Angeles! Who can resist posting a picture of this face? Not me! Have a great day everyone! #bubble #ladiary (Dec 2)
  • LA in the rain. #loveit #ladiary

  • Sending my support to everyone affected by HIV/AIDS today. Let's help @amfar find a cure! #worldaidsday #ladiary (Dec 1)