November 2014

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich) / Instagram:

  • Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks to @pamirzuha for this amazing pic of very pregnant me and my Ever Gabo having so much fun(as always)! #ladiary (Nov 28)
  • And one more pic courtesy of @chrissbrenner on turkey day! Me and the two people I am most thankful for, my daughter and husband! #ladiary

  • The legend is born! Ever on her first day of "design camp"! Thanks to all the talented designers at #theunicorporatedlife for giving these adorable classes to willful young ladies!#mommydaughtertime #ladiary (Nov 22)
  • The finished look from the second week of design camp! And that's her "brand name" on the back "the little shell"! She made a bikini under the sun dress as well! I'm such a proud mama! Thanks to the gang at #theunincorporatedlife for an amazing experience! #ladiary (Nov 30)