September 2013

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  • hey everyone! check out my new post on fb! its a long one, but i think you'll enjoy it! (Sep 11)

    i did a job with a client (no names) who i found out purchased his kids "some islands" for their birthdays. wtf??!! yes. some islands. pretty nifty gift right? i don't effin think so!

    all i could think was "what an evil thing to do". how can you take everything good out of your children's lives by choking them with STUFF?

    what do these kids have to look forward to? what do they have to work for, to achieve in their lives when their father is stuffing "some islands" down their throats? how can you grow up with a feeling of self worth, of confidence when everything is given to you and you have nothing more to dream of?

    its almost like as a parent, you're trying to guarantee a life of hookers and drugs for your kids...

    because if the only thing left to give is "some islands" then they must be bloated with everything else you can imagine, cars, houses, planes... it's disgusting. it's a sin. i believe when you don't give your kids a chance to deserve all these things for themselves, they will grow up to be insecure, self loathing and jaded to the point of suicide.

    what is left for them to want, to need? you've taken the -very- human quest for achievement and buried it in a mountain of THINGS that they didn't even have a chance to get for themselves.

    i think as a parent living in this society, its a privilege we can give our kids, to achieve their own legacy. to find self respect through passion and commitment to what they love.

    in this day and age, when things are so effin accessible to so many people, do we really need to get it all for them before they've had the chance to work for something on their own?

    honestly, what's left in life when you "have it all"? especially when you haven't done a thing to deserve it? hatred for life, for yourself. what's left for these (ironically) unfortunate trustafarians to dream of and hope for? a needle in the arm is what i think.

    it would take a pretty outstanding individual to survive these kinds of gifts unscathed and to still see the magic and beauty in life, to still feel IMPRESSED, to look at the world in AWE and RESPECT... to feel the thrill of simple things: a smile, someone doing something nice for you, a good book, a new flower, the way the sky looks in the morning, the laughter of a child.

    children innately need to feel like they've done better than their parents to grow up. that's what i believe. and if we take that away from them, we have only ourselves to blame for the unfeeling monsters we unleash into the future.

    and so it's with these thoughts in my head that i wrote this message to my daughter from the tooth fairy. i think it's a good one.

    that's all for now! -m

  • My last pair of amazing, cheesy sunglasses! (I broke all the rest! Lol) hope you're all having a grt weekend! -m (Sep 29)
  • sexing it up at @saintlaurent boutique where mama is going shopping crazy ( haven't bought anything for myself in ages so I'm justified... Right?!!! Aaarrrgh!!!!)
  • Good shot of my last pair of super cheesy sunglasses! How long will they last? Any bets?
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  • Hey hey! my boy @DerekBlasberg made sum bangin(yet elegant) stationary! Must hve 4 any1 who likes 2 answer in style! (Sep 30)
  • Rockin some @saintlaurent for the school run! #superpretentiousmoms #nowreally #tryingtoohardanyone
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  • so... no pics, but i wanted to share some things with you all. i started juicing 3 months ago and i have to say... IT EFFIN WORKS!!! fine lines disappear, i look so much better and if the line "beauty comes from the inside" isn't just a saying, this is PROOF that its true. i'm going to be sharing my juice secrets with you from now on, because i'm sorry, but beauty food is the first step to beauty. i CAN'T EFFIN BELIEVE HOW MUCH IT WORKS... bad skin? a thing of the past/ and i should know, getting pounds of make up plastered on to get that "better than life" photo. i make juice in the morning for me and my daughter and its insane... my skin is even, i don't need all that cake up (make up) to make me look like i glow, because i do! seriously, i'm juicy and glowing! my dermatologist was like " wow! what are you doing?!" and i want all the ladies to listen and listen good. carrots, kale, celery, apples, pineapple, dandelion, plums, pears, SPINACH (a superfood) put in you juicer and jesus! its insane how incredible your skin looks. i'm going to document how i make the juices to share with you all, becauSe to be honest? make up is great, but great skin is THE KEY. EFF your health, EFF everything. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. its pricey, but WORTH IT! I EFFIN PROMIS YOU, juice for 2 months and you will see. you won't need all the make up, your skin will THANK YOU and look insane! (Sep 30)

    the juicer:

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