June 2013

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • seagulls are flying over rome. a sure sign that a storm is on the way. i read that somewhere and its never failed me yet. (Jun 1)
  • we have been traveling for 3 weeks now and finally we get a rest here to site see and be normal! lol! i'm so excited! work has been great!
  • it was so exciting to go to paris and cannes, perform in venice... we'll see where the day takes us before i have to start working again!
  • i have some time now to tweet. finally i have great internet, because it was horrific before, so i haven't had the chance to update you all.
  • but i am putting a great, new picture album on fb (tomorrow i think), so you can all see what i've been up to!
  • anyway, if you miss me today, i will be on again while i am here for the next week to have a nice chat! in the meantime, let's talk!

  • Well, my trip to Venice was so incredible! i hope you all enjoy these pictures (though they're not really in order, but i kind of like that. you get to pop around my world haphazardly! lol!) because to me, they represent such a special time in my life.

    i want to send a HUGE thank you to my amazing "Marella" family without whom this trip would have been impossible! All the clothes i wore and collected during my 6 hours in a glass house were made by "Marella" and they supported incredible director/artist -Tara Subkoff- to make her vision come to life for the installation/performance piece she chose me for called "Future Perfect- Failure To Connect". Part of Tara's concept was that all the clothing that arrives is uniform, but in different colors. "Marella" PULLED IT OUT with a gorgeous "Hitchcockian" style dress, color blocked ballerina flats and a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style cropped jacket. They also made their classic, signature trench coat for us and a beautiful cape with color blocked piping in 7 different colors! You guys ROCK and we are so grateful for the time and energy you have devoted to this project!!!

    The piece is a social commentary on how we use computers for everything from shopping (buying way too much -as my character does- and having no place left in the limited space she has) to communicating with friends and family.

    Special thanks to my fellow actors: Isabelle Adriani, Colleen Camp, Mark Polish and his super cool daughter, actress Logan Polish! i want to thank the incredible artist's who loaned us all the art i "ordered" during the installation, our friends at the "Art Production Fund", as well as, artists Jonah Freeman, Justin Lowe and Ivan Mora (i wish i could have displayed all your divine work better before i "drowned"!).

    i'm sending a big shout out and huge "thank you" to my girls, artist/photographer Jessica Craig-Martin aka "Scoops" (as nick-named by my daughter!) and film maker Malerie Marder for documenting the whole performance.

    HUGE thank you to Urs Fischer for all his help making this happen.

    Thanks as well to my friend and technological svengali Ben Sigman from "Rent-A-Geek" in Los Angeles for coming all the way to Venice to make sure we didn't have a real "Failure To Connect" during the performance! lol! it was a real challenge, but you made it happen!

    And last, but DEFINITELY not least, THANK YOU to my agent Peter Knell from IMG models for tirelessly working to make Tara's idea into a reality.

    During the performance, i play a woman who is visible to everyone, but is completely oblivious to the beauty, culture or human contact around her in preference for the "stuff" she buys. Her relationship with her family is also very superficial because -literally and figuratively- the "stuff" gets in the way. For example, she starts to ask her daughter what she's doing in school, but never listens long enough to hear the answer.

    I also want to thank my best friend Chris Brenner for his amazing and artful pics on Instagram for vogue.com during the performance and on our trip! xo m (Jun 2)

  • #perfectafternoons at our friends bday party! (Jun 8)

  • At #thelouvre museum in Paris at my favorite Egyptian exhibit! (Jun 13)

  • #youreallylooklikeamom an acquaintance of mine said today... I'm like "ok... Thank you? I guess..." So... (Jun 14)
  • #youreallylooklikeamom when a friend spills something and looks to you for a Kleenex. #truethat
  • #youreallylooklikeamom when people see you're carrying toilet seat covers in your purse. #truethat

  • Wearing ysl #saintlaurent for my girl Becca Casson Thrash's fundraiser at #lelouvre #readysetgo (Jun 20)
  • End of the night at #lelouvre wearing ysl #saintlaurent #noshoes
  • My boy @derekblasberg n I at #lelouvre photo by @chrissbrenner

  • New haircut!! #notanotheronelol (Jun 24)
  • New haircut! Shooting today w fabulous hair stylist #katsumi Matsuo and makeup artist @makeupbymishaa
  • Shooting between shots!
  • #nevertoomanycamerasialwayssay #theteam #liverpool #vivamexico
  • #backlightrules

  • Gettin me hair did by katsumimatsuo for the 2nd day of shooting for #liverpool #vivamexico (Jun 25)
  • My first #instavid! It goes nowhere, but hey! At least it works! Lolol! http://instagram.com/p/a-89C_zMl1/
  • Lol! Addicted to #instavid http://instagram.com/p/a_B0i0zMr6/
  • #scarforhat #sillymoments #whenismillanotsilly http://instagram.com/p/a_EuyYTMvp/
  • #quiettime #onlocation #beautifulmoments #peace #nofilters http://instagram.com/p/a_RYnczMhW/
  • #spiderman #anythingfortheshot #thatboybecrazy
  • One step away from "something about Mary" lolol! #endoftheday #awesomeshoot #thisoneisforyoujoansmalls

  • #besthubbyever #welcometotoronto #bottomsup #yeswefinisheditall (Jun 26)
  • #backlot #pompeiithemovie #thereareactorsinthosetrailersiswear #disastermoviesrule #kitharrington
  • I just finished Wealth and Poverty of Nations by David S. Landes and gave it 5 stars! A MUST READ! Amazon

  • On set of my hubby's new film #pompeii during a scene where everything is burning n #keifersutherland calmly says... (Jun 27)
  • "Can we cut, because my leg is on fire". Sure enough, poor guy has a huge blister and a little less leg hair now. #lolol #funnybutnot #stud
  • #keifersutherlandisrad
  • Ok ok! I'll spell it right! #kiefersutherlandisrad
  • #instavid #pompeiithemovie #secretvid http://instagram.com/p/bEmKkFTMvY/

  • #justlanded #overcastandbeautiful #lovedramaticweather #cdg (Jun 28)
  • #crossprocess #notenoughsleep #norestforthewicked #ithinktheglassesstayontoday
  • Well! Took a nap and now it's.... #mojitoclock #YEA #finally #howmanybeforethenextnap

  • Having a fitting at mr. Alaia's atelier! #insanelycool #azzadinealaia #classic (Jun 29)
  • #azzadinealaia #newcollection #radblazer
  • #azzadinealaia showing me a vintage #museumpiece #amazingafternoon
  • #azzadinealaia #sickclothes #mychoices #amazingafternoon
  • One ant cannibalizing another. #Eeeewwww #hardtruths #natureisgangsta

  • At the ysl men's show! #siiiick #iwantiwantiwant #womeninmensclothes #hedislimanerules (Jun 30)