April 2013

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  • hey every1! PLEASE RT and sign this petition 2 stop the abuse of minors in the work space. thank you so much! go to: http://modelalliance.org/petition (Apr 2)
  • ok, i'm gonna tell you why i like fb. because i can tell you all a story like the one my mother and law just told me. i will write it now.
  • so my husbands family has come to visit and everyone is off the plane and sicky poo, so of course now my daughter has it and my sister in law has got it. i'm cool for the moment. but we were discussing the difference between different cold medications and of course (being the research whore i am) i googled "what's the difference..." -thinking between paracetamol and ibuprofen- and the auto complete finished my sentence to the biggest "what's the difference" question google has at the moment and we were pretty amused at the answer! the top hit for a "whats the difference?" question on google is... "whats the difference between peanut butter and jam".

    well, i'm not one to judge folks, but that one had my british family pretty aghast, though rolling with laughter.

    anyway, this led us to us seeing the 6th most asked "what's the difference question" on google -which actually makes sense to me- "whats the difference between a cold and the flu" and my mother in law comes out with this little gem that a respected doctor told her:

    "if you're lying in bed suffering and you happen to see a $20 bill fly past your window, landing on your doorstep and you don't have the energy to go pick it up, you have the flu. if you have the energy to stagger up and get it, you have a cold."

    well, i think that's about right.

    anyway, i could never tell that story on twitter and though some tell me to "get a blog", i have enough trouble just keeping my twitter and fb together, so i don't want to add anything else to my "schedule of responsibilities" by trying to start a blog and adding it into the mix.

    i hope you all enjoyed the story! xo m

  • JustJared and I being a-holes together! (Apr 12)

  • Making sure puppy is comfy on my shoot for vogue w my boy sebastian!! too cute! sebastian_faena's photo (Apr 14)

  • My mom and I having fun at her get together! (Apr 16)
  • Another pic with my mom and I!
  • Wanted to share this with you all because... its AWESOME! makroop's photo
  • Btw, the jackets are ALWAYS faux fur. #justsayin #furwasalive #howwouldyoulikeanelectrodestuckupyourbumm?

  • I want to send so many prayers out to the victims of the explosion in texas and to all the displaced families there trying to survive. -m (Apr 18)

  • happy saturday everyone! today we are doing one of my famous bbq's! i love to cook and bringing family and friends together for a bbq is not only something incredibly special to me as a person, but a real tradition in my family.

    the earliest memories i have of moving to america as a child are of my dad sparking up the grill with all his friends and family on the weekends.

    he worked so hard, going to medical school and working multiple jobs to take care of us. those weekend shin digs really helped keep my parents sanity together in those early, dog days of our emigration.

    i was fascinated with the way cooking could bring a smile to my father's over worked, culturally shocked face. he was always in a good mood when he had fired up the charcoal. it was a welcome change after a long week of work for everyone and i knew that all was good in the world when my dad threw on his apron, brought out his spatula and ice chest and said "ok kiddo (pronounced keedo)! let's cook!"

    just thought of that story and wanted to share it with you. i hope you can be with your family this weekend. if not, i want to send you love from our family! xo m (Apr 27)

Coach's 3rd Annual Cocktails for the Children's Defense Fund, Santa Monica, CA, April 10, 2013