March 2013

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Woohoo! On a plane for beautiful Paris where I'll be going for some work AND seeing the @chanel show monday morning! So excited! Xo m (Mar 3)
  • My invite and flowers from Karl Lagerfeld for the chanel show tomorrow morning! Sorry, but a girls gotta brag! Lol! (Mar 4)
  • Me and the gang at the hotel Costes for lunch!
  • Workin it in Brussels ! (Mar 6)

  • On the train to Brussels! (Mar 5)
  • Thanks lily knox for this awesome pic of me on the set off " bringing up bobby"!
  • And thanks again lily_knox for this spectacular pic of my lil one on the "3 musketeers" set!

  • Me and @chrissbrenner being tourists for about 2 seconds, but better than no seconds! (Mar 7)
  • Me and the spectacular Marymccartney who directed our commercial here in Brussels! What an amazing woman...
  • I love train window pics! Going back to Paris on a train is SO COOL. So much better than flying.
  • Can you spot @chrissbrenner in this "train window" pic? Lol! I love his gorgeous laugh!

  • hey everyone! i wanted to share the spicy new video that i'm in for my boys in @Alkaline_trio! thanks again @matttskiba! but remember, i now own your soul! muahahahaha! check the vid here: (Mar 8)

  • Cloudy day in Paris at our local cafe (Mar 9)
  • Salami. Mysterious, beautiful and tasty
  • Now that's what I call "produce". I mean, how can you eat a normal tomato ever again?
  • Look who @chrissbrenner and I bumped into at CDG! Our girl Sasha P, the official "Prada queen"!
  • Tired but happy to be home! Yay!

  • in support of @saraziff and the herculean effort she is making with @modelsallianceNY to protect the rights of children working in the fashion industry, i wanted to post this article which is quite mind blowing and eye opening.

    under age children in the industry are a normal occurrence, i should know, i started at 11 yrs old. but i was lucky. i had my mother with me every step of the way and i never dropped out of school. many girls don't have that luxury. and unlike actors and many other professionals within the entertainment industry, these minors have NO LAWS protecting them. nothing that says they have to have a certain amount of schooling during a work day, nothing that limits the hours they can be worked. nothing that guarantees they will be paid in the end some times.

    though terry richardson (the photographer in question in this article) is my acquaintance and i have never personally experienced anything disrespectful from him towards myself (and we've worked together for over 15+ yrs), this article is important to show people the mind set of how "victims" are inadvertently created in the fashion industry through peer pressure and how difficult it is to have a voice when people LOOK DOWN on you for trying to SPEAK UP. please read and pass it on. -m (Mar 11)

  • this video contains some of the most valid things i've heard someone say in a long time. if there is anything i could ask you to do, it's take some time for yourself when you have it and WATCH THIS VIDEO. its spectacular, funny, enlightening and well, just the good ol simple truth. ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable Ken Robinson! (Mar 12)

  • Sweet Potato has gone "game of thrones" on Barbie's castle. YEA! (Mar 12)
  • My goodness chelseahandler! Your boyfriend rocks! I'm sure the "Dom" is your touch. *wink wink*

  • So I'm getting a little haircut for my "marella" shoot w @inezandvinoodh! Christiaan the great (who shaved the side of my head last year) is doing it. This is the "before" pic! (Mar 13)
  • Done! At least for the minute! You never know with me, I might leave bald by the end of the day! *wink wink*!

  • how cool is this? check it out: Screen Rant: "Paul W.S. Anderson Directing Resident Evil 6"

  • So wonderful seeing the always lovely Joel Schumacher at the Mercer Hotel last night! (Mar 14)

  • hey everyone! i'm so proud to attend the GLAAD (GAYS AND LESBIANS AGAINST DEFAMATION) AWARDS tonight!

    i personally have 0% tolerance for bullying or discrimination of any kind. i myself was bullied as a kid and now as a mother, i don't stand for it. not for a moment.

    people are people and as americans we ALL DESERVE TO HAVE OUR CIVIL RIGHTS RESPECTED.

    congratulations GLAAD on all the hard work you do year after year to help us move forward into a world where REALLY, everyone is equal in the eyes of people and the eyes of the law. -m (Mar 16)

  • Me and my 3 favorite gays @chrissbrenner derekblasberg and christbollen at the #GLAAD awards!
  • Gettin sexy and mysterious with my boy christbollen!
  • Wuz up Wuz up?! Me and the super slinky, sexy Snooki and JWow at the #GLAADAWARDS!
  • Madonna giving Anderson Cooper his award at #GLAADAWARDS!

  • hey everyone! if you loved my clothing line "jovovich-hawk" from a few years back, you're gonna LOVE this post! my design partner from "J-H" Carmen Hawk -who also designs our RE costumes with me- has opened an AMAZING vintage clothing/record store! its INCREDIBLE and if you're in LA you HAVE TO STOP BY, say hi and take a browse! who knows, i'll probably be hanging there! lol! "like" it here: (Mar 17)
  • Too bad, I realized tweet reel isn't working at the moment! I have the best vid of Madonna and Anderson Cooper! i'll figure out another way to post it cause its kind of long. but now i'm going to spend some quality time with my family!!!!

  • And here it is folks! My favorite pic of the night (courtesy of our darling @derekblasberg and of course my fave pic WITHOUT derek in it himself! Lol! Love u derek!) of me with the amazing Anderson Cooper and his partner Benjamin Maisani!

  • Chillin in the #boomboomroom! Pic courtesy of our boy #drekblasberg! (Mar 18)
  • And finally! Me and my super cutie #derekblasberg at #boomboomroom for #GLAAD's after party for #andersoncooper!
  • Me and my gay husband of 20+ yrs #chrisbrenner sharing an emotional moment at the #GLAADAWARDS (I have a straight husband too! Lol!)
  • My boys fashion blogger extraordinaire #derekblasberg and EIC of #Interviewmag #chrisbollen having a blast at #boomboomroom!
  • Mama acting way to young for my age (thank goodness my daughter wasn't there to be embarrassed by me!)

  • What do you think of Milla Jovovich's Patti Smith-inspired look? Entertainment Weekly
  • of course, she looks SO MUCH cooler than i do. check this POLL! Entertainment Weekly

Chanel Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show, Paris, France, March 5, 2013

24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards, New York City, March 16, 2013