November 2013

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • you know you have to change the password on your phone when: your 6 year old is smart enough to remember it and post selfies on instagram. (Nov 1)

  • Getting ready for #isabelmarant #hmisabelmarant event with my boy, Russian actor @_ivannikolaev_ (Nov 12)
  • B*tch stole MY look! Lol! #regram
  • Me and my girl @alicialquarles from #E! Doing our segment for #hmisabelmarant event in NYC!
  • Me and @_ivannikolaev_ at the Bowery hotel after the #hmisabelmarant event opening!
  • Me and my boy, artist, @abdiasdemarin at the Bowery hotel chillin.
  • Had so much fun at @anja_rubik 's event for the @25magazine event with @stephanemarais and @derekblasberg
  • The #isabelmarant for #h&m campaign picture.
  • My boy derekblasberg hangin with the DJ for @anjarubikblog 's party for @25magazine
  • My man stephanemarais and I at @anjarubikblog 's party for @25magazine
  • My girls @ellenvunwerth and @anjarubikblog at the @25magazine party!

  • Make up and hair is here super early! I'm going back to bed. #goodmorning #2hoursofsleep #notupyet #coffeeinbed #aaaaaahhhhh (Nov 13)
  • #frittata #imstillsleeping #iknowimactinglikeaspoiledbratbutyouknowwhatsometimesicananditsok
  • #waitwhat #tooearly #imgonewiththewindfabulous
  • Thank you @am keupqueennyc and @sarahpotempa for getting my a** out of bed and making me look #awesome for #gooddaynewyork also tune in to #goodmorningamerica to hear about all the @isabelmarant fabulosity for #H&M

  • Thank you so much @dashabazaar_ru for the incredible #harpersbazaarrussia cover and to my girl @kateleemakeup and #chanelcosmetic for some #awesomeface and @cabellahair for the #awesomehair you guys rock! (Nov 15)

  • hey every1! my webmaster Colin is doing #thegreaturbanrace, so vote 4 his team "Nattitude" here: Happy Thanksgiving! (Nov 26)

H&M Isabel Marant VIP Pre-Shopping Event at H&M Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, November 12, 2013

10th anniversary celebration of Wertheim Village, Wertheim, Germany, November 11, 2013