January 2013

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! i want to send my best wishes for your new year on behalf of myself and my entire family! for you all to have health, family around you, happiness in your personal life, success in your professional. now i know thats a pretty tall order, but hey! i've always thought big! lol! anyway, though i know that we can't have it all, i hope that you all have a blessed and amazing year! xoxoxo m (Jan 1)

  • hahahaha! thanks @chrissbrenner for posting all these new pics! hey everyone! i hope you're all well, sorry i've been m.i.a. but its been all fun family flu time, then school runs and writing music. also been recording some new songs w my boys @stuartzender, @chrissbrenner n @dannylohner (danny is also trying to get over the flu. feel better danny!).

    life couldn't be better to be honest. its been so wonderful to spend time at home, to play with my daughter, to cook, to read, to organize, to relax and watch tv, to play guitar.

    i'm so grateful for the fact that i have this opportunity to really soak in the minute details of my life with out having some sense of urgency in the background.

    i feel like there has always been a relationship between myself and the idea of passing time. it comes up in my writing quite a bit and in the way i lead my life. always needing to do something, always working, never being able to relax (unless i've had 3 uninterrupted days on the beach hooked up to a margarita i.v.) never allowing myself to feel BORED. never saw a reason to be bored, no time i guess.

    anyway, now i'm using Facebook like a diary and that's just not fair to you all! lol! to update you on the status of my vacation pics: i am working on them because i don't want to instagram them piecemeal, i'd like to create an album (hey instagram, are you listening? great idea here!) so i am putting all the filters on in PS6 before i show them. but to be honest, most of the pics are of the kids, so i can't post them on here, but there are a few of the adults as well! lol! you know you're a parent when you're never in your own pictures anymore!

    have an amazing day everyone and enjoy all the new pics posted below! -m (Jan 21)

  • so my husband just said the best quote to me this morning, after i was gonna do something i thought was funny in regards to something kind of important (btw, i always think i'm really funny, people think it's hilarious!): He said "Milla PLEASE, don't be funny, be AMAZING!" lolololol! my poor husband! thank goodness i don't send any important emails without letting him read them first! lololol! (Jan 31)

  • listen, i know haven't been on in ages. its weird, i go through phases where i'm super open and then i go into these mini internal vortex's that end up spinning me into a little corner of my psyche and it's hard to figure your way out! lol! but, i've been doing it all my life and my good friends know that milla can "disappear" sometimes and its nothing personal. it's almost like needing to "refuel" you know? for instance, me @chrissbrenner and @stuartzender have been playing non stop and recording so much new material, it's like we hit this nice vein of gold between ourselves and the music just flows, you know? and i've been writing so many lyrics that yesterday i had to say "hey, can we just work on something we have written already, cause i don't really feel like writing again today... i feel like... i need to refuel."

    but saying that, we have 10 NEW SONGS recorded!!! how amazing is that?! i haven't just been off FB not doing anything, you know! lololol! and we have a few more that we're in the midst of writing, so its been this fantastic open conduit of expression around "Casa J. Anderson"!

    ok, time for the school run, i hope my husband did the "dressing duties" this morning since he saw i was on my computer! yikes! the last thing i need now is to argue with a 5 year old about why she needs a long sleeve t shirt at the end of january.

    lots of love everyone! have an awesome one! xoxo m (Jan 31)