September 2012

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Wow!! The world premiere of RE:R in Tokyo was INCREDIBLE!! Sorry I haven't been tweeting but they kept me super busy here. (Sep 4)
  • I want to say thank you 2 all the amazing Japanese n Korean fans n press! We had such a wonderful time!
  • Also, due 2 the overwhelming response 2 my contest, I'm reaching out 2 our distributors worldwide 2 try n get a 1st prize winner in other countries 4 a private screening of RE! We're gonna choose winners from the US, south America, Europe, Australia and Asia!
  • Now we're leaving 4 the premiere in Moscow! It's gonna be so grt 2 go back 2 my homeland n c my friends! Gotta board now! Xo m

  • Hey hey! We're abt to enter the Russian premiere of RE:R!! So excited!!! (Sep 4)
  • What an incredible experience the Russian premiere was!! Thank you every1 who came 2 welcome us, it was absolutely overwhelming!
  • Now we're going 2 support FNO at TSUM department store where every tshirt sales goes 2 the naked heart foundation!

  • Hey every1! Here r a few pics of Moscow! Of course taken from te only place I normally take pics... Te backseat of the car! Lol! (Sep 7)
  • Classic soviet!

  • Check my interview w our fellow tweeple!RT @residentevildb: @MillaJovovich Here it is:! Thank you, darling!!! <3
  • Goodbye Moscow! Thanks 2 all our amazing fans and press ppl who made our stay so wonderful here! I love you Russia! I love you Ukraine! Xo m
  • Hey guys! I'm on the flight n my battery is abt 2 die, so if we get cut off, let me say a formal "tweet u later" now! Xo m
  • Ok! Taking off now! Bye Viches!!
  • Awww man! Again they're tellin me 2 switch off my phone. Jeez! Can't a girl tweet in peace?! But, I think they have wifi on the flight!

  • hey every1! back in LA n working on my daughter's back 2 school scrapbook from japan, she missed her 1st week so we thought it wld b cute! (Sep 9)
  • i hope every1 has an amazing day, i'm pretty jet lagged n printing photos n sticking them in2 a book w stickers is abt all i can manage!xo m

  • so here we are every1! just two days away from friday night and RE:R!! i'm SO excited! i can't wait 2 hear what every1 thought of the film! (Sep 12)
  • now i'm starting 2 get ready 4 a big day of press n our premiere here in LA! i can't wait 2 c my girl @chelseahandler later 2day! WOOT WOOT!
  • I'm still lol'ing from another awesome interview w the delicious @chelseahandler! Catch it tom. Sept.13 on E!
  • From @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich tweeting on her way to the @ResidentEvil "Retribution" Movie Premier in Los Angeles!

  • What an incredible premiere for RE:R in LA! The movie looks spectacular n ppl were screaming n flipping out watching it, cheering! We had so much fun! The after party was a blast, but I stayed out so late, I'm paying for it today! Lol! Anyway, I have to go do more press for the movie today 2 prepare 4 international releases in different territories, but we cldnt be happier w how RE:R turned out n I'm sure u're all gonna LOVE IT!! All the best! Xo m (Sep 12)

  • Wow!! I'm so happy 2 hear the incredible reactions for RE:R!! WOOT! I wish I cld celebrate w u all but I'm sitting in the animal hospital bcause my 1st little dog -madness- is having the worst seizure she's ever had. We've been here for a few hrs now. We'll hope 4 the best, but she's very old so... Anyway. The doctor is here, I gotta go. (Sep 15)

  • Wuz up tweeple?!! Thanks 4 making RE:R the #1 movie in the WORLD!!! WOOT WOOT!! Also jst watched @boriskodjoe on good day la! Nice one man! (Sep 17)
  • Hell yea! Thanks girl!RT @decemberkid89: @MillaJovovich holy shit just watched Resident Evil Retribution it was amazing, great job.
  • Watch it w mom!!RT @Aeravi: @MillaJovovich I loved the RE5!!! Gonna watch it for 2nd time. Watching it with mom this time. Tell Paul to get his gear started for RE6!!!
  • I LOVE how many women are into RE:R!! It's so incredible! Thanks ladies 4 helping us make THE 1st female driven action movie get to 5 films!
  • Thank you!!RT @InfamousMrFox: @MillaJovovich The best 3D movie of the year and we all (the fans) can't wait for the next installment in the series.
  • Love u 2! RT @yeeandre: @MillaJovovich i'm in love with alice since 2002 and i just got more in love with her since last weekend, how incredible is that? i love you
  • Lolol! Yea!! RT @cody_landman: @MillaJovovich Evil most definitely went global.
  • U ROCK!! RT @Hell_s_Angel: oh man! Watched RE:R(for the 3rd time) came home watched RE series, i mean, @millajovovich u have outdone your self! GO ALICE! Woot woot!

  • Thanx chris! RT @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich doing the final touches before tonight's Dream Ball in Manhattan. Gorgeous!! (Sep 27)

  • Hey guys! I wanted 2 share this spectacular night w u at the #dreamball 2 raise funds 4 cancer research! [ Video ]
  • if u want 2 donate 2 fight ovarian cancer pls go 2: thanks every1!!!

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