July 2012

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Jst landed in Paris!Yay!Had the pleasure of sitting nxt 2 Jennifer Lawrence on the plane n chatting.shes so sweet n gorgeous! Luv good ppl! (July 1)
  • Who da man?! Now that's an awesome invite! That's a keeper! Lol! Thanks Donatella!
  • So the spectacular @elizabethbanks n I r sitting together at the Versace dinner! U can tell, cause we jst took the same pic! Lol!
  • Maya aka M.I.A n Donatella at the Versace dinner!
  • Catherine Baba n me at the Versace party!

  • Flowers from Karl! Booyah! (July 2)
  • My girl @elizabethbanks n I hving a good ol time at the Versace dinner!
  • 2 stunning ladies, Fan Bing Bing n Emmanuelle Alt at the Versace dinner!

  • Cute pic of @jessicaalba n I at the Versace party! (July 3)
  • Stuck in traffic, but it's Paris so who cares! Lol! Going to the Chanel show this morning! I'll tweet some pics!
  • @chrissbrenner in his usual pose! Lol!
  • @velvetinsider (Stephane) n I at the Chanel show!
  • My seat at the Chanel show!
  • @daloulou (Lou Doillon) at the Chanel show!
  • So here's an exclusive 1st look at the Chanel couture show! Njoy! Xo m Video
  • Here's the ultimate look of the show! SIIIICK! Video
  • Here is karl! Notice Lou's reaction when he waves at her is classic! Video
  • So here is the grand finale n I'm gonna show u my fave pieces from the show! Video
  • @daloulou at the Chanel luncheon looking gorgeous!
  • Jamie Bochert n her man Michael Pitt at the Chanel luncheon!
  • @chrissbrenner n I at the Chanel luncheon!
  • Back at the carnival!
  • Paris in the summer
  • Paris in the summer 2
  • Thanks 2 my boy @michaelangelx 4 these pics of Maya @MIAuniverse n I at the Versace party!
  • Designer @michaelangelx @MIAuniverse n I getting all kinds of crazy at the Versace party! WOOT!
  • rockin some Versace, Wuz up?
  • And the top half.

  • happy 4th of july every1! i hope you get 2 spend your day bbqing w your family n friends n having a good ol time! (July 4)
  • now i'm taking my lil one to a play date to do some arts and crafts! i'm teaching her to stitch n make stuffed animals as gifts! too cute.
  • If u're ever in Paris, my friends Joe's bar is so rad! Stop by! @ Red House
  • My boy Joe's bar in Paris is called "red house" n the address is: 1 bis rue de la forge royale! Come by if u're in town!
  • Joe n I makin 4th of July drinks at "red house" in Paris!
  • @MeatheadMilitia I'm VERY focused when I make drinks!

  • good morning all! i hope you hve amazing days today! i'm going 2 work w peter lindbergh 2 day, 1 of my best friends n have photographers! (July 5)
  • hopefully, i'll get to send some pics of the make up n hair or clothes. it's all couture, so it should be quite beautiful!
  • Hair n make up 4 Italian vogue today!
  • Lolol! Thanks @chrissbrenner 4 this pic of @daloulou n I at "red house" last night!
  • Btw! I was only holding the cig 4 @chrissbrenner so he cld take the pic! Smoke free since nov! Yay!
  • @Napfton no, I quit when I was pregnant, but stupidly started up again after I finished nursing. Thank god I'm done w tobacco.
  • @CoreyNussbaum we shot the vid 4 "electric sky" last week n will b releasing it on aug.1st!
  • We cant wait 4 our #1!!RT @STUARTZENDER: Can't wait to get back to LA and make some frequencies shift(mix EP) with @MillaJovovich n @chrissbrenner love love love

  • Thanks @chrissbrenner 4 this classic shot of peter Lindbergh n I at the Italian vogue shoot! N thanks 2 @chanel 4 the gorgeous gown!! (July 7)
  • Hey guys! Thanks 4 all your sweet tweets! Sorry I haven't had a chance 2 answer so much recently! I will definitely put sum time aside n let u all know when I'm around n have time 2 answer! But u are all so wonderful n I thank you 4 your replies n follows! Xo m
  • Thanks 2 my gay husband! RT @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich boarding a speed boat on the docks of the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel Project in Bodrum Turkey
  • Go baby!!RT @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich during press in Bodrum Turkey and rocking @LorealParisUSA Telescopic Mascara with Infallible eye shadow
  • My girl @barrefaeli n I chillin! She's good ppl!
  • We'll battle over who's mire jealous! Lol! U rock girl!RT @BarRefaeli: I'm jealous of myself in this pic! @ValeMicchetti: Girls's girl @BarRefaeli @millajovovich @ Mandarin Oriental

  • Hey every1! On the plane on our way to comic con! It's gonna be fun to see how dressed up people get this year! (July 13)

Versace Haute-Couture Show, Paris Fashion Week Paris, France, July 1, 2012

Chanel Haute-Couture show, Paris Fashion Week Paris, France, July 3, 2012

Bodrum, Turkey, July 7, 2012

Comic-Con International promoting Resident Evil: Retribution, San Diego, CA, July 13, 2012

Madame Figaro (France) July 2012 [ article ]