December 2012

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • oh man, i found this gorgeous demo i did a while ago with an old friend. one of my favorites. check it: "Diving Up" (Dec 4)
  • Working w the gorgeous n super cool tbonelive (Tyson Ballou) shooting the new Sisley campaign! (Dec 5)
  • Ready to be jealous ladies AND gents of a particular persuasion! I'm shooing w the gorgeous @tbonelive, model Tyson Ballou!

  • Here's a super rad pic @jav_villegas took of me today on the job! Thanks man!

  • my husband and i had the pleasure of seeing "zero dark thirty" last night and wow! what an intense and haunting film. AMAZING performances from everyone with special kudos to Jason Clark who brought so much humanity to a pretty bleak character and the stunning Jessica Chastain who i can't get enough of! (Dec 11)

  • My hubby n I skiing for my bday! Woohoo! (Dec 17)

  • Gorgeous view from the ski lift!

  • Join me in a LIVE @Resident Evil Retribution video chat, December 20th, at 6PM PST - get a chance to ask me a question personally on camera! (Dec 20)

  • christmas, christmas christmas!!! hard to believe its already upon us again, like some great giant beast that has been curled up in a dark cave, silently waiting all year before springing out and body slamming you. Thank goodness I have my family with me to give this time its real meaning. I have to make sure my daughter understands how many people aren't as lucky as we are, don't have families and friends during the holidays... maybe we'll go downtown and hand out dinners. It really is such a time of reflection, end of the year and all, I have to focus on what the holidays really stand for, not just the consumer end, buy buy buy more more more, spend cash on more trash that neither you nor anyone else needs.But what about one smile for someone, even if you don;t particularly like them? Or not flipping out on someone who's being rude? Helping your grandparents (or someone else's. lol!). I don't know, i just feel that Xmas and the holidays shouldn't be about OURSELVES. About whether we're happy or lonely or angry, but about OTHERS. Making sure your neighbor (or the closest thing to it) smiles today. Anyway, totally corny, but hey! We all survived the end of the world, so its a special year! Yea, this time is incredible and full of great memories for some, but as an adult, i also know how painful it is for others. Saying that, my family usually does our big shin dig on xmas eve and I want to post a vid and share a toast. Share a toast for and with all those that don't have trees up, for those that can't be with their families, for those that just don't feel like it and wanna chill! Whatever! lol! i wanna make sure that if you have a phone or internet, we can share some holiday cheer and for you to know that you're never truly alone. Have an incredible day! xo m (Dec 23)

  • A bit sweaty from the morning's Xmas cooking, but found 10 min 2 work on a new song! (Dec 24)
  • Voila! My gorgeous cheese plate to tide everyone over till dinner!
  • Awww! Found this old baby pic if me from Russia in the 70's! So depressing n communist! Too cute!
  • We baked a Camembert with figs and I AM ENJOYING IT!! Will send detail of Camembert in a sec.
  • FINALLY I'm all glammed up (albeit the apron) and finishing my famous Brussel sprouts! This is a totally candid shot btw! Lol!

  • Sorry, the vid didn't post... Here it is again. Happy holidays!! Xoxo m (Dec 25)

  • Page of lyrics from a new song i wrote that my boy Danny Lohner @renholder is putting some rad music to. (Dec 27)
  • About to lay down some vocals in the "recording booth" aka Danny's other bedroom!
  • @renholders's studio. Classic.
  • That's a better studio shot. This one makes sense.

  • it kind of sucks that i can't answer people on fb the same way as on twitter! you get to really write on here, its so cool! i gotta figure out if something in my settings is not on or something... anyway, it's a gorgeous no, brilliant day in los angeles. one of those rare, brisk days where you can see the sky (amazing right.) and the famous LA views are on display when i was driving sdown mulholland this afternoon to get to @dannylohner's house to continue working on my new song. its funny, people come to LA and if they have money, they buy that typical glass box on the top of the hill house with the killer views "from the ocean to downtown" and it all looks like a j.lo video and they feel like they're king of the castle, only to discover (10 million dollars later teehee!) that you can't see the bloody view 364 out of the 365 days in the year we have! lololol! what a joke! (Dec 28)
  • My boy @dannylohner getting his sound on.
  • Getting a visit from @chrissbrenner to put down some keys and harmonies.

  • this is SIIICK! less a remix and more just an alternate version. go on wid yo bad self @dannylohner! Young Blood by @TNAF remixed by @DannyLohner (aka Renholder) (Dec 29)

Zero Dark Thirty premiere, Los Angeles, CA, December 10, 2012