October 2012

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Hey guys! Here's a lil vid of @stuartzender @chrissbrenner n @stellamozgawa of @_warpaint n I rehearsing! [ video ] (Oct 2)
  • Takin off 2 another awesome rehearsal w @stuartzender @chrissbrenner n @stellamozgawa! The new music makes me feel soooo good... (Oct 5)
  • In the rehearsal studio in between songs effin around! [ video ] (Oct 6)
  • In the rehearsal space w Shawn Everett @chrissbrenner @Stellamozgawa n @STUARTZENDER getting our jam on.

  • Another self centered douche taking self portraits. Yay, just what this country needs! Anyway, takin 5 at the studio.

  • Taking a break between sets at the rehearsal studio w @chrissbrenner @steezmeez n @STUARTZENDER

  • Going to the rehearsal space w @STUARTZENDER (Oct 8)

  • Stella @stellamozgawa and @STUARTZENDER setting up at the rehearsal space. (Oct 9)

  • @chrissbrenner and carmen hawk @vancamera getting 2 the studio.

  • Carmen Hawk, friend, mentor and hot mama!

  • The Great @STUARTZENDER making himself right at home.

  • Carmen Hawk (design partner n photographer) n @chrissbrenner

  • will tweet more pics later. gotta go. xo m
  • @stellamozgawa @chrissbrenner @STUARTZENDER n carmen hawk (vancamera on Instagram) at the studio.

  • Ok that didn't work! Lol! I'll upload them one by one.
  • @chrissbrenner gettin funky on the keys.

  • @stellamozgawa meditating between sets.

  • @stellamozgawa gettin arty at the party.

  • And my man waiting for me at home (the skull light play the "Halloween" theme song)!

  • Who's the best looking guy at the pumpkin patch?
  • @HaroldSkip1 his name is oliver cromwell.

  • wanted to leave you w a song for the night "angel dust" by aaron: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJZLKNF04Q0 ... night night! xo m

  • Typical Beverly Hills (Oct 10)

  • Hey every1! We've jst arrived in Moscow w @chrissbrenner, @STUARTZENDER n @stellamozgowa after almost 24 hrs of travel! (Oct 16)
  • @stellamozgawa playing @chrissbrenner's keyboard! (Oct 18)
  • So that last pic was at our sound check this morning for our performance tonight in Moscow 4 @chanel! So excited!

  • On my way to the @chanel launch party for @karllagerfeld's "little black jacket" book w @chrissbrenner, @stellamozgawa n @stuartzender!
  • We had an awesome sound check this morning (albeit nothin worked to start with, of course! Lol!) and now it's SHOWTIME! I can't wait!!!
  • What an INCREDIBLE NIGHT!! We had the most amazing show!! The music sounded so good and everyone was so happy! Yayayay!
  • What the heck did our sound engineer say to @stuartzender?! Nothin good I gather! Lolol!

  • Every1 has had WAY too much fun tonight! @chrissbrenner, @stuartzender n I at this rad club "vanilla ninja"

  • Me and my gorgeous buddy from Moscow, the amazing actor @_ivannikolaev_! This is so wonderful!

  • Shawn n @stellamozgawa in red square at 4am!

  • Hey hey! @chrissbrenner n I at red square!

  • Our group @stellamozgawa, Shawn Everett, @chrissbrenner, Samuel Aratounian n @stuartzender in red square!

  • What's that?

  • It's an alive one a'them!

  • Feeling so good watching the incredible Devendra Banhart at Dasha Zhukova's gorgeous new gallery "garage" in

  • Back at the hotel w Devendra Banhart n his amazing lady Ana Kras.

  • RT pls donate 2: AFESIP n help children rescued from the sex trade in Cambodia. There is no reason a child shld be put through this torture!
  • I wanted 2 write a special tweet abt AFESIP.org and why we shld donate. The organization houses, feeds and educates children (sum little ones of 3) but they don't have the funds to do this on their own. I know that the sex trade isn't isolated to Cambodia, but I found this facility and think the women who run it and work there are incredible. All victims of the sex trade themselves, they help these kids deal with the psychological as well as physical scars they have to bear. The work they do is exemplary and their commitment is inspiring. If we don't help, what's to happen to these children? And how will other organizations around the world start if people dont care enough to help? I believe that by showing support we empower the wonderful people who care everyday for the tiny victims and give hope to others who might be scared to take a stand. On the website, the woman talks abt how dangerous it is to keep this center open. How they get death threats from those that don't want their "business" ruined. It's horrific. Please help them! Thank you so much tweeps! Xoxo m
  • The exact link to help children rescued from the sex trade in Cambodia is: http://www.afesip.org thank you so much every1!!

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