September 2010

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

Promoting Resident Evil: Afterlifein Japan:

  • Ok, so this KILLS me! 1 of the tv shows in tokyo had me make wax tempura 4 the show! Lol! So cute! They r wacky ppl! Sept 3
  • Here's the wax tempura pic! Lol! Sept 3
  • Ok, WTF am I doing?! Lololol! This KILLS me!! How cute r the japanese?! Sept 3

From the set of The Three Musketeers:

  • Well here I am skirts, floppy hat n all! Lol! Sept 22

  • Hopefully I will b able 2 fit through the door w out maiming myself or any1 who's unfortunate enough 2 b in a 10 ft radius of my skirts!Lol! Sept 22
  • 2day,I will attempt 2 gracefully ascend in2 a coach w a hat that's abt 2 ft tall n enough skirts 2 upholster every chair in a small theater. Sept 22
  • Hey every1! I've had sum grt time off the last few days n now I'm back on set corseted within an inch of my life! Lol! Its never boring! Sept 22

  • Hey every1! What a fun day on "3M"! Orlando, Mathew, Ray, Luke n I doing our 1st scene together! We did a version of "let's get physical"! Sept 23
  • So this is the castle we r filming in 2day! Pretty nice digs eh?! Not 2 shabby! Its spectacular here! Sept 23
  • And the backyard is bearable right?! Lol! Can u imagine living in a place like this?! Lucky bastards! Sept 23
  • N if this isn't enough beauty, a herd of deer keep running n jumping behind that pool of water! Sept 23

  • Hey ever1!This is the location we r filming at 2day s "3M"! Its the town square in Bamberg n its jst stunning! Sept 24
  • Another angle of the Bamberg town square where w r shooting "3 musketeers". I am so blessed 2 c such beauty! Sept 24
  • The green n blue screens will b removed 4 visual effects in post production. Sept 24
  • A secret doorway that is locked. I wonder where it goes? The city of Bamberg is a gem. Def a destination 2 c! Sept 24

  • Its so dark this early in the morning u feel like u shld speak in whispers.After hair n makeup we take a ferry across the lake 2 the castle. Sept 30
  • here is the castle! Divine. Did sum climbing the castle walls in corsets! N another grt scene w cristoph waltz Sept 30

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