November 2010

From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • well, i promised 2 send u pics from the wrap party and here they r! tomorrow back @ LA and some time off! u guys rule! tweet u a lot later! Nov 14
  • wrap party 4 "3 musketeers" w paul and i!
  • dancing w my hubby at the wrap party 4 "3 musketeers"!
  • silly face w my hubby at "3 musketeers" wrap party!
  • "3 musketeers" wrap party after 2 many drinks!!!
  • dancing at the "3 musketeers" wrap party w my hubby!

  • our 1st AD Jamie Christopher, of all the "harry potter" movies and i at the "3 musketeers" wrap party!

  • Going 2 the wrap party 4 "3 musketeers" 2nite! Then packing time tomorrow! Nov 13
  • Well, that's an official wrap on "3 musketeers"! Its 2am, we've worked 4 almost 24 hrs. and 2 celebrate, I need Micky D's! Good night! Nov 12
  • Well thanks 4 all the grt replies! Gotta go kick some musketeer a** n finish my big stunt sequence! Tweet u later! Nov 12
  • nxt film, who knows? I wanna focus on my personal life n b very choosy w my nxt movie. But cleaning my garage n reorganizing my home is my next project! Also, I'm gonna try my hand at dollmaking! Nov 12
  • yep! Taking the rest of the year off apart from a few modeling jobs, but NO traveling! Nov 12
  • lol! Every generation needs its own version of "3M"! And this one is NOT a copy 1 bit, its sets a new standard. Nov 12
  • 4get any other musketeer movies! This one will set the new bar 4 all 3D movies! It looks spectacular! Nov 12
  • Hey every1! Last day of filming on "3 musketeers"!!! So excited 2 finally go home and take a some time off! Nov 12

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