Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

About the film . . .

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  • Fifth of 5 Resident Evil films. Prequels: Resident Evil (2002), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

  • Release date: September 14, 2012 (US)

  • From Milla's Twitter account (@MillaJovovich):

    • i LOVE tokyo! 1 of my FAVORITE cities in the world! we're gonna come film some scens 4 the nxt RE in tokyo!!! May 13
    • i pray 4 japan everyday and i can't wait 2 go there and shoot the nxt RE! May 13
    • no, its not called"begins"lol! it"began" 10 yrs ago! lol! i think its called RE: Retribution, but i have to ask paul 2 b sure. May 13
    • jst 2 let the RE fans know, cause there's been a bunch of questions abt the nxt film, paul has kids that are proffessional players... May 13
    • all they do is play the games till they master every level and unlock every code. they play the games for WEEKS and give paul the footage. May 13
    • so he's literally watching days of the most awesome RE players out there to get inspiration 4 the nxt installment of the franchise. May 13

    • Hey every1! 2day was my 1st official day in fight rehearsals! I'm gonna try and film some bits tomorrow 4 u all! (Sep 12)
    • The choreography is stunning though. I'm so excited by how everything looks. The moves are fresh n new, I think ppl r gonna b flippin when they c it!

    • Hey every1! End of the day n I'm knackered!I'm building my strength up n doing a lot of stretching 2 get my kicks up 2 shape.Still pathetic.

    • its gonna be SIIIIICK!! paul leaves the production meeting reeling from the logistical complications off how 2 shoot them!!
    • actually, i won't be there in person, but if you see a big crane in red square, thats our unit filming!!!
    • claire, chris and kmart have been abducted by the umbrella corporation. we have to try and save them!
    • yes! shawn roberts is back as wesker and more badass then ever! of course its not so easy to kill him!
    • yes! sienna is back as jill valentine!
    • yes! epic battle sequence w alice and jill! its siiiiiick!!!
    • i can't talk too much about the creatures in the film, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed!
    • we are still casting ada wong, but she IS in the new movie!
    • RE will be in 3D! my husband is obsessed w the new technology and we take the extra time 2 make sure no one has a headache after!
    • 2 answer sum popular questions:chris,claire n kmart have been captured by umbrella n benson ankles is working on a tv show n is unavailable.
    • i've got an amazing fight w a bunch of zombies AND an epic fight w jill valentine!
    • nope! some will, but we have new characters coming on this one. hopefully we'll get every1 together 4 RE6!! lol!
    • we wld love 2 make a 6th where every1 is back together! but the fans will decide after they see this one!
    • paul always listens 2 the fans i.e. ada wong, leon and barry burton will b in the new RE!
    • we'll b the 1st movie 2 hve a chase scene in a rolls royce which we will get shot up, but still runs cause they're awesome!
    • alright guys! gotta go! 1 let mini spoiler tho! we will hve the Las Plagas parasite!!! have an awesome day!

    • Hey every1! Happy Friday! And 2 celebrate the weekend, I hve 2 new vids of us at stunt rehearsal! 1 is me failing miserably n the other is quite nice! (Sep 23)
    • WOW. we jst rehearsed 1 of my big stunt sequences ON THE SET and man! I'm effing scared! I'm spending this weekend in the splits 2 prepare! (Oct 6)
    • This is THE MOST INTENSE FIGHT SEQUENCE I'VE EVER DONE! I hve 2 focus. No joke.
    • I (almost) wanna cry right now, cause this is SO IMPORTANT 2 me n RE.I'm gonna b unreachable this weekend every1.Sorry,but I hve 2 practice.

    • Good mornin n happy Canadian thanksgiving every1! Well this is the moment that we've been waiting 4! We r on our way 4 the 1st day of principal photography on RE5!!! (Oct 10)
    • BTW, Principal Photography is when we shoot with the main unit n the lead actors. It's where 99% of the film gets made. On bigger films you hve the "main unit" w the director n actors, also u have a "2nd" unit for anything main doesn't have time to get, which normally shoots simultaneously during a part or sometimes the whole of production. So there u have it. Oh! And sometimes you even hve a "splinter unit" -which we do- that is a small shooting unit that can travel easily and "pick up" shots i.e. We have a splinter unit going to Moscow, times square and Tokyo for this new RE! phew! I guess I've learned something about movies in 25 yrs! Lol!
    • WOWOWOWOW AND WOOHOOO!!! we r killing this new stunt sequence 4 RE5!!! I can't believe how cool everything looks! I wish I cld send pics!!!
    • So this sequence will take abt 4 days 2 film because it's got like over 200 moves in it! 2 day n 2 morrow we do all our wide shots w the giant "techno crane", then we go in 4 coverage on wed("coverage"is going in 4 close ups n other cool stuff like "head explodes" or "guts falling out") which will show show all the awesome details. Thurs we shoot everything "wide" again, but from the side 4 those amazing trailer shots, tho I hve 2 say, we've already gotten sum SICK shots that r totally trailer worthy! That's ONE LONG SEQUENCE n I gotta run on set now 2 kill sum more of my "zombuddies"! Bye!
    • Now it's time to go take some xtra strength advil, read 2 my daughter n get some rest 4 2morrow! More from "camp evil" in the am! Gnight!

    • G'mornin every1! Well, I have some news that a lot of u will be interested in! We have finally cast our Ada Wong!
    • Drum roll please! So, Ada Wong in RE5 is being played by Chinese actress Li Bingbing! We're so excited! Check get out on imdb!

    • Hey every1, it's been a horrible day here at "camp evil". As a lot of u hve heard, there was an accident n a bunch of our amazing zombie extras fell in a chase sequence. One incredibly brave woman is still in the hospital, but she is recovering well, thank the Lord. The good news is, all our other extras came back after receiving medical attention at different hospitals and wanted to continue shooting! So that made us feel better to see how passionate they are! We are praying for akiko, who is still in the hospital n will go see her in a little while to make sure she's feeling ok. Oh man. I've been feeling sick to my stomach all day waiting for news on how she is. Please pray for her too! Xo m [ article ]

    • On my way to see akiko at the hospital! I'm going to show her all your incredibly sweet and supportive messages! Thanks again for all your thoughts and wishes for everyone involved!
    • I jst saw akiko (who goes by April btw) and she's in a lot of pain. She injured her back. Thank god she's moving her hands and feet and not in critical condition. She's a piano player. Her brother plays the violin. I promised her that I would come and see her every week while I'm here to give her support and strength in her recovery. I can't believe she said she wants to come back and finish her part, she's incredible. I will keep u all posted in how she's doing over these next weeks. Xo m

    • G'mornin every1! Well, "camp evil" is slowly waking up after such a tough day yesterday. I jst finished make up n the sun is up, ppl r bustling abt, preparing 2 start the day. I'm glad 2 hear that April's (the girl who got injured yesterday) brother Christian is here w us this morning as a zombie extra! I'm gonna ask him how her night went and hopefully if he's here, she's doing better! I'm gonna go start wArming up for the sequence we're shooting this week n hopefully we're all gonna have a blast 2day! Thanks again for all your kind messages for our sweet, amazing zombie extras! We couldn't make these films w out their hard work and enthusiasm and we're so lucky so many ppl love to come and be a part of the RE SERIES! (Oct 12)

    • Also, here's the updated and FINAL cast list!

      Alice: me!
      Luther: @boriskodjoe
      Rain: @mrodofficial
      One: @colinsalmon24
      Jill Valentine: @guillorybe
      Leon: Johann Urb
      Barry Burton: Kevin Durand
      Ada Wong: Li Bingbing

      So there we are folks! Now let's shoot the heck out of this film!

    • Oh jeez! And of course our gorgeous and incredible Carlos Oliveira: Oded Fehr Sorry Oded! Didn't mean to leave you out!

    • G'mornin every1 from "camp evil"! This is a long tweet so get ready! Lol! I'm abt 2 start my warmup 4 another big day ahead. We started the film w 1 of my big stunt sequences bcause we wanted everything 2 b fresh in my head rather than doing a bunch of "walk n talk" stuff that wld take up a lot of time, so I wldnt b able to train n then waste time on the day of the sequence by re learning choreography. There are already so many things that can and will go wrong on a big action/horrror film, as we learned w the accident the other day, it's dangerous, so the more prepared we are during these big scenes, the better. That's why I haven't had time to reply to any1 this week as well. In this scene, we've all come out of the rain b4 the fight, so we're wet which makes 4 a very uncomfortable set as every1 has 2 b "wet down" b4 every take and in between set ups we're all cold and damp! that makes it harder to stretch and stay warm and all my time us taken up w shooting and stretching, shooting and stretching, so I don't injure myself during the fight. Nxt week will b easier 4 me and I'll hve more time between set ups to answer ppl! Darn I have to go! (Oct 13)
    • I'm gonna write longer tweets so I don't spam every1's timeline. 2 give u all an update on April, our zombie xtra who got injured the other day, I saw her brother here yesterday n he told me that the doctor hadnt seen her after the preliminary examination, which I hope is a good sign. She is on pain meds and staying in bed at the best fracture/injury hospital in toronto. She txted me yesterday to say that she was feeling stronger and wanted to recover quickly for her family and friends! She's so amazing! I'm hoping to talk to her later 2day and get an update. Now I've got to go start my warm up! Tweet you later!

    • U gotta luv my husband, an a.d. Came up 2 him n said that we had 2 wait 4 the "blood puddles" 2 come in, paul says "the blood puddles come in when I say they can come in." such a cool conversation 2 eavesdrop on! Lol! (Oct 15)
    • So I'm abt 2 get in the harness now 2 do my wire gags! I'm doing a flash kick 1st, I posted a vid of it a few weeks ago, then a "Valdez" backflip! Shld b fun! Hahahaha! So excited!
    • OH SHIIIIITTTT!!!! THAT WAS EFFING SIIICK!!! man, i don't care how much wire work I do, i still get butterflies in my belly right b4!!! But man I shot that sucka straight in the head! Slam mothereffin dunk, wuz up ppl?!!! Representin fo da ladies!!! Ah hahahahahaha!!!!

    • Hey every1! I see there r a lot of new ppl on my twitter page n I'd like 2 say hi! n welcome aboard! Thanks so much 4 all your amazing comments! It's so grt 3 hear how much ppl r luvin "3 musketeers" n the endless support 4 RE5! thanks so much guys! (Oct 17)
    • Now 4 all the newbies u wanted 2 let u all know how I work. I'm gonna try n update every1 as much as I can from set n then I try n answer ppl's replies n comments a few times a week or if I have more time on set between set ups I'll take a crack. Obviously I don't get 2 every1, so don't take it personally if I don't answer you, jst know my heart is in the right place n u do my best 2 get 2 as many ppl as I can. Over all tho, tighten your seatbelts, we're gonna have a fun ride, cause we r in the set of the new RE movie n it's an effin ride! Xo m
    • This is amazing! We're shooting in a "devastated neighborhood" 2day n it's awesome! Cars burning, all the peeps from around here r extras! We even have zombie children 2day! All the ppl who live around here were so down to get all dressed up as undead, they're incredible!
    • The funniest part is even when they yell cut, u can still hear over enthusiastic zombies eating ppl! Lol!

    • Good morning from "camp evil"! 2day is a big day, we've got a huge cast working! @guillorybe @mrodofficial @colinsalmon24 Oded Fehr! (Oct 18)
    • Also, Bingbing Li is starting 2day, though she's been sick poor girl! Over all I think it's gonna b a super fun day n I'll keep u all posted
    • OMG!!! On the set of RE5 n I just saw Bingbing Li in her "Ada Wong" costume! She's INSANELY gorgeous n we're just so lucky 2 hve her! What an amaZing cast, this is getting better n better everyday! *jumping up n down! (well, almost! Lol!)*
    • Ok, so this is SO SNEAKY!! I can't show a pic of Bingbing in costume, but here's a pic w the Ada haircut! Shhhh! Don't tell any1!!

    • Here is the drawing from the game of the RED DRESS! lol! And that's all I'm gonna give you or I'm in deep sh*t!!!

    • OMG!!! Ada just shot the hell out of her gun 4 the 1st time in RE!!! YEA!!!

    • What happened 2 Alice?!!!! (Oct 20)

    • I'm so happy u all luv the BTS footage I've been doing. I really want u 2 feel like its YOUR movie 2! I'm a fan tweeting like I wld WANT a fan tweeting abt RE! It's a wrap 4 the day/night? I don't know anymore what's what. But I want u all 2 feel a part of the fun n excitement that any of us feel abt this series. Over n out, I'm going 2 c my poor sick baby now that she's awake n then it's bedtime 4 milla/Alice? No, milla. Jee its 9am n we jst got back home! Night night tweeple! U make it so easy 2 stay up all night (4 every1) w your amazing replies n support of these movies! I cant thank u enough! Bless you and tweet u 2morrow/later 2day? Aaaah! I'm out! Xo m (Nov 1)
    • Hey every1! So we're back at the stinky factory 4 another all nighter! I jst wanna make it clear that I shoot pics n vids of ppl on set, so if u don't c your gave character, it's cause they're not here! Bingbing Li aka Ada Wong gets back from china on Friday I think. Also, sum characters like Jill @guillorybe or me I can only film occasionally as our "looks" are special n we don't want 2 spoil the surprise! Alright, enuf said! I keep u all updated as the evil night progresses! Xo m

    • Hey every1! I've been a bit beat abt the last few days m my hands hve bone bruises on them, so I'm a bit low energy 2day n it's hard 2 type. (Nov 9)
    • But I want 2 say THANK U ALL SO MUCH 4 the support u've shown 2 "3musketeers"! Telling your friends 2 c it! U don't know how much it means to me n all the amazing cast n crew (the crew btw is all working on RE5 as well, so it gets their spirits up when I tell them how much u all luv the movie!) that ppl are spreading word of mouth abt thefilm! U guys are AMAZING PEOPLE! Thanks again! Xo m

    • Good mornin every1! It's the funniest scene description on our "call sheet" this morning: "Alice comes out of the closet" da da dum tccc! (Nov 10)
    • So we're shooting a teaser trailer that shld b in theaters by Xmas! Im gonna shoot it now! Let's govovich! (Nov 14)
    • So Bingbing gve me sum "bling bling" 4 my iPhone! Shes so cool, my new name 4 her is "Bingalicious&#

    • "Rules on black cat suits" by milla j.
      Black catsuits have gone back to Japanese ninja times.
      Black catsuits are... Well black.
      U wanna a black catsuit, but u want it 2 stand out. IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS! Or else every action girl wld look the same.
      Notice the corset.
      Notice the silver "exoskeleton" buckles on said corset in front AND behind (I don't think anything has been leaked of the back of my suit)
      Also, the silver buckles in front n behind the boots.
      So in the end, catsuits will b catsuits unless u take the time and imagination 2 update them w details that set them apart from the countless others we've all seen and will see again!
      Phew! BTW, Regina is HOT! Who's gonna make THAT movie?! Xo m

    • So unfortunately I won't b tweeting much 2nite cause it's freezing And also we have rain machines, which makes typing kind of hard! Lol! So good morning here from "camp evil" n I'll tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 16)

    • 1stly, I've read sum of your tweets 2nite n wanna say u r wonderful ppl. It's 530am, I'm goin home 2 cuddle my lil 1 so I can't reply but your luv n support is INCREDIBLE! Abt 2nite, it was cold, rain machines had us drenched, but thank God 4 small miracles, there was no wind!!! That made life a lot easier, I tell u what! Poor Mika is still working, she's such a trooper! This is the last week of night shoots, so we're all very excited! We've been working 6 day weeks 4 the last month + I've traveled 2 London, Tokyo n Italy 2 boot! What a crazy month it's been! this weekend will b the 1st 2 day break I've had in over a month! I'm SO looking forward 2 it! Also, we've officially past the halfway mark on RE5! I CAN'T WAIT 4 u all 2 c this film that we've all (thru the amazing twitterverse) lived thru 2gether! I am signing off 4 the night/morning...? Well night AND morning 4 me in any event. I wish u all the best! Every1 who had a crappy day, I hope u feel better and every1 that's jst said hi n how much they luv the franchise, THANK YOU SO MUCH! WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! Night night! Xo m (Nov 17)

    • @RaphaUnderwood I hope u feel better! my fave flower is peonies! (Nov 18)
    • so... i guess i'll start following ppl back! but please be respectful of requests and dm's. and obviously i won't be able to reply to every1
    • ok, gotta go to set, can't spend all night following back! but will do my best. don't expect replies 2night tho, cause i'll b following ppl!
    • Ok,I'm following ppl who ask 4 a follow.I'm not leaving ppl out. If ppl don't feel "special" bcause I'm not being "choosy" then unfollow me.

    • The sky is jst turning a deep shade of blue as we drive out 2 our location this morning. It's that time of morning where u cans till see all the lights shining n the sun hasn't come up jst yet, but it's slowly waking up. #beautiful (Nov 21)
    • It was so funny, we went 2 the Xmas parade yesterday n Ever got pegged in the face w a candy cane by the mayor of Toronto! She wasn't very happy!
    • @Braderli the fans decide whether we do another RE or not. Always has been, always will b! But paul has ideas 4 another 1 2 continue the story! Plus, we need @therealalil back n chris redfield! Knock on wood u all luv RE5!
    • Over n out from "camp evil" every1! I'm done 4 the night n goin home! Have a grt day/night wherever u are! Xo m

    • Gmornin every1! So we're back in our "Russian" metro 2day! I'll try n make a vid if anything exciting happens, but again, no reception, so I won't be able 2 communicate that much. In any event, we're jst continuing the scene from yesterday, so not much new to tell. Xo m (Nov 23)
    • Hey every1! Been stuck deep on the subway all day n it takes 2 long 2 come back up, but we're back at the studio 2morrow, so I'll hve sum more cool vids or sumthing 2 show. Have to get a "body cast" after work, so maybe I can tweet sum pics or a vid later! Shld b pretty gross n cool! Oh and I wished Oded Fehr a happy bday from the twitterverse! Xo m

    • Happy thanksgiving every1(whoever celebrates it)! We r doing our dinner on the weekend as we're still working 2day at "camp evil"! We r goin 2 shoot an incredible car chase sequence 2day, so thats gonna b fun! Lots of zombies n creatures chasing us, so cool beans! I wish u all an amazing day n will tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 24)
    • Well it's been crazy 2day here at "camp evil"! Lots of stunts and explodications (that's what we call them! Lol!) but no vids that don't give too much away. Plus we're in a car all day, so it's been busy n cramped! I hope u all are hving n amazing thanksgiving! Xo m

    • Hey every1! Wow, u can really tell that we're on the last month of filming, cause now the crew is scrambling 2 get everything done, schedules have been changed, ppl r on edge bcause now we'll b shooting Saturdays till the end of production (Xmas eve) to get it all done, while all of us who are doing stunts will b working on our 1 day off to rehearse 4 the nxt big fight sequences! MAN! Ppl r sweating! AND this is the 1st morning that was really hard for me to get out of bed! Lol!So I'm getting a coffee barista to come 2day and make cappuccino's n espressos 4 every1 2 lift up moral n what better way than by shoving caffeine down every1's throat! Anyway, 2day we're still in the middle of the rolls Royce chase sequence, so lots of explosions, glass shattering n running from zombies. It's a pretty closed set, so I don't know if I'll b able 2 send any vids, but I'll let u know when sumthing interesting happens! Sorry 4 the long tweet, but don't wanna spam all your timelines! Tweet u later! Xo m (Nov 25)
    • OMG! I clonked out SO hard at lunch! TGYF! I'm gonna go home n hve celebrate w my @campari cocktail! Or two... Awww! I don't hve 2 drive! So who's counting!
    • Well that's the end of the week 4 us here at "camp evil"! Stunt rehearsal 2morrow, but now it's @campari cocktail time! WOOT WOOT! Gnight!

    • Hey every1! 4got my phone this morning! So we're finishing up the rolls Royce chase sequence 2day, it's gonna b pretty interesting cause they have the car on sumthing called a "gimble" which is a hydraulic pole raised abt 6 ft. Off the ground that turns us around and up n down, so we'll b at a 90deg. Angle for most of the day! Lol! It's like going 2 a theme park! Anyway, gotta run and put sum earplugs in cause there WILL B GUNFIRE!!! (Nov 28)
    • OMG! That was insane! The pyro boys were like "we're gonna put a little fire in the front of the car", then the whole hood burst in2 flame! I was like "ummm... A little fire huh?!" lolol! So cool!
    • @Misty_Crom oooooh noooo! We got 3 real phantoms n destructicated (new word) them!!
    • @_LostInTheHive_ no. The car is not alright. Not at all! We're destroying it! WOOT!

    • @danyklop yes, the boys from capcom (creators of the RE GAMES) r here 2day! I asked them when Alice wld b in the game n they said "hahaha good idea"! Whatever that means! Lol! but will ask them when RE6 the game comes out! (Nov 29)
    • @BrianAlthimer on the opposite! You know if u see Alice u're gonna die! (unless your name is above the title...) whoops! Did I say that?!
    • @karitechop gotta b careful abt the vids n pics now, too much info. But there will b a lot of rad footage 4 the DVD that I'm filming!
    • So I just asked the boys from capcom when RE6 the game comes out and they said... "hahahahahaha! It's confidential". So there u go folks!
    • @Jimmy93B it's different around the world, but most places the teaser will b out between Xmas n new years!
    • Jeez! It's been a long day! I feel like I jst went 2 a black sabbath concert my neck feels like its been filled w stones after that phantom chase! And now THERE WILL B GUNFIRE!!! I need an Advil! MEDIC! Anyway, I gotta stuff sum earplugs in, shoot the sh*t out of sum rad stuff n ppl, both living and undead and then it's time to go home! Oh! And I'm glad u njoyed my lil musical number! Have a grt night folks! U ROCK and make everyday that much more fun 2 share! Xo m

    • G'day tweeple! So 2day it's Ada Wong n Alice explodicating things, shooting the heck out of every1 n pretty much murderinating (new word!) YAY!! (Nov 30)
    • @LoveRoxxs we're gonna b shooting the phantom scene on and off 4 the rest of production I think! Lol! It's a big sequence!
    • @BryanKMcgowan I do a lot of my own stunts n hve an amazing stunt double who's worked on all the RE films w me n we split stuff up cause theres jst not enuf time 2 get it all done!
    • Well no time 4 tweeting 2day, there wasn't even a place 2 sit on set cause everything had explosives in it! Lol! I have so much dirt and debris on me, I can feel it in my teeth and under my eyelids! Gross. Anyway, I'm going home to cuddle up and go to sleep w my lil one and I hope u all have a grt day/night wherever u r! Xo m

    • Good mornin from "camp evil" every1! It's a short shooting day 4 me 2day which is awesome cause I'll go do my stunt rehearsal in a few hours AND THEN... I get to go to tai Kwon do class w my daughter!!!!! I'm so excited! I get to "mom it up"and throw her "the look" when she doesn't concentrate on what she's doing! Lol! I've got "the look" down pact, I've been cultivating it since she was a baby, so I don't really ever have to raise my voice at her and it's grt 4 when u're in a public space. It's sort of the equivalent of Eddie Murphy's mom's high heeled shoe flying thru the air like a boomerang in "raw"! Lolol! If u haven't seen that movie, u must stop everything n rent it. Like IMMEDIATELY! So anyway, i won't b around much 2day guys, so have a good one! Xo m (Dec 1)
    • BTW, explodicate can b used in different ways, explodication, explodicating (these r all paul words, hve 2 b honest!) AND I call paul "the explodicater" and he calls me "the murderinater"! Lol! Ah, hubbies, wives and their terms of endearment!
    • Phew! Well that was a hard days work! Lol! Now I'll b "desuitinating" (guys can use this one as well when they come home from work) and goin 2 stunt rehearsal! Gotta get my moves down and get my wire on!
    • @LeLeAnn_ I love wire work! It makes everything so hyper real and magical all at the same time! Love it!

    • G'day every1! So 2day I will b doing a lot of "creepinating", but creeping around doesn't look very interesting if I'm not "drenchinated"! Lol! So I guess u can call me the "drenchinated creepinater", oh! And I will b doing some "listenating" as well AND 2day we r shooting "the wonganater" in her opening sequence, so u'll get sum signature Ada Wong wire work! All in all it's A bit quiet on set. Lots of dialogue between Ada, Wesker n Alice. W a rad wire sequence that we probably (and when I say probably I mean definitely) wont finish till we come back on Monday! It's getting tougher 2 send vids as we're in the studio and the sets are SIIIIICKKK!!!! But i'm filming BTS footage 4 the DVD, so u'll get 2 c sum fun stuff when that comes out. Ok! Well that was an incredibly long tweet, so I'll end it. Now. Tweet u later! Xo m (Dec 2)

    • Hey every1! I know, I know! Where's the vids?! Where's sum pics AT LEAST! I have failed you tweeps! Now I must die. Well, since I hve 2 survive till the end of RE5, I'll jst save that 4 another later date! Lol! Anyway, we jst finished our day w "main unit", but hey! That doesn't mean 2nd unit isn't still waiting for me! WE ARE STILL HAVING 2 FINISH THE "phantom" CAR CHASE SEQUENCE! Can u believe it?! So, now I have to get my hair redone and go destructicate our poor rolls Royce more than we have already! TGIF!!! That's all I have to say! Stunt rehearsal tomorrow as well, but I'll bring the lil one w me so she can do her karate while mama is fighting! Lol! Now what am I gonna do when she sees me in wires?! Jeez! I'm raising a future stunty! That's one tough 4 yr. old I tell u what! (Dec 3)
    • God help me! I will stop NOW! Lol! RT @tonyzag: @MillaJovovich lol. what's with all the words you keep inventing? are you the next sarah palin?
    • Of course! U have 2 say them in the "arnie" voice! RT @MichelleChain: @MillaJovovich Don't know about anyone else, but I read all these innovative Camp Evil words in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • G'day every1! So we have gotten off to a grt start this morning! Already got 2 awesome shots done n goin in for "coverage" (close ups). I gotta tell u all the funniest story! So Bingbing has the most amazing skin and she graciously gave me a gift of Chinese masks that moisturize for optimum hydration... I guess u can call me the hydratanater now! Lol! Anyway, when I read the contents of the masks, I almost peed myself laughing! One of them is made of... Get this, u ready?! "silk worm larvae"! Lolol! I almost had a heart attack, but man, that larvae felt awesome! The other one is made of sumthing called "birds nest". Now birds nest is more valuable than gold n I'll tell you why. When birds make nests, they leave remnants of their spit on the branches. So... Lolol! This spit is meticulously collected by sum poor dudes in china and it's really difficult! Soy other mask is made of birds spit! How abt them apples?! Would you use these masks? They look like the inside of an alien intestine, but my skin was like GLOWING!! #isitreallyworthit? (Dec 5)
    • So we've been shooting Ada Wong's 1st appearance in the film 2day and she does one of her signature flips w the hook gun which looks AWESOME! That girl is grt in wires! But it's so time intensive, the set is so beautiful and perfect, every scuff mark shows, every finger print, every reflection. So we have 2 clean everything every other minute which sucks up time. It's a delicate set, but it will look spectacular when we're done. Me? I've been here for Bingbing, but everything has been pretty much over my shoulder onto her, plus I'm supposed to be drenched still and it's hard to type w wet fingers! Lol! My lil one came to see us for lunch, I got her all pumped up for tai Kwon do class! Me: "what's your name!!!" her: "Ever Gabo J. Anderson!!!" me: "what are you?!!!" her: "I'm THE BEST!!" me: "why r you the best?!" her: "because I respect myself, respect my parents and respect my master!" then we do six punches and w each punch say " tai Kwon do, yes I can!" lololol! It's too cute! She's amazing.

    • Shld i put a gun 2 their heads?! Lol! I told them they r wanted on here! It's their choice! Bingbing has a Chinese twitter.RT @_AdaWong_: @MillaJovovich Please consider my request. we all would love to have Li Bingbing, johann urb & shawn roberts on twitter

    • @resident_eevil well, I started martial arts on 5th element n got addicted. But I don't practice enough. Nxt yr. I'm gonna take time off and take classes every week! (Dec 7)
    • @ErveLuna lolol! That's funny! I don't know if we're gonna do anything 4 my bday at "camp evil" tho, we gotta finish the movie!
    • Gmornin every1 where it's morning! Gevening to all those where it's evening! There's a HUGE wire stunt 2day here at camp evil as guess what?! Im not allowed 2 do it! Aargh! It's a 50 ft. Fly on a wire rig w a flip AND gunfire (sob) to kill a gynormous creature, but the set is too tight and my incredible stunt double -Jo Anne Leach- has to land in2 crash pads 2 make it and the insurance company and my husband said Absolutely NOT. I'm bummed but there u go. Safety first.the sequence is gonna KILL tho n no matter what Jo is my girl and she's THE BEST, so trust me when u c it in the film it will b overwhelmingly awe inspiring! That's my news of the morning. Gotta get hair n make up on.
    • @RPopBox no, I don't tweet much when I'm not working. I'm a very normal, private person in "real" life! Lol! I check in every few weeks tho.
    • @PsychoboyUK my dream bday gift FROM MY TWEEPS wld b 4 all of u 2 b your best everyday! Excel n kick a** doing it!
    • Yay! I get 2 go home early n read bedtime stories 2 my lil one!the Binganator is murderinating the hell out of every1 4 the last shot!night!

    • Gmornin, evening, afternoon and all the rest of the hours in the day every1! 2 more weeks 2 go till the end of shooting RE5! It's exciting n heartbreaking all at the same time! It's been a crazy, difficult complicated shoot, but so fun n wonderful 2 b back in the RE family again! It's going 2 b bittersweet saying goodbye to Alice and the RE world... But enough of the sad part! Just because there's 2 weeks left doesn't mean it's over, actually, the BEST IT YET TO COME! ALUCE VS. JILL fight is starting nxt week! Both @guillorybe (jill valentine) n i have been training every chance we get when we're not shooting. As well as rehearsing on the weekends to be ready 4 one of the most EPIC fight sequences in RE history! So now starts another day at camp evil and NOTHING CAN GO WRONG! Right? LOL! (Dec 9)

    • Hey every1! Hope u're having a great weekend! Since we're workin Saturdays till Xmas now 2 get the film done, we hve a lot on our plate for 2 day at camp evil! The main unit is off, so all the guys n gals we work with during the week get a rest n we're working w 2nd unit, which is another crew that works tues. thru sat. Mostly doing stunt work and/or finishing up bits an pieces that main unit couldn't get to. So that's pretty much what we're doing 2day! Bits and pieces we didn't get to in the last few weeks! A lot of hair and costume changes 4 me, cause its a bit from the end of the script, then a bit from the beginning, little pieces out f sequence. There u go! No gunfire, but I will be stuck in wires for a large part of the day, so I'll try and get some1 2 throw my phone up to me and film a vid 4 u all! Xo m (Dec 10)
    • Well, back in the wires for me n my phone is gonna die! Tweet u later folks! Xo m

    • Hey every1! I am officially tweeting this from a brand new iPhone case from Bingbing who is on her last day of the film 2day! Heres a pic! What do u think of THAT?!!! Haha! It's the most awesome iPhone case ever right?! (Dec 13)

    • @Di3gIkX I will b recording music nxt yr! Wanna take a break from films, b in mommy world n record me sum new music!
    • @s9211513 for my bday I will be working on RE (awesome) and swimming in a lake of fire (not so awesome, but will look awesome! Lol!)
    • What a day! Started at 7am n now it's almost midnight! Bingbing wrapped 2day, Kevin Durand and Shawn Roberts wrapped last week! And now it's time 2 start the fight we've all been preparing so hard for! Alice vs. Jill starts 2morrow n we will continue shooting it till pretty much the end! Shooting is done the 23rd of dec n then back to LA on Xmas eve! Anyway, night night every1! Xo m

    • So this morning I had a later call n got my lil 1 ready 4 school. Now I can't remember if I told u all this story, but if you're a parent it's awesome! 1 day my daughter was being "spicy" b not appreciating her toys, asking me 4 a present. Now I told her that "we get presents on our bdays or Xmas n maybe we get surprises, but it's rude 2 ask 4 presents". Well, she kept at it and then it hit me! I grabbed a super sized garbage bag and said "so you don't appreciate your wonderful toys?! Great! They're going in "the nothing bag"! I then proceeded 2 place all her stuff in there, even putting garbage bags over her little kitchen set. Well she was shocked! Then she said she DID appreciate her stuff and could she have it back? I said sorry! You didn't respect your things and they'll stay on the "nothing bag" all day cause u treated them like they were nothing. Well, trust me, anytime she starts acting like she doesn't care abt her stuff and wants more, all I say is "shld I put everything in the "nothing bag" again?" and she changes her tune real quick! Anyway, 2day we start the Alice vs. Jill fight sequence! It's gonna be dirty and vicious n it's GONNA RULE!! Xo m (Dec 14)
    • NEWS FLASH: Alice vs. Jill fight is underway! Round 1 Score: Jill: 1 Alice: 0
    • NEWS FROM CAMP EVIL: Jill Valentine is kickin Project Alice's A**. K.O.!!!
    • NEWSFLASH FROM CAMP EVIL: Project Alice is getting back up... And she's MAD. But will she b able 2 counter the BA'ness of Valentine?!
    • Well that's a wrap 4 the day folks! Tweet u 2morrow n we'll c the score is! Alice vs. Jill! IT'S ON...! Tomorrow.

    • NEWS FLASH: Alice vs. Jill Fight: Alice makes a comeback! Jill: 1 Alice: 1 (Dec 15)
    • Alice vs. Jill: it's not going well 4 Alice. Alice: 1 Jill: 4
    • NEWFLASH ALICE VS. JILL FIGHT: Alice: 2 Jill: Way too high to count! Alice is getting beat down! What's it gonna take 4 her to get back up?!
    • So Jill says " your momma is so ugly she makes a zombie look good" and Alice is like "what biaaatch?!" n comes back a sum ill moves so... Alice: 4 Jill: 8
    • I'd only Alice had an iPod and "the final countdown" was playing, then maybe she could win...
    • Yea,yea that line IS better. Anymore your mama/zombie jokes any1?RT @dublonothing: @MillaJovovich how about "you don't have to worry about Zombies - I hear they like brains."
    • THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A "YO MAMMA" gag!RT @dublonothing: @MillaJovovich anything's gotta be better than a yo' mamma gag.
    • NICE!RT @MeganRose_: @MillaJovovich @guillorybe Jill's mom is so ugly she makes nemesis look dead sexy. (no punn entended)
    • Lolol!RT @Tanya_Lee2: @MillaJovovich Yo mama's so blond she could walk through a crowd of zombies untouched.
    • Ok, jst got home from work, it's after midnight n I hve 2 stop tweeting n DROP! Pick up at 7am WOOT WOOT! Nighty night! Xo m
    • Ok, jst 1 more! Gnight 4 real!RT @bobbybittle: @millajovovich yo mama so fat she ran into crowd of zombies and ate THEM
    • Ok, this has 2 stop! Im dying here! Lolol!RT @Daniel_RinconR: @MillaJovovich yo mama's so fat, when zombies are eatin her, they take a break

    • WOW!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH 4 THE BDAY WISHES!!! I appreciate your kind words and thoughts so much, it means the world to me that so many ppl from all the far corners of the earth, remembered me 2day and gave me so many beautiful blessing! I have THE BEST TWEEPS EVER!! (Dec 17)
    • Many of you have asked what the best present would be from u guys to me. I'll tell you. I want want every single one of you to look in the mirror 2day and say "I'm THE BEST." and mean it. And when you go to school or go to work or stay home with the kids or do whatever you do, to BE AT YOUR BEST! EXCEL, no matter if you hate your job, EXCEL, no matter if you hate your school! DO YOUR BEST AT WHATEVER YOU DO. If u've been procrastinating, don't. if you've been depressed, go to the gym and WORK OUT YOUR FEELINGS THROUGH PUSHING YOUR BODY. You all mean the world to me and I hope you know that... Thank you thank you thank you! For your attention to my long a** tweets, for your intelligence, your compassion, your sense of humor and your love! You guys ARE THE BEST! Please remember that! Xo m

    • Hey every1! FWI, relatively long tweet coming. Thank u all again so much 4 the wonderful bday wishes. Last week of filming... Got me in a Joni Mitchell mood. Got "blue" n "river" on repeat. Xo m (Dec 19)
    • Wow! We shot some pretty grizzly stuff 2day! Hits time for me to go home as hang with my daughter! Lots of love every1! Xo m

    • So now the countdown begins! We finish on Friday the 23rd! Go home on the 24th! Excited 4 the holidays but sad 2 finish RE5! (Dec 20)
    • Tomorrow is really the last day of filming! I remember when we 1st started filming n I wld do a wire gag n get all excited! Now it's like "ok, did that, what's next?! Hurry hurry! Get out of the harness, we have to shoot a few "pick ups" (scenes that didn't get finished on the day they were scheduled for) n they'll turn the camera around, change the lights and then back in the harness!" no time for anything it seems! It looks SIIIICK people! I helped tweak the teaser trailer during lunch yesterday and even though the footage is from like the 1st 3 weeks of shooting, it's SO EFFIN AMAZING!! It's like "whaaaaat?!!!" and that's only what we shot the first 3 weeks! it mind blowing how cool this movie is gonna be! Well, packing up (aaargh!) I got a bunch of letters from some off you that I'll be signing when I get home at night. Lil one went home w her grandma yesterday to he the Xmas tree ready for mama n papa, so we have a bit more time for concentrating on finishing these LAST FEW DAYS! Anyway, theres another "signature" long a** tweet for ya! Xo m (Dec 22)
    • Alright! Gotta go 2 set! It was nice 2 tweet w u all! Buh bye!
    • Oh and the RE5 teaser trailer shld be out around new years!
    • @roger_shan I won't b tweeting very much when I'm done. I'm a very private person in "real" life. I'll check in every once in a while tho!

    • So it's the LAST DAY shooting RE5! Every1 is packing n we have a lot of stuff 2 finish filming still! It's gonna b a long day! (Dec 23)
    • Ppl hve been asking when the teaser will come out. I was told around new year. Now, I found out a funny lil fact 2day! It's up to every1's local theater which trailers n teasers they WANT to show! So if you wanna c the teaser sooner, tell your local theater that you want it! It WILL play in front of Sony movies already, but theaters decide if they're gonna put it in front of non Sony films! So request the teaser from your local theater and maybe you can convince them to play it on more screens! Haha! Power to the people! Xo m

    • So I jst asked paul and he said 4 SURE the teaser 4 "RE:Retribution" is coming out on the 18th of jan! I'm sure it will b online. Then on the 20th it comes out in 3D in front of the new "underworld" movie! So there you go folks n now I'm over and out, going on vacation with my family 4 a week! Tweet u later! Xo m (Feb 12)
    • Gotta get back 2 work! So now OFFICIALLY paul got an email saying the RE:RETRIBUTION teaser will b out -and I quote- "tomorrow thurs. the 19th at 1pm EST/10am PST. US is launching w Yahoo Movies n int'l markets r each securing a local launch site (whatever that means! Lol!) the trailer will launch on the official movie site as well". But i actually jst checked that site n the "retribution" site isnt up yet which is weird. Im contacting sony today n will keep u posted as soon as i hear back from them. So there u go! A bit confusing for me a well as for u all... Don't worry, I'll get to the bottom of this, Mai tai in hand (woot woot!). Xo m (Feb 17)
    • i love how ironic the trailer is! some reviewers don't think so, they say its a sony commercial! lol! but its in keeping w all our past teasers, starting on something that looks like a commercial and the POW! THE REAL DEAL STARTS!
    • i especially love that sony wld use poduct placement for the "end of the world"! lol! very brave. and the commercial is the "typical" cheesy add that sony would never do for a real commercial! too cool! i think its very smart and dynamic! i'm so glad u all love it n remember...every trailer after this will have more and more cool, different stuff as our sfx get finished! GO RE!!! going back 2 my bubba on vacay as its our last day and we go home tomorrow! bye guys! have a grt one! xo m
    • yes its the tron music, but who doesn't love daft punk?! we thought it fit perfectly 4 the teaser in a pinch n i think it shld stay...

    • Hey every1! I'm visiting my hubby in the RE editing room n thought I cld give u a glimpse on how they work! [ Video ] (Feb 28)
    • Oops! And jst the most important part of watching... [ Video ]
    • WOW!!!! I jst saw the COOLEST STUFF!!! aaaaaahhhhh! I'm flippin out y'all! [ Video ]

    • Hey every1! So paul and I r jst arriving at wondercon in anaheim n it's so exciting! We're showing a whole fight sequence 2day from RE:R! (Mar 17)
    • It's amazing 2 c what ppl's reaction is gonna be! I'm nervous, but so proud of the film, I think ppl are gonna love it! Here we go!
    • @NesetUraL thank you!But i always get butterflies before we show clips from RE!I'm so in love with the movie,I want ppl 2 feel it like I do!
    • @RayYoWTF I don't know if this is special 4 wondercon or if they will post it online, but I'll keep u posted!