King of the Hill (2002)


Episode KH701: "Get Your Freak Off"
Original Airdate: November 3, 2002 (7th season premiere)

Plot summary: Hank brings Bobby and a new girl (Jordan, voice by Eliza Dushku) who Bobby wants to date to a boy-band concert. Hank freaks when he sees the band's overtly sexual dance moves and makes it his mission to desexualize Bobby's environment.

His reaction unsettles Jordan's parents (voices by Debra Messing and David Herman), a "progressive" couple who are allowing their daughter to have a coed slumber party. Despite Hank's refusal, Bobby wants to go and gets help from Peggy, who has her own reasons for wanting Hank to lighten up. Bobby sneaks out and joins the party, where he and his female friend are caught in an awkward, romantic moment. Hank crashes the party and pulls Bobby away from the girl. Bobby is secretly relieved that he has been saved from a sexual situation he didn't know how to handle.

Meanwhile, Peggy, Nancy and Minh rate their husbands' sex appeal, and Peggy is upset that the girls rank Hank in the middle just above Bill. As Hank tries to desexualize Bobby, Peggy tries to sexualize Hank.

Elizabeth Perkins also lends her voice as a freethinking mom; Milla Jovovich plays her daughter, Serena.