VH-1's "Inside Music" feature on Milla, July 12, 1994

(Interview taped at the KGB Bar, New York City)

Tape cuts in with narrator: "...songs about life's universal journeys"

(showing Milla while she's talking, with brief cutaways to show a few of her magazine covers: Lei, Madame Figaro, Seventeen, Mademoiselle)

Milla: I originally went into music because it would have been the one outlet for my expression. With all the other things I did there were a lot of other people involved and with music I knew that it would be the only thing that nobody would be involved in except me, that I could just be creative by myself.

Scene of Milla singing excerpt of "In A Glade" - she's holding a guitar but not playing it, she's singing a capella.

(music of GWF starts in background, scenes from "Dazed and Confused")

Milla: If I wasn't going to be able to do what I wanted to do, I had acting to fall back on, I had modeling to fall back on. And that's what really helped me to be able to be strong about a lot of things.

(scenes from GWF video, and showing the cover of the album, with the nipples airbrushed out, of course.)

Milla: I think my music is little snippets of life. And the divine comedy is life, at least the way I look at it it is. My songs are about life, about different situations in life and weird, twisted situations or painful situations or whatever it is...it's life.

(more scenes from video, plus, showing Milla playing guitar, smoking a cigarette, in publicity photographs, and just being interviewed.)

Milla: I think more than anything that this album was an experiment for me really. It was more me really discovering myself as an artist, as a musician. This album has already done more for me than I ever expected it to do, so anything anybody says after this can't really affect me because I never expected it to even be this good, so it's ok , my next album will make 'em believe.

Narrator: Milla wrote much of her current album when she was just 16, by whispering the lyrics into a tape recorder during high school biology class. I'm Ken Taylor for Vb's Inside Music.