Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine 1994

Vital Statistics: Milla Jovovich
Occupation: Actress and model.
Birthday: December 17, 1975
Birthplace: Kiev, Russia.
Current home: Hollywood
Working on: "The Return Of [sic] The Blue Lagoon" just came out, and I just finished "Kuffs" with Christian Slater.
Worst job: I was modeling summer clothes on a beach in France, and it was really, really cold and I was crying and shivering.
The last good movie I saw was: "Angel At My Table."
I stay home to watch: I rent psychedelic films like "Hair" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
The book I've been reading is: Tolstoy's "War and Peace."
Favorite performer: Kate Bush. She's got an incredible voice, and her lyrics have a lot of depth and feeling, and they inspire me.
Prized possession: My drawing books.
Every New Year's I resolve: The same stuff as everybody else--to exercise, eat healthier, stop being lazy, clean up my room and be a better person.
Nobody knows I'm: A psycho-schizophrenic from hell.
I'd give anything to meet: God
My fantasy is: I take a couple of friends into my fairy world in my drawing books, and we do magic with sorcerers and fly around with elves for a couple of hours.
The worst advice my mother ever gave me was: I was modeling in the Virgin islands, and I wanted to get a tan, and I started to put on sun block, and she told me I didn't need it. So I didn't put it on, and I turned into a lobster.
If I could change one thing about myself, I would be: Less moody.
People who know me in high school: I'm not a favorite with them because I'm not overly friendly. I'm more into my own world and my own mind.
When I'm feeling sorry for myself, I: Sit in my room, stare at my walls and drown in my own personal misery.
My most humbling experience: Seeing a great movie. I think, "That's the kind of movie a *real* actor does."
When people first meet me: A lot of them don't like me. They think I'm cold, but I'm really just quiet and reserved.
Three words that best describe me: Obscure, warm and dark.