'TEEN November 1988


Teen Mag '88 TOC She's said to be the youngest, hottest, most-sought-after model in the country today. She's been seen on the cover of 15 national magazines, appeared on a dozen international talk shows and has made two major-motion pictures. She's 12-year-old, Russian-born, Los Angeles-based Milla Jovovich, and she's been in the beauty business a mere year!

How is she handling her sudden rise to stardom? What's it like to work with this pre-teen novice/pro? Can she cope with instant success? 'TEEN decided to "book" Milla for a day, and go behind the scenes to find out.

When the 'TEEN editors first decided to do a "shooting" on Milla, they knew they'd have to book ahead and wait. (Legends-to-be, after all, don't come along every day.)

After four weeks of letter-writing, phone calls and some pleading with her agent, a date was confirmed. The photographer, makeup artist and hairstylist were selected, a studio was reserved, apparel manufacturers were contacted to cut some size-1 samples and the art director was sketching layouts. The ball was rolling.

The Shooting Day

9:30am - The crew was anxiously awaiting Milla's arrival.

Teen Mag '88 #1 9:45am - Milla came through the door. Now, everyone suspected that with all the hype surrounding this celebrity, she wasn't going to be just your run-of-the-mill model. What everyone didn't know, however, was just how knockout, drop-dead gorgeous she really was! She looked more like 18 than 12. She looked both sophisticated and innocent. She looked like she belonged on the silver screen!

Teen Mag '88 #2 10:00am - The shooting director told the crew the plan for the day (timing, number of shots, etc.), and the hairstylist to begin curling Milla's hair. Milla, however, is a girl who knows her own mind - and her own hair. "My hair looks better wavy than curly," Milla interjected. "If you have a waving iron, please use it." The crew exchanged all-knowing glances (it takes three times as long to wave as it does to curl, especially on long, thick, Milla-like locks). In an ever so accommodating fashion, the stylist began waving (and waving and waving!).

Noon - The hair was still not finished. The photographer hadn't clicked his shutter even once, and the editors had lost their "let's-get-going-I'm- excited-attitude." To top it off, Milla was requesting to go out for lunch! (Sorry, Milla, 'TEEN's shooting crew rarely breaks for more than 30 minutes to eat and never breaks until completing at least two shots!)

1:00pm - The good news: The first show was over! The bad news: Milla thought the shoot was over too. "Bye, and it's been nice working with you," she said. The shooting director approached her to remind her of the five remaining shots.

Teen Mag '88 #3 2:00pm - It was apparent that only a miracle would make Milla want to stay and finish the shooting. (Models do have to want to work, otherwise it's conveyed on film and it just doesn't work.) So, the crew tip-toed around, not wanting to upset anyone and hoping (praying!) to get at least one more shot done. Milla, looking as radiant as ever, tried to get in the modeling mood. (And she did.) At last, the crew succeeded in completing the shot.

4:00pm - While cleaning up and packing boxes, the staff reminisced and rehashed the day. Milla was beautiful, everyone agreed. She certainly wasn't your typical preteen. She certainly had her own opinions. And, yes, she was a bit difficult to work with. But maybe that's what it takes to make it to the top. Just ask Milla Jovovich because she's there. And with looks and self-confidence like hers, it looks like she'll be up there for a long, long time!