'TEEN February 1989

Modelling Behind the Glitter and Glitz
By Judy Romberger

Megamodel Milla Jovovich, 12, whose face has already adorned the covers of over 15 national magazines, tells 'TEEN, "It can be very upsetting when everyone is working on you at once."

When Milla modelled for a Revlon ad, she had to sit in the same pose for about four hours. If she moved, the flowers and feathers stacked on her shoulders would fall off. She said that every muscle in her body hurt!

She also confides that the hot lights are very bright and sometimes really hurt her eyes. She adds, "It's hard to get in a pose and be beautiful, then wait while [the photographer] changes film. Then they study the Polaroid, [and] start over again and again. It can be too much." But yet, Milla says, "I think something inside of me wants to be in front of the camera."

Milla has given up eating candy. She realizes it is important for her to have good teeth and a healty complexion. She says, "It is what you must do, eat the right things."

Milla says she needs 11 hours of sleep to look refreshed before a shoot. She goes to bed at 8 p.m. if she is working the next day. She advises, modelling "is not just glamour and fame. It's hard work and discipline. A shoot can last all day and into the night."

Milla, a junior high student, must attend a professional children's school where her classes can be scheduled around her bookings.