Spin May 1994

Beauty and the Beat

Those eyes, those lips...and they sing, too!

While Russian emigre supermodel-turned-actress Milla Jovovich didn't have a huge speaking part in Dazed and Confused, she did get to briefly strum an acoustic guitar and warble a lilting melody. Now she's made an entire album, The Divine Comedy, which sounds the way she looks- like an addled, anemic, Slavic poet princess. Whimsical to an extent that makes Kate Bush seem like Boss, Jovovich is the latest in a lineage anxious to enter into as intimate a relationship with the microphone as they have with the camera.

1 - Naomi Campbell
Held her own when dueting with Vanilla Ice on the title track of his legendary movie Cool As Ice. Campbell is signed to Epic, but her renowned unpunctuality suggests her debut LP may take longer to complete than the second Stone Roses album.

2 - Cindy Crawford
Opened that fabulous mouth and let loose a painfully thin and tuneless singing voice during a Charlie perfume commercial. Prince wrote "Cindy C." for her on The Black Album. It was poor.

3 - Grace Jones
Scary, teeth-baring, androgynous exhibitionist and epitome of '80s excess. Period classics include the Warm Leatherette and Nightclubbing albums and the great "Slave to the Rhythm" single. Now past her sell-by date but still trying to scare up some outrage.

4 - Samantha Fox
Full-figured, flat-voiced U.K. sex dwarf whose American success story was somewhat tarnished by the existence of a U.S. porn star of the same name. Her repertoire, which tended toward the tawdry, included "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)" and "Naughty Girls Need Love Too."

5 - Nick Kamen
Dropped trou in a jeans commercial and a star was born. Madonna cowrote and coproduced his excellent debut single, "Each Time You Break My Heart." Subsequent success restricted to Italy, where he became a star of such magnitude the Pope requested an audience with him.