Live with Regis & Kathie Lee November 11, 1999

Regis: We watched our next guest grow up here on TV. At 12 years of age she made her American television debut on our show. Three years later she returned when she made her first feature film.

Kathy Lee: That was that Blue Lagoon one.

Regis: Three years ago she was here for her role in The Fifth Element. Now starring as Joan of Arc, and here she is letís take a look at what she looks like right now. Hereís Milla Jovovich.

(Enter Milla)

Regis: (chanting) Milla! Milla! Milla! Anyway you were born in Russia but lived in Los Angeles most of your life.

Milla: I grew up in Los Angeles.

Regis: Grew up in Los Angeles sure, and your mother was a Russian actress.

Kathy Lee: (hands Milla tissue) You made her cry Rege.

Milla: (fake sulking) I know. Iím so emotional. I havenít been here in a while.

Regis: What happened?

Milla: (fake sulking) Iím so happy you had me back.

Kathy Lee: She missed us, yeah.

Milla: No itís too much makeup in the morning. (laughing) I canít deal with it. Yeah, my mom was a Russian actress and we sort of defected here.

Regis: Was it movies or was she on stage?

Milla: Both. But she played Betrice in What You Do About Nothing which was a movie. A really amazing, beautiful Russian film.

Kathy Lee: And is she involved in your career now?

Milla: Not so much. I mean sheís just a really great inspiration to me and a really close friend, but--

Regis: Well I bet she loves what youíre doing.

Milla: --but, yeah. Definitely. But itís kind of hard to have your mom there all the time with you. She gets crazy and sheís crazy about me so she just goes berserk.

Kathy Lee: Sheís a picker?

Milla: Oh yeah. Sheíll be watching this tonight. I hope everythingís O.K. (laughs, adjusts her blouse) Tonight, (corrects herself) this morning.

Regis: But now youíre into music huh?

Milla : Yeah.

Kathy Lee: Which you have been for a while.

Milla: Yeah. Iíve been working on music, you know, for as long as I can remember but I have a band now. Weíre called Plastic Has Memory. (waves to the camera) Hi guys.

Regis: Plastic Has Memory.

Milla: Yeah. And we have a show on the 18th.

Regis: Where?

Milla: At Mercury Lounge, so we could--

Regis: In New York or L.A. or--

Milla: New York.

Regis: New York, yeah.

(audience cheers and claps)

Kathy Lee: And she appears to be very unusual.

Milla: No I was gonna play, I was gonna play today but then they got really complicated. They wanted me to rehearse and dah dah dah duh duh so we decided not to.

Regis: Do you play an instrument?

Milla: Ah ha. I play guitar.

Regis: Oh you play guitar.

Milla: Yeah, yeah.

Kathy Lee: And how would you describe it, is it like alternative music. Is it...?

Milla: Mmmmm...definitely alternative. It can be a bit unpleasant (laughing) sometimes honestly. But no. Itís really cool. It's very strange, very atmospheric, lots of guitars. My guitar player Solin is really incredible. I have this great drummer named Jordan and this great amazing bass player and my piano player Chris so, you know, weíve got just some really talented guys.

Regis: Well Mick Jagger came by and caught one of your performances.

Milla: (points at Regis) You read that? Isnít that amazing? People...

Regis: Very impressed.

Kathy Lee: Did that affect your performance, knowing Mickís out there?

Milla: Well, I didnít know until after the show.

Kathy Lee: Oh thatís good.

Milla: And I was--well, my keyboard player was, "You were like a publicist and a fan all at the same time!", Ďcause MTV was there and I was like, "OH MY GOD! ITíS MICK JAGGER! Are you getting that??"

(they all laugh)

Milla: Itís unbelievably like, two sides of my head. Thatís the Russian side of me coming out.

Kathy Lee: Now is that because heís a friend or because heíd heard about your music?

Milla: Well, you know, heís a friend... (smiles) No. Iím kidding. (Milla laughs, audience laughs) Heís not a friend. God. No he is a friend though, but--

Kathy Lee: (hands Milla tissue and smiles at audience) The fall of Mick and sheís breaking up.

Milla: --but not really. Heís an acquaintance.

Regis: And what did he say after? Did you...? You met with him after the performance. And did he say he liked what he heard?

Milla: He was really...yeah...he was really into it. He invited us to come out with him afterwards. We didnít actually go but, but...

Kathy Lee: You turned The Mick down.

Milla: Noooooooooo. It was just, things got complicated. We had to get our equipment. I was loading equipment and stuff so...

Kathy Lee: (looks at audience) The big movie star loading her equipment.

Regis: Yeah.

Kathy Lee: I think thatís great.

(whole audience starts clapping)

Regis: (addressing audience) And when we get back weíll talk about one of her movies, Joan of Arc, in just a moment.

(brief clip from Joan of Arc)

Kathy Lee: Thatís just fabulous.

Regis: Milla Jovovich.

Milla: Thatís so cool. You guys show different clips.

Regis: Playing Joan of Arc, yeah.

Milla: .ícause Iíve been doing, you know, (casually refers to studio screen) Iíve been seeing just the same one so itís nice to show people something else.

Regis: Ah ha, itís called The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc and incidentally youíre on the cover of Elle magazine (holds magazine) right here.

Milla: I know. I havenít even seen that one yet.

(audience clapping, cheering)

Regis: Yeah have you seen this yet?

(audience clapping, cheering)

Milla: (leaning over to view cover)

Regis: Are you still modeling?

Milla Yeah, definitely. Iím a spokesperson for LíOreal.

Regis: Wow.

Milla: Yeah..

Regis: So youíve got everything going; music, acting, modeling.

Milla: Well itís really great because LíOreal really gives me the opportunity to just do that and so I donít need to do other modeling jobs and...

Kathy Lee: Just for the money you mean.

Milla: Well, yeah. It pays me really well so I get that financial stability out of the way and then I have time to really...

Regis: Mmm humm. To do what you want to do.

Kathy Lee: To do what you...

Milla: concentrate on things, not for the sake of money. Like I donít make that many movies a year. Iíll be lucky if I make one. And so for me itís just really important to be able to, at least now, do the things that I really have a lot of heart for. Like Leia Thompson was saying earlier, you know, itís really important to...

Kathy Lee: Feed your creative soul.

Milla: Yeah. And, and just be honest about something thatís gonna be out there with you expressing yourself on. I mean, I donít care about my face itís just as long as Iím putting a lot of work, like..uh, The Messenger took nine months to film so...

Regis: Nine months.

Kathy Lee: And all over the world too, I mean, where were you?

Milla: In the Czech Republic, in France, all over France. Then with music...I donít make that many movies and that gives me a lot of time to work on my music and work with my band..

Kathy Lee: Thatís terrific.

Regis: (looks at audience) Millaís happy!

Milla: Yeah

Regis: Milla's a happy duck. The costars in this--

Milla: A duck?

Regis: (pats Milla on hand) No Iím just kidding Milla. Uhhh, John Malkovich, uhh, Faye Dunaway, Dustin Hoffman.

Kathy Lee: Dustin Hoffman.

Regis: This is pretty good company.

Kathy Lee: Heavy-duty cast.

Milla: It was amazing. My god...I look at that movie and I see my double with Dustin; me and Dustin are on the same screen together at one point and just get so...excited! I just canít even believe it, and he gave me a really amazing acting coach to the name of a good woman, so itís great. Iíve been keeping up my training with somebody Dustin Hoffman recommended to me, so Iím really happy.

Regis: Yes. Thatís good. Well letís take a look at a clip now. Hereís Joan of Arc encouraging the troops to fight.

(brief clip from The Messenger)

Milla: (laughing)

Regis: Wow. Was she 15 years old?

Milla: When she first went to war she was 18. She was 18 when she got captured and by the time she died she was 19, or thereabouts.

Regis: What a what a life she had. Anyway the movie opens tomorrow. Milla Jovovich, Dustin, John and Faye. Thanks very much Milla.

Milla: Thank you guys.

Regis: Good to have you here.