Planet Homo December 1994

I gotta be Milla
by Kent Fuher

Kent Fuher:I love your album. How did you come up with the name "The Divine Comedy?"

Milla Jovovich:When I was first working on the sketch for the album cover my mom introduced me to a young Russian artist named Alexis Steele. I looked at his sketch for the cover and I saw that struggle - all the struggle that I'm singing about. It IS the divine comedy.

KF:I understand you just came off tour?

MJ:I just got off tour with Toad the Wet Sprocket. They were such amazing guys! I've never had so much fun in my life. They're incredible singers and musicians.It was inspiring. I'm gonna quit smoking on New Year's.

KF:Aside from your modelling, most people probably know you from "Dazed and Confused." What kind of experience was that?

MJ:It was great living and working in Austin [Texas] for three months. I wrote a lot of songes then. I was a little upset because I told them that I was really busy working on my album. I was originally supposed to have a much bigger part, but they thought i was "too sophisticated." I told them I was too busy with my music to do such a small part and they said I could write my own scene, so I said okay. Then when it came time to do it, they said they didn't have the time or money to film it. Then they go and put my face on the poster. I chalk it up to youth.

KF:You play a stoner chick in "Dazed" and you were recently on the cover of "High Times Magazine." Should people draw their own conclusions?

MJ:That I'm a stoner? Well, I don't run around and make a point of saying, "Hey my name is Milla, I smoke pot" in interviews. "Dazed and Confused" was just fun - it was the character. "High Times" is a magazine that some of my friends read so it was a personal thing. Cigarettes are legal and they're much worse for you than pot. It's not something I advertise, but I'm not gonna lie. Hopefully, I'm not gonna get typecast as a stoner because I think my music speaks for me. It's serious and heartfelt. I let my angst come out in my writing and let my peace come out of my music.

KF:You're really good at this. You've already given me so many great pull-quotes to choose from. I've interviewed some people who, after talking to them for an hour, haven't said a thing I can pull out of the conversation to highlight.

MJ:You can't see me right now, but I'm actually reading from a sheet of quotes. You like that one? wait till you hear #20!

KF:Where, in New York, are you?

MJ:Midtown. I must have a cigarette here somewhere in this godforsaken house. You know at that point where you're fishing for butts in the ashtray? I'm at that point! (She laughs)

KF:Are you working on a second album?


KF:Did you find a cigarette?

MJ:No, that "Mmmmmmm!" was about my second album. It's gonna be so great! I have so many new songs to record. It'll be wonderful. It's such a growth process. I mean, from 16 years-old to 19. (she gasps) You don't even know what I just found in my bag!

KF:A cigarette?

MJ:No, a joint. How strange. Where did that come from? I can't smoke this now. I have to do MTV today.

KF:What are you doing on MTV?

MJ:I'm doing a guest spot on Alternative Nation with Kennedy. I can't get stoned for that!

KF:Do you know Kennedy?


KF:Does it bother you that she's a Republican?

MJ:Is she!?


MJ:I didn't know that. I don't really watch MTV, so I don't know the life histories of everyone.

KF:She's always going on about how hot Dan Quayle is. I hope she's joking, but she says she wants him bad.

MJ:This is gonna be fun! I'm not up on politics. I think it's all a bunch of crap. I don't think there's any group that's so incredible. They're all fucked up.

KF:Are you in love? When I asked you about your second album, that "Mmmmmmm" sure sounded like maybe you were in love and that's what you've been writing about.

MJ:A woman can't say "Mmmmmmm" without some man in her life?

KF:No, it just seemed-

MJ:Well, actually, yes. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. I am in love. I love him. He's a musician. We're definitely best friends.

KF:Is he in your band?

MJ:No, he's in a band called Jamiroquai.


MJ:You've heard of them?

KF:Of course. He's IN a band called Jamiroquai, or he IS-

MJ:He plays bass.

KF:You just came off tour and I'm sure he has to tour a lot - doesn't that make it difficult?

MJ:Of course it does, but it's all the more tasty when you finally get it. It's a relationship fueled by anticipation. And music.

KF:Speaking of music, what do you listen to?

MJ:Bob Marley is God! I don't understand how he could have died without marrying me. Bob and I have an understanding. And I like Herbie Hancock, Neil Young, Joanie [Mitchell], The Meters.


MJ:You don't know who The Meters are!? (laughs hysterically)

KF:I feel so stupid - don't make fun of me.

MJ:Oh, honey. Write it down: The Meters, Fundamentally Funky.

KF:Okay, I wrote it down. What are you doing for the holidays?

MJ:I'm flying to L.A. tonight, getting my passport, and we're all gonna go to Costa Rica. Oh wait a minute, Kent. (To roommate) You're going to the store? Get me some Carltons. I'm really hungry. I'm gonna warm up some Fettuccini Alfredo. Yum, yum, yum! Kent, I'm in the kitchen now. Brandy's here with her dog, Marcie's here with her fruit loops. What should I heat this up in?The oven? It won't burn? What should I set the oven on - 700 degrees? 200 degrees? What do you think, Kent?

KF:Try 350 degrees. I know these things, I'm a fag.

MJ:What!? This is for a gay magazine!? If I'd have known that I would have put on a big wig, put some lashes on, stripped down to my underwear and danced around to Madonna! Oh, I'm gonna get all this hate mail. "Sister, don't stereotype us! Not all gay men like Madonna. No more stereotypes!"

KF:If you were a lesbian who would you go out with?

MJ:Jodie Foster.


MJ:She's a driven woman. She's a genius. She exudes power. She sucks you in. SHE'S FIERCE!

KF:Who would your dream duet be with?

MJ:Frank Sinatra? We could do Duets III - Sinatra Goes Acoustic.

KF:Do you have a New Year's message for our readers?

MJ:Yes. Don't limit yourself. I don't mean do a lot of drugs and kill yourself, I mean don't be so dependent on the answers you've been given. Don't depend on the definitions man has already given you. Don't be scared to change your perception.