Max (France) May 2002

Last Page ... L'Allongee du Mois: Milla Jovovich
By Florence Trťdez

Long-limbed, bright, she sips a glass of white wine and lights cigarette after cigarette, laughing. Suddenly, reforming onto herself, she is sad and fragile. Milla Jovovich, whose miniscule dog is named Madness, is a lively paradox. Her current endeavor: filling the screen with Resident Evil, her latest movie packed with zombies.

Do you like how the cinema removes you from reality?
Yes, Iím in a parallel world nine months per year, Iíve got mad timetables, I make plenty of friends that Iíll never see again after the film making process is over, I love it.

That must be destabilizing...
Iím not really balanced. At the same time, I really admire freaks like Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It doesnít bother me to come across as a little bit crazy.

Are you hysterical or paranoid?
Letís just say Iím emotional. And since Iím working all the time, Iím constantly in a peculiar mood, where one never sleeps. If I see something that displeases me psychologically, or if one points out my faults, I take it all in and become depressed for a month.

Your beauty is a part of your strangeness?
On the contrary, my very classical beauty is something that is still the most normal thing about me. My strangeness comes from my education, from my family, from my sensitivity. And from music, which I also love.

Did your mother make sacrifices for you?
She had a career in Russia, a privileged life. She left everything to come to the States and had to do housework in order to survive. Iíll do anything for her.

Have you ever seen a psychologist?
Yes, at the age of 15. I told my mum that she was crazy and that I needed to see someone. It helped me a lot. The psychologist noted down what I was saying during a session and would ask me about it the week after. I could clearly see that Iíd be saying exactly the opposite thing from one week to the next.

Do you like yourself?
Yes, Iím proud of myself, knowing where I come from and everything Iíve done for my family. I think that we would have had a lot of problems if I hadnít worked while very young in order to help my parents. It justifies my existence.

Are you a realistic person?
I should be, Iím no longer 16 years old. Now I pay my rent with my modeling career or my movies, and when I want to paint or play music, I do it at my place. In any case, your art doesnít interest people until after youíre dead.

Do you get recurring dreams?
I have really strange dreams. I dream that Iím attached to a rope at the back of a plane and that Iím flying. I also dream a lot about houses. Itís always the same thing, Iím trying to find the pieces that I recall, and I canít do it because something distracts me. Itís normal that I dream about a house; Iíve traveled a lot during my childhood. Even now, I still need to spend at least two weeks a year over at my house.

Do you believe in great love?
Iím not sure. The legend of Tristan and Iseult taught me a lot on this matter. I understood that I would never come to appreciate the men Iíd be living with because in my head I always had an image of the ideal partner that would interfere with everything. In the end, I like the idea that Iíve learnt something. But perhaps everything Iíve said about that doesnít really mean anything in practice.