Mademoiselle (US) December 2000

7 Nights on the Town with Milla Jovovich
by Jamie Diamond, cover photo by Cliff Watts

Head out with the jaunty Ms. Jovovich, P.G. (Party Girl)

Your typical day: work, cocktails, torrid online flirting. Milla Jovovich's typical day: a fashion show, a call to the set of Zoolander (her upcoming film), a snuggle with boyfriend John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Life for Russian-born Milla, 24, has been anything but low-key: she started modeling at 11. Between recording her first album, 1994's The Divine Comedy, and filming six movies (the latest: this month's The Claim), she's been divorced twice. Yet this nightlife expert is indefatigable. Here, Milla singles out seven moments that capture her party spirit (including one that got a little out of hand).

Marc Jacobs fashion show, NYC, with Winona Ryder, 9/14/00
"In my teens, I would go out dressed in head-to-toe thrift store, just like Winona Ryder. Only in my early twenties did I start looking like a lady. My most recent splurge is a Marc Jacobs sweater - it's a crazy, community-service orange. I got one for my dad, too."

amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit, Cannes, France, with Monaco's Prince Albert, 5/18/00
"We were cracking up about a tattoo on a model's butt at the fashion show. Wearing G-strings is embarrassing . . . but G-strings do get people to spend money."

The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards, L.A., with John Frusciante, 8/22/00
"My first public outing with my boyfriend, John, was wild: he was so nervous. He's never dated someone photographers go after. Next time, we decided we'd just storm right past them."

Dazed and Confused, Austin, Texas, 1993
"While filming this movie, I used to hang out most nights with an actor named Shawn Andrews, and we wound up getting married. I was only 16, but I really just wanted to be an adult. In fact, I'd begged my mom for an ATM card, but she said I would abuse it. So I got married. It lasted a week."

The Million Dollar Hotel premiere, Berlin Film Festival, with U2's Bono, 2/9/00
"I gravitate toward passionate, expressive people - so Bono and I really connect. If I found passionate, expressive doctor, I bet I'd gravitate toward him, too. But then, I don't attend many doctor parties or medical seminars, so that's not likely."

(bottom right corner: Milla on the Mademoiselle cover, May 1988)

Performing with her rock band, Plastic Has Memory, L.A., 9/99
"I began writing songs when I was 11. My songs were so dark, so Russian, so 'poor, lonely me' - a pity party! I actually wrote one about child molestation, and my mom said, 'Milla! Do not sing that . . . You never know what people will think of us!' It's not on my album, but I sang it live that night and embarrassed my mom."

Rock Style gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 12/6/99
"This Michael Kors dress had tiny beads sewn on stocking fabric - heavy to wear but amazing - and I felt fabulous in it. When I went to the bathroom I noticed that the strap was cutting into my skin. My shoulder was bloody and I had scabs for months. But there you go: no pain, no gain."

From Welcome to Mademoiselle
by Mandi Norwood (Editor-in-Chief)

And who better to grace the cover of our first annual party issue than our favorite party girl, actress Milla Jovovich? Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also as smart as a deck of cards and fantastically good fun. So much fun that we topped off our cover shoot with a cuddly photo of the two of us. (Everyone has told me diplomatically that I'm just as stunning as Milla. Bless their mildly deceitful hearts!)