Milla chatted live with fans about Resident Evil: Afterlife via Twitter, September 7, 2010. Hosted by IGN.

@teamIGNUK: Okay! Here we go! Thanks for taking time out to answer everyone’s questions today Milla! Ready for your first one?
@MillaJovovich: yes!

@teamIGNUK: What was your most challenging moment when doing Resident Evil Afterlife? (from @connorw10)
@MillaJovovich: doing the stunts is always a challenge!preparing for harder and more complicated sequences, but so exciting!

@teamIGNUK: Did you do your own stunts on Afterlife then? Any sore muscles? (from @KenManess)
@MillaJovovich: lol! always sore muscles! but that’s what fun abt #RE4 n all the RE films is the fact that i luv 2 do stunts!
@MillaJovovich: also, we got quite bruised on #RE4 cause of the 3D aspect! u can’t cheat like u do in 2D so we got beat up quite a bit 4 real!

@teamIGNUK: What was your favourite stunt you did from the four films in the series? (@DjPicto)
@MillaJovovich: its hard 2 say! the action is so off the hook in #RE4! all the sequences r badass and were so fun 2 do!
@MillaJovovich: but the clone sequences r pretty crazy and took WEEKS to film, also me jumping off the roof is CRAZY!
@MillaJovovich: the fight w alice, claire n the “executioner” is unbelievably cool n the wesker, claire/chris redfield fight is jst amazing!!

@teamIGNUK: What physical training do you do to keep up with the exertions of stunt work for the RE films? (from @PsychoBunneh)
@MillaJovovich: hi girl! luv u! we did 3 mnths of training. martial arts n swordwork, wire training n gun practice! it was abt 4 to 6 hrs a day!

@teamIGNUK: Does playing an action hero lessen your sense of fear & self preservation? Are you quicker to jump into fights? (from @MojoPriest)
@MillaJovovich: lol! i never get in2 fights. i like 2 b positive and hve fun! thats why i luved doing the action in #RE4!we all hve a grt time!

@teamIGNUK: If you could choose what happens to Alice in the RE films where would she end up? (from @seleza)
@MillaJovovich: wow! good question! i guess if alice ever defeated umbrella, she wld hve 2 take up knitting,painting by numbers,mayb a chea pet?

@teamIGNUK: If you could bring any Resident Evil game character or creature into the films, who would it be? (from @Angeljay1981)
@MillaJovovich: but i think meeting more and more characters from the games wld be fun, until we c all the faves from the games in the movies!

@teamIGNUK: Thanks for taking time to chatting with us – I know we should be wrapping up soon! Do you have time for a few more questions?
@MillaJovovich: sure! i still hve ten minuted b4 i go to my shoot!

@teamIGNUK: Awesome! If you could play a female action character from any other movie who would you choose? (from @missyknowitall)
@MillaJovovich: i wld LOVE 2 play “cheetara” from “thundercats”!

@teamIGNUK: Do you think you’d survive a real zombie holocaust? (from @DoctorMikeReddy)
@MillaJovovich: lol! i already told my tweeps here that i wld tweet my address ad we cld hve a bbq and take down zombies if that ever happened!

@teamIGNUK: Okay, last one: Are you still addicted to food from Greggs? I remember reading that years ago, seemed odd. (from @brettclaxton)
@MillaJovovich: its really hard 2 find u guys w all these replies i’m getting, so i guess i’ll say goodbye n thank you!

@teamIGNUK: And we’re done! Huge thanks for your time today Milla and thanks for your questions guys! Enjoy the rest of your day!
@MillaJovovich: thanks so much every1! that was awesome, thanks 4 the questions and replies! u guys rock! i hve 2 go do a photo shoot now! tweet u later!