The Face June 1994

Milla's Crossing
by Sam Taylor

Milla Jovovich was 12 years old when she appeared on the cover of The Face. Even then she was a career butterfly; a pre-pubescent superwaif who doubled as a film actress. In the six years since, she has given up modelling ("I peaked early"), frolicked naked on a South Sea island in Return to the Blue Lagoon, and famously danced in her underwear with Christian Slater in Kuffs. Now 18, she is living in London, dating Jamiroquai bassist Stuart, and promoting her debut album, "The Divine Comedy". The daughter of a Russian actress and a Yugoslavian doctor, Milla is surprisingly earthy, with muscular arms, a no-nonsense LA accent, and narrowed eyes which suggest she's seen it all. "Nah," she protests, "I just look rough because of all the pot I smoked last night."

She is frank about people's scepticism towards models who want to be pop stars. "Oh, I feel the same way. Any top model who wants to diversify, I think, 'Hey babe! You should shut up and stick to modelling!" Somewhat incongruously, however, she adds, "But I hope my music will stand up for itself." "The Divine Comedy" is a competent, if unremarkable, stab at Kate Bush territory - all flutey vocals, melodramatic lyrics and medieval instrumentation. A fantasy glutton, she admits her music is inspired by a love of "elves and magic trees", but claims her lyrics are more realistic. "They're about my trek through life: love, sex, relationships... Definitely no modelling shoots." Milla is unrepentant about being a Jill of all trades. "I'm a Sagittarian, which means I'm always seeking new experiences. But this isn't a whim." She laughs like a seal, and then suddenly whispers dramatically: "Every inch of my soul is in this record!"