Celebrity Sleuth 1994 Vol 8, No 7

Musical Youth - The Divine Comedy - Milla Jovovich

"It's not as terrifying a concept as the big bang, but it's daunting," Newsweek trembled in early 1988. "The arrival of 12-year-old Milla Jovovich, her agent explains, is like the second coming of Brooke Shields". "This whole time we thought she was this beautiful, innocent thing above human anything," Milla quips about Brooke today. "The next thing we're find out is, she's not a virgin! I swear to God, it would break me!"

Actually, it was modeling - posing for 13 major mag covers by age 12! - that nearly did that. "I was a little girl. I'm an adult now," Milla sings a different tune. "I'm 18 years old and I've found my calling: music." And critics are calling her debut disc, The Divine Comedy, "a beautiful album...Milla Jovovich's voice is a revelation!" Says the Divine Miss M: "I've got my acting and modeling career to say other people's words and wear other people's clothes. This is my music, this is where I can say what I feel. It's not so important for me to do music just for the fucking sake of putting out an album."

And how does she feel about modeling? "I hate it. Fuck that shit," Milla mutters. "I'm not a model. That shit's old. When I was younger, I could live out my fantasy of being sexy. I used to come home crying because boys would call me raisin boobs". Of her voice, Milla remains modest: "When I write a song I never think about my capacity to sing it. Then afterwards I think, 'Why the fuck did I write this song? I'm never gonna get it right.'" Don't fret, Guitar Girl.


Born: December 17, 1975, Kiev, U.S.S.R.

  • Her looks come from her mother Galina Loginova, a fromer Russian film star, who emigrated to Beverly Hills with Yugoslav pediatrician papa Borgi Jovovich when Milla was 5. "She photographs much older than she really looks," announced the agent who signed her at 11...when her modeling rate was already $3,500 a day! "I was brought into this adult world, which was great," Milla reflects. "I was a child, but I always cared about my image. When I turned 15, I broke out to such an extreme" - the fact that she graduated high school, she says, "doesn't mean I remember anything. I lived with my best friend and we'd wake up in the morning and smoke about 3 bong loads. I would borrow my boyfriend's clothes" - though fashion fixture Anita Sarko remarksL "In spite of the baggy clothes she favors, you can tell her body's amazing".

  • Return to the Blue Lagoon... Milla said she "didn't mind" the nudity, due to "my European upbringing. There was no reason to be bothered by it. After all, I'm an actress." But what about the feverish lovemaking scene (shot when she had the flu)? "I was not in love or passionate. I was really worried about barfing."

  • "I don't feel I've achieved any kind of peak as an actress," Milla said in 1994. "Chaplin makes me cringe."