Celebrity Skin 1994 #47

Milla Jovovich - The Russian Lolita

This model truned actress with the lovely face and Slavic senesuality does not seem to mind if you consider her something of a burgeoining sex symbol. Russian and Yugoslavian, Milla was born in Kiev in 1975, the daughter of Soviet movie actress Galina Loginova and doctor father. When Milla was just five her parents decided to slip out of the U.S.S.R. and into the greener pastures of Los Angeles. Young Milla beacame a very typical SoCol teen in no time, hanging out in bikinis and allegedly smoking lots of pot (which no doubt gave her role in the very weedy Dazed and Confused a strong does of authenticity).

She looked ery sexy and matury beyond her years when she began getting lucrative modeling work, and was barely out of high school age when earning four figures a day! Modeling biz types began to call her the new Brooke Shields. This nickname came to the attention of the Hollywood studio preparing a sequel to Shields' nymphet-in-paradise hit The Blue Lagoon. In waht turned out to be less a sequel than a sexier remake, Return to the Blue Lagoon featured a frequently topless and always erotic Milla swimming, flirting, and finally screwing her castaway hunk on a gorgeous South Sea island.

Milla continues to improve as an actress, and she is growing more stunning as she enter her twenties. More recent nude appearances by the young lovely include a role in the now forgotten Kuffs, opposite Chrsitian Slater, and as one of the Litte Tramp's bedmates in the recent flop Chaplin.